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  1. Don't know if anyone is still checking, but has anyone tried just adding all four marine cards to the initiative deck in solo mode with only one action per activiation instead of two cards in the initiative deck and two actions per action? It's a simple change and it would reduce the likelihood of 4 actions in a row for the marine player. It would be more like a four marine game.
  2. Anyone know what green and grey were used on the Attack Helicopter?
  3. I've made sure each unit's weapons are included, and experimented with the printed output to make it a little easier to use and reference. Left to do are upgrades, abilities, and validation rules. I've started looking at doing a card formatted output but I don't have a timeline for that.
  4. I want to echo that combination is a very good core. It's quite versitle and can easily be expanded into two Platoons will a couple key purchase down the road depending on which way you want to go.
  5. Another update, still playing with the interface. Will be addressing abilities soon. All the units are in just need to make the available in the right locations.
  6. Another update. I changed the interface around a bit. I think this one works a little better and will make it easer to do cards. Let me know what you think.
  7. I've uploaded another update. I've added weapons to all the units along with their damage profiles. Once I've added all the abilities and the printed output can be used as an alternative to unit cards during a game. I finally got a copy of Icarus and have started putting that info, should have the rest done over the weekend. If anyone would like me to add anything else, let me know. One of the things I want to look into is how to print the cards from within Armybuilder.
  8. Just posted another update. Since I haven't had the time to work on it this past week as I expected, I'm a little behind where I wanted to be by now. I've corrected a few problems I found and added Markus's and Totenmiester's Gorilla and Zombie Platoons. I've also begun adding weapons, mainly SSU. If you change the font for Option notes in the printed output to Curier New, the damage chart for each weapon will print out nicely and give you a nice referance. You may also need t play with the column width for damage capacity to make room for all the hit boxes. I wil be looking for a way to control that within the datafiles. Again, let me know if any of you are interested in specific features being included.
  9. Latest Post is up. Unfortunely, I didn't have the time I thought I would this weekend and spent much of it trying to come up with a slick way of doing Markus's Gorilla Platoon. I ended up using a brute force method. It works, but not as eligant as I wanted. I ended up putting all the Platoon upgrades under the Command Section and made room for Unit Upgrades. I was able to get all the weapons, and I'm looking at how to present them so they can be easily referenced during a game. I also will have all the damage dice options for each weapon included on the printed output.
  10. Just posted the latest update. The units and Heroes in the first three books are not included and I've begun entering Platoon upgrades. I'm concentrating on items that cost points so as to provide a way of building lists. I've also included some rule enforement and prevention from adding more than one copy of a hero to a force. I still need to work on the Panzer Upgrade to enable you to select an extra walker. I will have the Woton upgrade in the next posting. My FLGS isn't able to get the Icarus book yet so I will be working on he weapon stats over the weekend. For heroes, vehicles I've included hit boxes to mark damage during a game and I will add that feature to aircraft for the next release. Once I get weapons stats in, I will include abilities. If I've missed anything please let me know. For those of you who use armybuilder, I hope this is useful.
  11. OK, here is an update. All the units and heroes from the first two books are now included. I will try and complete the third book tomorrow and Icarus as soon as I get it probably this weekend http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7596312/DustWarfare.ab Once that is done, I will start working on upgrades, special units i.e. Markus's platoon, and include weapon stats and abilities for reference. Once again, I would appreciate feedback. Unfortunately I can't tell if anyone is downloading the file.
  12. BTW, the free or trial version of Armybuilder can be used for building up to any combination of 3 Platoons & Heroes where the Hero is not replacing a command squad. I know because that is what I'm using to test my ab file. One other thing about the ab file, while I'm enforcing the one squad per section, I'm not enforcing the number of legal support sections yet. To add sections, you must select them on the Platoon line once you select the type of Platoon you want to build. You will also need to select a number of points to make the composition summary come out right, since the number of Platoons and Heroes is driven by the number of build points.
  13. When there didn't seem to by a version anyone was working on I decided to start working on my own version an armybuilder datafile this weekend for Dust Warfar. I got preety far along (more so than I thought) so I thought I would post my work in progress for anyone that wants to take a look and provide feedback. So here is a teaser: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7596312/DustWarfare.ab It is by no means fully functional. You can build a Allies Combat Platoon and an Elite Platoon. I hope to finish up the Assualt Platoon tonight. Then I will move on to the other factions. Once they are complete I will add weapons and abililities. That way you can print your army list out and have a reference for play.
  14. Just the faction for now. The reason is to try and avoid the same factions playing against each other in the first round. Odds are if enough people come, that might not be possible. At that point, I'll try to keep the same platoons going against each other such as two Combat Platoons.
  15. We want to keep the tournament pretty basic and see how many players are in the area. We are going to try for a regional in the next cycle. Day: Sunday, March 24, 2013 Time: 10:00 AM - ? Entry Fee: $10 (goes towards lunch and prize support) Minimum 3 Rounds Swiss Format Space is tight and we can support a max of 12 people. To register we ask that you post a reply to the tournament post on the store web site. Please add the army you wish to bring so we can avoid setting up mirror matches in the first round. http://pairadicegamesllc.com/forum/index.php?topic=1176.0 Restrictions AP Total:200 Points Platoons: 1 Max Heros: 0-1 Proxies: Infantry only, no vehicle proxies No Aircraft or flying models Player Responsibilities Besides their army each player is to bring the following: Dice and measuring device Reaction, suppression, wound tokens, etc. Two copies of your army list - one for the judges; one you will show your opponent
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