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  1. in my party we play it like it have been in the centuries of sailing: Navigators share calculations and interstellar maps to plot the course, translate into the immaterium and then try to stern the fleet toghether. If the warp tides are soft there's no problem, but if they encounter a warp storm (or a "warp heavy weather") problems may arise and the fleet may scatter over space. That's to give the Navigator pc a little more room to be the cool guy he pretend to be...
  2. I think temptation plays a great role in a RT's life, but must remember that punishment awaits behind the corner. even if players don't care too much of xenos or hereticals the rest of the galaxy does! they can welcome a xeno prince on board when they're in deep void without too much problems, or deal with non-imperial humans dominated by a strange heresy, but when they return in imperal space someone from the crew begins to tell the tale, and we knows that inquisitions have ears everywhere..!
  3. good idea indeed! the explorers are supposed to pass most of their time on board, so a book on board life (and on board adventures) could be a great fun!
  4. you must think of a garden, a beautiful one, like the one worked by the best of gardeners, then think of it made not of flowers, but stone and crystal. a kind of stone full of life and diamonds shaping itself responding to your thoughs. that's the like of an Eldar ship. growing new bone structure to respond the needs, changing everytime, never as it was. a nightmare for the Broderhood of Mars!
  5. it's gonna be combat-heavy, no doubt on it. don't you like combat? it's not your game. as I see it you'll have the opportunity to play something like those old beautiful war movies on ww2 like "The longest Day" or "Tora! Tora! Tora!". how you could instead run a wide story, with a development of body and soul, friendship and hate, it's something I have to think on a bit. maybe I'm gonna be surprised...
  6. no mistakes, you've handled the session perfectly and now there's for the players a great time for working on the charachters and how they interacts toghether on the confined ship room! maybe the chaplain want to force the arch-militant in an ordeal for redeem his soul (but not die in the way), he can suggest some methods, but the final word must be of the Lord-Captain himself. on the other hand the Lord-Captain want to preserve the life of his Magister Milites, but can't dishonor the chaplain choosing something too simple (or Painful) for burning the heresy out of those soul in the middle maybe the First Liutenent must mediate the things in the ship's interest trying to save honour, soul and mate! the interactions are limitless and I feel you must leave your players free to choose roleplaying a lot without too much ruling from you, try only not to kill a good charachter, or to reduce too much the risk of being killed!
  7. I fear it's the odd end of the "rule of cool" big things are big cool! the only advice here it's to try and leave the gargantua on the background, let your players control the biggas, but from a distance and through some NPCs, then turn the story away from simple military. no one would dare face someone backed by a titan (even the smallest of the warhounds..!). it' big, it's cool, you control it, you'll never gonna use it. at least that's how I see it...
  8. I like the paper markers, it seems like you're watching a tactical screem on the bridge! BFG models are great too, but I don't think my screens are so refined and powerful enough to show the real image of ships nearby...
  9. your story is a real one, I've enjoyied reading! you just have to be sure to stay away from the "treasure hunt" template, catch a bit that leads you to the second and so on. it could be real fun, but it's something your players could expect. try giving them other reasons for finding the artefacts, maybe one is the centuries have turned to be holy for some sect that your RT want to hit for some reason, another is requested by a noble he want to grease a bit and so on. but when three or four of them are in the cargo bay of the starship, here comes the astropath (or someone else down to the eyes in dark and forbidden lore) telling the party the real nature of what they're transporting. what they're gonna do now? at least that's my try or how I could like to drive the story... have fun!
  10. historians tell us that a nelsonan captain inspect his vessel once a week in a highly formal occasion, therefore he is separeted from his crew and can't always tell what's going on in his ship. and that's for a 200 people community. add a whole "0" to the count and yu will realize that there's whole quarters that you don't even know exists! who can tell you of it? maybe your fourth machine officier come out with a loss of power 3/4 of a mile starboard of unknow origin? the helmsman register a strange vibration boway of the mizzen? and then who knows what you will find there? 'cause there's no one else than the captain who can go there and see... good luck captain, make the players have fun on your journey!
  11. the main thing is "have fun" and the second is "try and create the maximum temporal headache possible"! then post how you did it, 'cause it's gonna be a real fun and we don't want to lose a word of the story..! hi Horus, all right today? no, i haven't said "cool idea to assault the earth"! stop it! O My Emperor!! can't resist!
  12. that's my go at the problem: the problem does not exist. point one: every one planet in the Calixis sector have an economy on it's own, so you can't keep with everyone on one only rulebook. on that planet a lho cost this much and on one another two times and so on. pont two: why bother with prices when there's a galaxy to save fron the lure of chaos?? who cares if you have something to shatter your lungs with or not? use your time better finding out who's behind that strange mood in Stalenum Hive, nobody cares if you eat this or that or drink or sleep well. bring your skin back home or you'll have to face your inquisitor's rage!! well, that's my idea...
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