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  1. "His supplement"? What are you on about? He's referring to Be'lakor's dataslate where it is stated, and I quote, "However, [the chaos gods] soon realised the folly of combining their might into a single vessel, as Be'lakor was nearly uncontrollable. They soon began to raise up new Daemon Princes, each god choosing only champions that would be loyal to them, and them alone."
  2. GW are EXTREMELY tight-fisted when it comes to what gets stocked in their stores. You won't even see copies of Dark Heresy or the other 40k RPGs because FFG produces them. Hell, you won't even see Forgeworld products in a GW despite them being owned by GW as well. Simply put, if 100% of the profits aren't going to GW, you won't see it in their stores. At least that's the case in the two stores near me.
  3. I was under the impression that the imbalance was due to unnatural agility/willpower and the fact that Dark Heresy psychic powers scale off of willpower instead of Psy Rating. I was sure I read awhile back that people who converted DH to the updated methods for unnatural attributes and psychic powers had far fewer problems with either specialty.
  4. Has there ever been anything said about the number of Deathwatch marines on average in the rest of the Imperium? I think it's important to understand that Jericho Reach is a fairly large exception in terms of the number of Deathwatch marines in one location. I imagined the presence of a watch fortress is most important and in locations where deathwatch bases are limited to strike cruisers or smaller, the number of total marines would be far less.
  5. Honour the Chapter has new oaths for Black Templars and Storm Wardens and The Outer Reach has more general oaths that can be used by everyone.
  6. I just wanted to show my appreciation for one of my favorite aspects of every single 40k book FFG books out. That bold, highly detailed image on the title page of every book. Each time I get a new supplement, I always take a few minutes just admiring it. Whether it's one of a dozen inquisitorial seals, marks of chaos, adepta sigils, or navigation tools, each one always seems to take my breath away. Which one is your favorite? I quite like Honour the Chapter's and Disciples of the Dark Gods.
  7. I plan to sign up for all three sessions in a heartbeat. Mainly because in my experience with gencon, all three will be full before I even get that heartbeat. And the odds of a no-show are slim to none.
  8. The Mortis Thule was one of the first things that really grabbed me when I was browsing through Achilus Assault. It makes me so excited to see everyone else thought so as well.
  9. This is true, and if this is the case, then I'm perfectly okay with it. It's just at odds with how many people previously understood the Raven Guard.
  10. HappyDaze said: jareddm said: is what bothers me, because in every previous instance, they were without those organs… So you would agree that, by the entry in First Founding, current members of the Raven Guard DO have functional Mucranoids and Betcher's Glands grown from Mechanicus stock? I do agree that is what is written. I also believe that the older material was vague enough for the First Founding explanation to be the case. However, I wonder if this isn't in the spirit of the chapter, which have commonly been known as a chapter who lacked certain organs. Now I'm now wondering if this means the Imperial Fists perform a similar procedure to have their betcher's gland and sus-an membrane implanted. This also seems to imply that the loss of these organs is a recent development, whereas before it was believed that Corax's experiments during the heresy led to their failure.
  11. I found their write up in Index Astartes IV. The exact quote on the subject is as follows: "Further deterioration has meant that several of the unique organs of the Space Marines no longer function as they should among the Sons of Corax, while others are not as effective as they once were. For example, the zygote cultures required to grow the Mucranoid and Betcher's Gland do not exist within the Raven Guard and the Melanchromic Organ has a unique mutation that, over the years of service, causes the skin of the Space Marine to grow paler." Having now read the specific entry in First Founding that talks about this…I'm actually a bit torn. Like the Imperial Fists, the loss of two of their organs is a defining trait of the chapter, and has been for quite awhile. That fact that First Founding specifically says, "Without recourse to these ancient archives of genetic material tithed in ages passed, the Chapter’s initiates would be without several elements of their genetic inheritance." is what bothers me, because in every previous instance, they were without those organs…
  12. While they might have them implanted, they certainly don't work. That the process of adding them is simply part of the space marine creation process, regardless of whether or not the implants function.
  13. borithan said: Would be interesting if the Ironwing made a return though (A whole armoured tank company). Doubt it, as they haven't existed since 1st edition, but hey… A similar argument could have been made for the jokaero (the actual race, not just their devices) and yet now we have them out on the field.
  14. I feel the Minotaurs quality weapons and armour is justified. They're effectively the High Lord's bouncers and hired muscle. They do the dirty work and in return are rewarded for it. However, I feel their position is different from other chapters who have fought their own brothers, such as the crimson fists, in that they don't treat their brothers with any honor. They absolutely devastate them, rarely offer a chance for surrender, and confiscate any relics for their own vaults. This was shown in their destruction of the Inceptors and solidified their reputation with the majority of ultramarine core successors. So while they might have first dibs of all the neat armaments coming out of Mars, they've got a little under half of all their brethren who despise them with a passion. Also, I have to agree that the Space Wolf legion was loyal to the Emperor, not the High Lords, and the chapter followed in those footsteps. Thus they needed a new chapter who would do what they asked, regardless of any honor or morals behind it.
  15. jareddm


    Having also failed to get into any 40k RPGs (Damned allergies made me sneeze the second registration opened) I would be highly interested in getting together with other people from the board to play any 40k game, though Deathwatch is my preferred choice.
  16. I had this exact event occur in my game a few years back. The difference is we were only 4th rank and the scum was posing as a saint, and us as her retinue. But thanks to some absolutely astonishing rolls in a combat that followed, the planet's rebels who we were assisting began actually worshiping her as a saint, claiming they were witnessing miracles. My character, who knew from the start that it was all designed as a ruse, ended up in the role of Barrister Sinister, or Devil's Advocate. I had to look it up, but the term Devil's Advocate came from the original Catholic courts of determining if an individual was a saint or not. This person spoke in opposition of their sainthood simply as a means of discourse. I feel the Ecclesiarchy would have an almost identical individual in their process of making someone a saint. Perhaps your GM could introduce such an character and have them take a central role in opposition of their goal. In short, I'd recommend doing some research into the process of real world canonization, it might shed some light for you.
  17. Considering I didn't get into even one 40k RPG event at Origins, I'll take what I can get.
  18. N0-1_H3r3 said: I didn't actually work on this book - I was probably working on Soul Reaver or Navis Primer (Rogue Trader sourcebooks that have been recently announced - both of which I did career paths for; Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior and Ork Weirdboy, respectively) when this was being developed. As much as I would've loved your input into Lathe Worlds, your Ork material has been my group's favorite part of rogue trader. So for me, the trade off of getting the Ork Weirdboy is worth it.
  19. I noticed this as well. I was extremely sad to see that. Though I've made sure to set all the other 40k RPG games as top priorities. Hope I can get into at least one…
  20. jareddm


    While this is rather old and entirely fan-made, I found some stats for the various spyres if you're interested. http://www.cold-moon.com/40k/40kRP/DHCampaign/cast_of_characters.htm
  21. professor_kylan said: Awesomeness I think you've guaranteed yourself a position as a remembrancer in a future life my friend.
  22. From what I understand, both Navigators and Astropaths have the ability to divine and predict the future, but they do so in different ways. In both instances, use of the Imperial Tarot as a focus can certainly help the quality of their predictions. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that there have been some interesting conflicts between navigator houses and the adeptus astra telepathica over who may be given exclusive rights to act as seers or diviners to particularly powerful and influential individuals, such as Rogue Traders or Sector Governors.
  23. jareddm

    New Necrons

    Morangias said: From what I recall, that's an overstatement. BAs were fighting Necrons on some planet, both sides caught up in a long war of attrition, when the Tyranids came. Both sides then ceased hostilities to deal with the more immediate threat that the Nids posed, and when they were finally done with them, neither side had the strength to keep on fighting, so they both retreated. Not the most glorious day in the annals of the Blood Angels, for certain, but neither was it as stupid as the /tg/ makes it sound. There weren't any negotiations or official cease fire orders on either side, it was a simple common sense of ignoring each other until the mutual threat was managed. It makes even more sense now that we know the particular Necron Overlord the Angels were facing is a guy who never passes up an opportunity to kill him some 'Nids. The issue with this incident comes only from the very last line of the description, where it states that even if the Blood Angels had the strength and numbers to fight the Necrons after beating the Tyranids, they wouldn't because they found, "the idea of turning on those they had so recently fought alongside a distasteful one." The implication of this statement are that they didn't just fight next to one another, they fought with one another. Meaning even if the alliance was impromptu, Dante and the Silent King spoke to one another and reached this agreement, rather than both armies simply turning their guns on the bigger target. This rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and if this last sentance had been removed, this piece of fluff wouldn't have gotten half the flak that it recieved. That said, I've been extremely happy with the Necron codex. From an RPG prospective, the players are almost never going to interact with the crazy Overlords. It's the lesser lords and nobles and crypteks that are running the show, and I feel the majority of them are perfectly capable of functioning just like the old necron lords if desired, or can have well thought out, intelligent plans for players to foil. What's more, the political maneuvers of lesser lords against one another within the same dynasty, all occurring right beneath the player's feet, could be the plot of an entire campaign.
  24. Core Rules, Page 28, under Gender and Appearance. "Due to the special nature of the zygotes that make up a Space Marine's geneseed, all Space Marines are male."
  25. I would also say White Scars or Ultramarines, but with a slight twist. The Badab War books described certain chapters have having the geneseed not just of a specific bloodline, but of a specific chapter within that bloodline. One example being the Tiger Claws chapter. A chapter that was based off of Aurora Chapter would still be of Ultramarine descent, but might share their parent chapter's affiliation with heavy tank warfare. Perhaps the Storm Wardens were an off-shoot of a successor chapter. Genetically this wouldn't make them any different from their first founding chapter, but could have a huge impact on them culturally and tactically. Or described another way, not all Raven Guard successors have to be stealthy, not all Ultramarine successors follow the codex.
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