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  1. Thanks If I have other questions I will put them here.
  2. If I enter a location with two or more monsters can I fight them in one turn, one after another, or I should wait for the next turn to attack the next monster?
  3. Conan is a RPG! That's my opinion! I will not buy a tactical Conan game
  4. Do you really think that a Conan game should be an army one? Don't you wanna take Conan and kill armies with him all-alone?
  5. yeah, but u should find the way to explain one mechanic in 10 rolls not 2 pages
  6. I have TI3 and Starcraft. Do you think I should by Cosmic Encounters?
  7. Petru5 said: I've been eyeballing this game for a while now, but frankly have been intimidated by all the expansions (I'm down with my OCD). If I were to buy the base game, which expansions would you consider Absolutely necessary Great additions, but not necessarily pertinent Money-grubbing fluff Thanks in advance! Yeah! I'm also confused by this game - one core set with 100 expansions - i think this is one huge realm that I know is good but have no time to enter. I'll stay with Descent.
  8. Every 3 months this guy has a new video!!! Really productive!
  9. I'm pretty sure that in my rules it is writen that warlord CAN'T destroy its own buildings. I'll check later to see.
  10. bikinilord


    I want bildings that can do more things!
  11. bikinilord

    Reiner Knizia

    I read info about this desiner - he has made more then 500 games. This is maybe more then the games that I will have in my entire life What to you think about getting rich from making boardgames - isn't this a dream come true?!
  12. bikinilord

    For geeks?

    I don't believe that games of different complexity can be compered. Because for me - when I have time I play WoW, when I don't - Citadels. It's always fun!
  13. Can you tell me when you place this game compared to other TCG games? Is it better then Magic, worst then YuGiO?
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