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  1. What is the figure you are using for the pilot in sigrid's mech? I recognize the other as one shot from soda pop…
  2. Where can I find the details and winners of the contest? I've been having trouble finding anything recent about the contest. Great work everybody!
  3. I have both games ( i got temple of chac years ago when it was first released by DUST games), and you can use the Pyramid of horus characters; with the exception fo David gore; basically anyone of their abilities mirror the same effects as the abilities in the Temple of Chac. Example, for rasputin's clairvoyance, We let him look at one of the lava tiles before he steps on it, the same way a linguistics player would be able to
  4. My Wife and I do. Most of their abilities can be adapted pretty easily to the traps in either situation.
  5. I'll chime in and add my voice to elmer's!! I picked up a 2L jub several years ago, and I'm STILL using it! And that AFTER I based a 8 foot urban ruins table, and probably close to 200 miniatures. I have used cyanoacrylite, but that stuff can be dangerous if you're not in a well ventilated area… AND, if you're drilling/carving into it, it can ignite and make caustic gas. Found that out the hard way. :S
  6. Here are a pair of articles I wrote for Anima Tactics About doing faces. Hope this helps! javascript:void(0);/*1339011691868*/ javascript:void(0);/*1339011706044*/
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