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  1. KevinBakon said: My opinion: yes, no, yes I would agree with this.
  2. korto said: Hans. His grenade thrower doesn't have the grenades characteristic. A friend told me it was corrected in some errata but I could'nt find anything in the FaQ. Does Hans throws grenades with his grenade thrower or potatoes ? Hans throws anti-personnel rockets, they just happen to look like stick grenades. Think of Grenatwerfer as soldier slang that stuck. Even without the Grenade special ability the Hans is awesome.
  3. scorpnoire said: How can they still count, if I can't make any armor roll at all, where then and only then they would be the bonus successes? The general idea is that Cover is not dependent on Armor. In the rule book it is worded poorly and in such a way that would make Phasers unstoppable. So, cover does apply to Phaser attacks, Armor does not.
  4. chris cook said: Played a game the other night vs allies, they had the plane with bombs(Bert) I think. It seemed to go down quick after it bombed my reapers. I was able to react to it with the Rattler, and then attk. with it again and reapers during my turn. Berti went down in flames. I want to by the planes but wonder if they are worth the points. I should say that this was my opponents first time flying one. Did he pick on the wrong units since I was able to shoot back? Also, what is the advantage to fly at low altitude? It seems that you should always fly high. The only reason I can think of to fly low is because you are forced to, and that is not a very good reason. At low altitude Aircraft become vehicles, so everything can shoot them. Moving aircraft is very tricky. The SSU have had the advantage of Hover, the Allies and Axis do not. It will take some time for most players to get a hang of how to maneuver planes safely.
  5. Warfare and Tactics are separate games that share miniatures. If you play both, buy both. If you only play Warfare, all you need is Campaign Book: Hades. If you are an SSU player the Operation Hades box is currently the only way to get the Winter Child model.
  6. enrgie said: Thanks! Tried one Der Schwarm recently in a batrep (at the blog) and didn't find it that effective… Don't give up on it. For 20 AP it has huge potential. I've had 55AP Wotan AR's do nothing in three rounds of sustained fire. I'd rather 20 AP do nothing than 55 AP.
  7. em_en_oh_pee said: I think the rules are **** good and the shorter ranges are suitable and give the game a good variation without making it a shooting gallery. I agree. Take into account that from the stand point of the miniatures, that 16" range is perfectly reasonable for what constitutes a clean line of fire. The guns very well may be able to shoot across the table you are playing on, but that does not mean that the soldiers shooting can get clean shots or be effective beyond 16". Weather, terrain, and just keeping your head down are all good reasons why weapon ranges aren't longer.
  8. enrgie said: Can I take 3x Der Schwarm - i.e. 1 each for my platoon Command Section and call down 3 barrages per turn With the exception that you are limited to one per platoon. You would need to be playing a 301+ point game to have access to three platoons.
  9. I have fallen in love with Der Schwarm. I look at it as a 20 AP walker that is off table, that I will never lose points on in a game. At the recent Dust Bowl tournament I hit Derscwarm 8 times in 4 games. Worth every point.
  10. I am a fan of books. PDF's are a great, affordable option that many people like, but I just don't find the pleasure in reading them like I do a physical copy. The best answer may be to buy both. Buy the physical Dust Warfare Core Rule Book, get the Campaign Books on PDF. This lets you have the physical copy out during games and to let people browse while you are playing, while not weighing you down with the bulk of the Campaign Books.
  11. MarcOfTheCross said: Can heroes join command section units? i.e ozz joining the corps officer Yes. There are arguments to be made both for and against it though. Adding a Hero makes the unit tougher, but having a Hero who may not be in the thick of things can be wasteful, in a way. A hero, and any unit he is with, can always receive orders no matter the distance from the command squad or the presence of a radio. This can be a big help if the need for orders arises. Depending on scenario and play style the usefulness of a Hero + Command Squad can go either way.
  12. Three player games are a lot of fun. Just be sure that blood lust doesn't get in the way of playing the scenario. I have a bad habbit of letting my desire to shoot one player get in the way of the scenario.
  13. Great job. The only thing I can say is the large exterior wall seems a bit plain. The pipe is a great touch, but it could use a little more character. Propaganda posters, discoloration, bullet holes, cracks, window frames, something to just add a touch more depth. Maybe just a little more debris on the sidewalk. That said, I do think it looks good. It could just be the picture isn't showing the details.
  14. Maine said: If you have any suggestions to make this more apparent, please feel free to share. Everything I have tried so far seemed less obvious or requires re-flowing the layout to make it fit. I have zero complaints about your work. I was not being facetious. I thought the unit upgrades in the semi-hidden menu was brilliant. It keeps the interface clean. Everything I can think of would be more invasive. The clean simplicity of the interface is a big plus, in my book.
  15. enrgie said: Thanks for creating this. Love it! Just a quick note. I notice that I cannot upgrade the Battle Grenadiers. I am not sure if this is intentional or if the button is hidden elsewhere in the webapp. Any help is much appreciated! To be precise, Battle Grenadiers have the option to upgrade a STG47 to a Panzershrek. There used to be another unit option at 20AP for Battle Grenadiers with extra Panzershrek. Maine cleverly hid the unit upgrades right next to the section number. There is a > symbol next to any platoon section that can be upgraded individually. Click on that symbol and a drop down option box will appear. Maine has done a fantastic job with the Force Builder. It is simple, easy to use and has an easy to understand output. Everyone I know who plays uses it and it has become the de facto way to build army lists for Dust Warfare.
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