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    So how many rounds do u guys usually play? Do u play according number of rounds scenario is saying or do u just play as long as one side is anihhilated or something
  2. Does anybody know if there is and where to find some modificated pillboxes and sandbags. I mean for example some overlays on card or paper, that u can cut out and glue together to get 3D stuff.... I tried to do them myself, but didnt get the result that satisfied me
  3. Hello im kinda new to the game (Played it twice) and i have some questions about the gameplay 1. Can units return fire when they are fired upon. (I understood that when making assault move then there is an opprotunity for enemy to return fire) but when someone attacks you with Op fire, concentrated fire of move&fire? Do you get a chance to fire back? 2. There is a card in Morale Deck I called GO TO GROUND and it says: "Place up to two concealed squad markers on two friendly squads located in the same hex. You may not choose squads that are adjacent to enemy units." So does that mean i get two more squads into my forcepool, or does depend on the scenario (meaning that if in the scenario there are some concealed squads), or do i convert some of my squads to concealed squads? I would really appreciate if anybody would enlighten me in these questions! Thank You Maverick 60!
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