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  1. Heh Google-fu came up with some possible explanation concerning Hasbro and a license lawsuit considering IA. Might be the problem in this situation. I cant say that I have ever had issues with FFG before so I choose to believe that is the case and everything will be fine down the line. For now I'll just get creative with an X-Wing stand and a flying droid
  2. Strangest thing, I have one broken Probe Droid snapped of its base. Send a service request to FFG and got this response: Status for this item: Closed Status details: Thank you for submitting a request; however sadly, we only have a license to sell into certain territories for Imperial Assault, as a result of that we are not able to physically service requests in territories where we do not have the licensing rights to sell to. Your territory is one such place and with that, we are not able to service your request. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at... I have had former issues with some replacement parts, which is not something particulary bad as I have lots of FFG product including X-Wing and the occasional mispack can occur. However now as far as I understand the reply the Netherlands is not serviced by the FFG parts service? I find that very weird as it is on sale throughout the Netherlands at normal price no weird imports etc. I will try and glue the Droid, however I find this response disturbing as an outset for future product I buy with FFG. Basicly if there is any kind of mispack etc. it seems we are screwed over here? I know for a fact this has never been the case. Does anyone have some experience or info on this change?
  3. I believe the pilot wouldn't be to bad an idea, they do got weapons training as to be not totally useless, also you could for instance give him a special rule for deployment. Being able to use a specific deployment zone on the map for both sides their pilot figures. Like a "landing zone" as a sort of flanking maneuver. Defensively A-Wing pilots and the likes seem pretty evasive/cunning as they tend to have very good intuition/reflexes. So their defence could do with some tricks. Adding some matching command cards for the Skirmish game granting pilots something like a "strafing run" ranged attack would be cool. Also maybe a Skirmish Upgrade astromech pet, just for objective tagging and line of sight fun (think strafing run line of sight through the astromech). And you got a pretty package! The beast rider idea is cool, yet I believe those would fit a big box expansion rather then an ally pack, giving players options for bigger open maps to zip around on. Movement wise they could work giving them a higher speed stat then models on foot, yet less then a foot models double move, limiting them to one move though. Thinking of it as combat speed. The fact they are on for instance a speederbike giving them better defence and attack die and maybe some surge move abilities. Would make up for that easily. Just some random thoughts though!
  4. Yep! However multiple cards would be even better as the IG's actually do have different roles to play. Maybe one support oriented one for instance. One can dream .
  5. On secod thought this might not be the way to go, here are some thoughts in hind-sight. - Upgrade cards would be weapons and the likes, which are actually already build into deployment cards by way of surge abilities. - The command deck has big potential, think about swapping your 0-cost cards with more costly and impactful command cards when they become available. Thats a sort of one-off upgrade right there. - Skirmish upgrades may help define your army as a whole, for instance adding a free move to your first turn as a sort of scout move or giving you a chance to re-deploy a unit before or after your opponent. Army wide special abilities that modify the play style (difference being that its an army wide little boon instead of a Command card which effects certain units in certain situations). Basicly the more I thought about it the more I believe that the system in place will do what I thought "upgrades" to certain models would do. They just need to fall in place with some expansions. I remember te X-Wing upgrades from the core box, they had some good uses but our group saw them as just some points fillers mostly (except for some must includes back then).
  6. Maybe somewhere down the line we will get alternate cards and minis for figs like Luke as Jedi etc.
  7. I think as the expansions come pouring in the Command deck will be more customized and as such more valuable card by card. I tend to discard the card when I have used or drawn cards like Son of Skywalker etc.
  8. +1 Although I don't think that specifically will happen as players would just pick up expansions without core, deployment and such are easily guestimated. What I do see happening are Tournament packs with printed special maps for the tournament seasons misssions. That would allow special missions to be played in tournaments, keep setup easy and give TO's/stores some matts to demo etc on. So lets hope FFG is way ahead of us!
  9. Am I the only one with a smidge of hope the IG-88 pack will see multiple IG-88 cards? I mean, there are 4 models out there who are seen cooperating in the same battle at times. I hope there is either an IG-88 card which can be taken besides the current IG-88 or maybe more elegant even, a Skirmish upgrade allowing additional IG-88 characters at a good charge. Mind you Im not talking about this cause IG-88 rules skirmish, just love the fluffyness of an IG-88 list with for instance 2 IG's and some added droid grunts
  10. Curious! Yet my impressions stand . The Skirmish mode did not dissapoint! I am still thinking adding upgrades cards to the mix for certain units would be cool, yet I believe the Command cards and surge abilities actually simulate different equipment of the units very well while keeping play smooth.
  11. I was actually wondering how tournament play works. Will the TO have to supply the map tiles? Will players have to bring them?
  12. Heya there guys, Just thought to share some thoughts on my first play of Skirmish. We played the "Get to the ship!" Mission with the recommended forces (Vader, Luke, Fennis, Etc.). Not a turn by turn playthrough but some thoughts on the game mode itself: Setup is quite a time spend for uour first play, we will probably improve as we get to know the single map tiles. But for a first play we had a puzzle challenge . Apart from this it is good to know that the setup works for 2 missions, meaning you will have two scenarios to play before having to swap up the entire map. Gameplay went generally smooth except for some keyword searches. Almost immediately it becomes clear that, as with X-Wing, synergy goes a long way with list building. The lack of upgrade cards for individual units is easily mitigated by the command card system. However at current we had rather basic decks which have rather general effects. They did come in handy though and losing one to strain or other abilities did feel like a weighty decision. All in all I really enjoyed the system, which I thought would feel more tagged on. It does however promise an X-Wing level competative play experience for those who seek such thrills. As a last side note: Vader is for all intents and purposes the dark lord he should be! Gone is the emo image of the prequels! Vader (opposing me alas) gave me a great headache to deal with (ultimately not even going dowm after throwing all characters at him).
  13. I agree fully with most of the above posts. Altough at first I thought it was kinda limiting to have only a set number of turns it does give a certain weight to the game as you battle not only with your opponent but also with the time element. Thematically this also fits a great deal. Rebel fleets where not favouring lenghty engagements but instead tried to destroy certain resources (Deathstar anyone?) and scatter pattern out of there. Same goes for Hoth, fighters send out to stall for the transports to get out. Rule theory as well as fluff seem really sound on the matter!
  14. Heh, never thought to look there indeed! Status phase seems to be the regular bookkeeping phase. Good catch though! Nice and comprehensive.
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