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  1. I came across this review.. and it basically explains in detail… why i even started this topic in the first place… http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/844153/kartigans-bullet-point-reviews-descent-journeys-in
  2. Yes i was wrong about the stun but that is only due to the poorly written text on the card… I don t understand why you consider my post trolling i just shared my opinion, and i explained why that is so … The other argument i think is worth mentioning is that in the D2 forum i see no know names from people that contributed most to D1 FAQ and that speaks on my behalf … Go figure why that is so … Clearly D2 has a different audience than D1…even though you may call D1 unbalanced it did not matter that much in my experience … it was more about making the right play in the given situation with the resources you had at the time, and the thing was tha game gave you loads of options … and i think the more you really understood the game the more balanced it became, because you got to understand where the real threats were… And don t be to smart on me if you have not played D1
  3. Me and my group have been playing Descent first edition frequently for quite some years (vanilla and campaign) , and i consider myself as an experienced Descent player And we Love descent first edition.. I own evey single piece of descent first edition that ever came out… So i was really hyped to get my hands on D2… But descent second edition, its just horrible… first of all they took pretty much all the good parts from descent 1 and threw them away, just to make a simpler more comercial game suitable for kids.. The OL has no summon cards or summoning options, no threat tokens to make a resorce managing plan, no relevant traps or tricks… he just places monsters in an areas he is told… then reinforces monsters on the same space he is told every turn… ( probably the same monster over and over again)… The ol cards… most of them do nothing, and even if they do it has no relevance since it does not really matter if a hero get knocked out…(unlike in D1)… Heroes.. Well instead of having tons of different heroes, skills and shop items and potions and treasure items like in D1 they made classes in D2 (8 of them to be exact)… So it basically comes down to 1 hero always having the same class (since one class is always better than the other one)… and so the same set of items… Then they took the best part of the game from the hero perspective.. orders; they threw that away and only left rest that is boaring, since the OL has no way to interfear with it unlike D1. The new line of sight … cant even really coment that, now you can basically see behing mosters… if you go 1 space sideways… even if you are lets say in a 10 space coridor 10 spaces away from a monster that is behind another monster you can still trace line of sight to both monsters … Why didnt they just remove line of sight then, would make more sence… Stun… stun a bos every turn and he cant do a thing … Boaring All ranged monsters throw the same dice… same goes to melee… boaring Quests have close to zero replay walue.. So many things are decided at random, even winners of acts… I could go on and on … The only 2 good things in descent second editon are: large monster movement, and that there is no city for the heroes to hide … There were many rule issues in D1 and sea of blood was not even worth buying but Descent second edition now this is the biggest disappointment from FFG i have seen so far… This really should be a diferrent game like runeQuest or something not Descent …
  4. When resolving orders, is there a time frame where you need to declare that you are using supremacy ... So in my case ... one player attacked the other player with conquer and he had a a much bigger army than the defender- which had a stronghold present... So the attacker was extra unlucky and missed most of the attacks, and then he decided that he is using the supremacy bonus of conquer in mid battle so he could win... Is that a legal action or do you have to declare supremacy before your order is being executed? I hope i made the question clear enough Thx
  5. well you cant kill a skeleton that is on the other side of the map behind a rock, the OL can use threat to give him movement points as well... well i just wanted to poin out that even a normal skeleton is powerful if the OL has threat (and he rolls 4 extra silver dice for example) ...
  6. Sob is so poorly playtested (if at all) ... they failed to see (or have ignored) some major flaws in the game mechanics ... one of which is that the Ol basically can not loose an encounter ... in the worst case he has to flee, but most of the time he does not need to.. he just waits 5 or six turns on the edge of an encounter, and then he moves into range and one shots people with skeletons or whatever using threat to boost their attacks... (Kraken by the way is desined the way that he can't even reach the heroes if they stand on the other side of the ship)... and the main problem is that if the Ol has more Lieutenants the heroes dont stand a chance of preventing the OL from destroying every city he wants... well read the Older posts to see more flaws in the SOB its really horrible...
  7. The original question is kind of like : is it possible to do something that is against the rules... of course it is physically possible to place 12 Beastmen on the board, but it is against the basic rules of descent.... anyhow you can houserule whatever you want...
  8. you really dont need to be a rocket scientist to see that there are 5 turns in a round and that is the answer...
  9. I am getting this feeling... that if someone claims something, that does not quite suit Corbon, he will find an archaic word, that diplomaticaly describes the flaws in this persons logic (nicely said)... But if Corbon is clearly making some of his own interpretetions, and other people have good arguments against them ... then it is a hole in the rules...
  10. That makes no sense whatsoever, since the Heros always get the same amount of conquest at the end of the quest... How would that effect the high score... when you replay the same quest..
  11. how was the OL able to spawn a red troll in the first dungeon ?? The Master troll spawn card cost monster treachery and where did he get that treachery ...
  12. this is as clear as it gets in Descent
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