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  1. Fnoffen

    Question about transactions

    The active player, in this case the Hacan, is able to initiate deals at any point in time from the nanosecond that their turn starts up until their turn is over. However, as stated in the rules, they may only make one deal with each neighbour per turn. IIrc, there are no automatic turn-ending steps to any type of action. At least that's how I play. A player turn stretches from whenever the previous players turn is over until the player states that their turn is over. That way, everyone should have enough time to remember everything they've planned on doing. It cuts both ways, though, since if anyone were to forget to do something before stating that their turn is over: they're outta luck and have to wait until their next turn.
  2. Fnoffen

    Best Group Ever

    I'll clarify: a 1VP PO with Imperial and 3VP (one 2VP PO and one 1VP SO) in the Status Phase. It might have been round 6 too.
  3. Fnoffen

    Best Group Ever

    And last weekend I actually got it. They made a whole event around it, too. Even paid my train tickets. Two hour train ride from where I live to Stockholm on friday with unboxing/sleeving/bagging on friday evening, a full 6 player game on saturday (took 12 hours including setup, teardown and meal breaks), and another two hour train ride home on sunday. I may have not won but it was fun anyway. The most intelligent mathmatician of the group played Jol-Nar and whacked out 4 VP to go from 6 to win in round 5. 1VP with Imperial and 3 (2public + 1secret) in the Status phase.
  4. Fnoffen

    PDS shots into adjacent system

    Waste of Command Counters or not kinda depends on how many PDS units you have in range. If, say, the Xxcha have ALL their PDS AND their FS in range it could be VERY worth. Wiping out most of a fleet with 0 risk to your own ships? Sounds worth to me. Situational, I know but still...
  5. Fnoffen

    Best Group Ever

    I think my gaming group might be the best one ever. I'm turning a whopping 40 next week and what do they do? They pool together and spring for a copy of TI 4th ed. And the playmat. GOD I platonically love those guys!
  6. Fnoffen

    TI Planet and score tracker software

    Wouldn't adding the custom objectives "Imperial 1" Imperial 2" "Imperial 3" and so on be a solution to the score accrued from sitting on Mecatol Rex? A row of extra objectives that you'd have to score in succession. Also, the custom objective "Mecatol Rex" could be used to keep track of whoever settled on Mecatol Rex first in 4th ed.
  7. Thematically it would make sense that one would normally need to be on or in orbit around a planet to construct such a massive thing but then there's the lore of the Clan of Saar living, and apparently constructing their first Space Dock, in an asteroid field. Conclusion: I would probably cast my vote on allowing the Clan to place their Space Dock(s) in Asteroid Field(s) and/or Empty Space. Pretty much any tile they can legally enter and stay in.
  8. Fnoffen

    Attempting a galactic map for a RPG

    Would be amazing to play an actual full all-races game of TI on this map! Probably somewhat unbalanced but VERY thematic. Great work!
  9. Fnoffen

    Rule clarification: Null swapping equipped items

    However, a Power Armor IS quite huge. You actually need to climb inside it as opposed to put it on like a jacket and a pair of pants. Also however, a Power Armor is also supposed to enhace your strength and increse your carrying capacity so I guess logic is a bit meh in the board game version...
  10. Fnoffen

    How to buy a 7th fleet

    One way would be to get together with five other likeminded and buy a used copy of TI3 and split the models six ways. Or find a copy of the TI3 expansion that had models for a 7th and 8th player (Shards of the Throne?) anf paint up two sets. Finding just a set of models would probably be difficult to say the least.
  11. Fnoffen

    New California Expansion

    Or change the title to "NCR"
  12. Fnoffen

    New California Expansion

    They're probably working on that in tandem with the expansion.
  13. Fnoffen

    New player - weird question

    No, the extra resource is lost to the red tape-dimension.
  14. Fnoffen

    I made a Thing!

  15. Fnoffen

    I made a Thing!

    Those things shouldn't be too hard to modify the measurements of to accomodate Twilight Imperium or any other hex-based game.