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  1. Fnoffen

    Game Speed and Quests?

    An additional thing to note is that you draw one card from the influence deck (for the purpose of monster activation) every time all players have taken one turn each. (And when it runs out you reshuffle the discard pile into a new draw pile).
  2. Fnoffen

    Lost S.P.E.C.I.A.L Tokens

    I know FFG to always be quite accomodating about this sort of thing and since they and Asmodee have joined up it probably shouldn't be too much trouble.
  3. Fnoffen

    HOW do you do quests?

    Quests are typically found in Wasteland and Settlement encounters. An encounter result would say something like: "Stage card X" or "Add card Y" When staging a card you place it face up in the staging area after which anyone can attempt to achieve it on a first come first serve basis. When adding a card you check that cards back, then draw cards (without looking at their fronts) from the corresponding pile equal to the number of players, shuffle the drawn card(s) with the card being added, then place the (number of players+1) cards on top of the same deck. After a card has been added it will eventually be revealed (and possibly staged) with a future encounter at an appropriate location.
  4. As for official answers, those can usually be obtained here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/ One should be prepared for a hefty wait, though, as the good people at FFG are a busy bunch. Answers to rules questions CAN take several weeks to come back.
  5. Well as I said, if the rulebook doesn't explicitly say that the Commander has any kind of Veto power then he hasn't. The other player should just deal with it and move along imho.
  6. If the manual explicitly states that the Commander has the right to veto every singe choice then the other player is correct. In any other case, such as for instance that one simply might be able to draw that conclusion, then no, your play was legit. This is the general rule when it comes to FFG's rulebooks: If it says you can do X, you can do X. If it does NOT say you can do X then you cannot unless a specific game element such as a tech card or ability explicitly says you can. It's not an official response since one never get those in these forums, but I would say that the rulebook in itself (coupled with any available FAQ and/or Errata) is as official a source as I can direct you towards.
  7. I also played the Lazax. Was elected to take them due to being the most experienced player. Noone ever even tried to take the (don't remember the number or name of it but I'm guessing Assembly) SC from me so I got to decide on every single law and such, dealing out punishment to those closest to winning and giving myself all the good stuff. I was a right totalitarian bastard. As the Lazax is. Was. Will have been?
  8. Fnoffen

    ZealuxMyr's Workshop

    I kinda wish there was a WOW reaction available because a Like is not enough! But worthy of a trophy at least!
  9. I think you mean Public Objectives, not Agendas. Might seem a minor thing but it is always important to call everything what they are named to avoid confusion. This also makes it easier to look things up. As to the amount, yes. 5 Stage 1 PO's followed by 5 Stage 2 PO's is all there is, same as in TI3. So yes there is kind of a hard limit on 10 ROUNDS (Each round consisting of many TURNS - Calling things what they are), same as in TI3. If noone has managed to get to 10 VPs before that, however, all players are focusing on the wrong things. As to the Arborec Infantry, they can build anything. They are also the only way for the Arborec to BUILD more Infantry as their Space Docks cannot build Infantry. They have a starting build capacity of 1 (Upgrades to 2 with Leitani Warriors II tech). However, they can now, unlike in TI3, pool their capacity so that 2 Infantry can build 2 more Infantry (or Fighters) for 1 resource. Otherwise they can only build 1 new Infantry/Fighter for 1 resource until upgraded. Also worth noting is that they can now, also unlike in TI3, build in the same activation that they moved iIrc.
  10. Fnoffen

    Not getting influence cards

    New cards are added immediatley when a quest or encounter result says so. You then take the top [amount of players] cards of the appropriate deck, shuffle the new card among them and place the new stack of [amount of players plus one] cards back on top.
  11. Fnoffen

    Pipe Wrench

    "Spend a result" is when you use a die roll of, let's say a torso, to inflict a hit on a monster. Now I don't have the Pipe Wrench card in front of me but I would surmise that it gives a bonus effect with a specific result.
  12. Fnoffen

    Entrenched Positions and PDS

    Not every TI4 player has TI3 ya know..
  13. Fnoffen

    Entrenched Positions and PDS

    Which just makes me want to house rule the Wormhole Nexus into 4th edition...
  14. Fnoffen

    Not much activity???

    Most probably because the game clock, in the form of the cycling of the Agenda Deck, will keep ticking and pushing the game closer to the ending condition no matter what. And if you've spent most of that time hunting monsters, you probably won't have enough Agenda Cards to reach the necessary Influence total needed to win and would thus lose. Quite anticlimactically I might add.
  15. Fnoffen

    Necro Flagship: No limit?

    Well technically the Nekro doesn't have to attack to steal tech. They just need to kill. So one strategy for the Nekro is to get out there and get in the way everywhere all the time so that the other players kinda HAVE to attack them to get anything done. Then the Nekro player only needs to get one lucky shot in. Two to be 98% certain of being able to get a tech. I say 98% due to Non-Euclidean Shielding and such techs.