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  1. Seems a bit early for an expansion in my oppinion. That said, IF they release one now, I'd be all over it.
  2. That one I'm not sure about. I know there was an FAQ for TI3 somewhere but I think that FFG removed the entire 3rd ed page. I might have printed a copy and put it in my 'ol 3-box. I'll check and see if it says anything about it.
  3. Firstly: Welcome to the wonderful world of Twilight Imperium! Now to add to the first posts question 5: Yes, but each player can still only achieve each Public Objective once. As to the Destroyers: Yes they get to roll for both a pre-combat anti-fighter barrage where their hits are fighter-only, and roll within each combat round where their hits are no longer fighter-only.
  4. Except that Hil Colish can't use it's own wormhole to travel, iIrc...
  5. I would also say that playing a rider on the Miscount would only exclude you from the actual election of which law should be re-voted. So with only one possible law, any riders would be freebies. The other players COULD all abstain to try and stop the riders taking effect but then the Speaker would have a wierd sort of tie to break and would have to simply choose the only possible law, making the riders come through anyway. The re-vote of the old law I would see as a new vote allowing all players to vote unless they play new riders on THAT law.
  6. Actually, I can see how he could interpret "IN THE SILENCE OF SPACE" in this way since the targeted system would, at some point, contain his ships and (from his pov) enemy ships. It is, as has been pointed out, an incorrect interpretation though.
  7. TL;DR at end of post Within the Tactical Action there are basically three parts: Movement, Combat and Building. They always happen in that order. The second half of the Combat part is when you colonize/invade planets, the aptly named Planetary Landing step. During this step the active player decides how many troops (Infantry, also known as Ground Forces to those familiar with 3rd ed.) they wish to land on each of the planets (a system has 0-3 planets and all can be taken over in the same turn.) in the active system. After any Ground Combat (Which must be initiated if another player already has troops on the planet in question) the player who landed units immediatley gains the card for that planet in an exhausted (tapped) state. As for the cost to build a Space Dock, this has changed drastically from 3rd edition. There is no cost associated to the Space Dock because it , along with the PDS unit, is now constructed via either the Primary/Secondary of the Construction Strategy Card or one(?) certain specific Agenda or Action card. TL;DR: Must land units to take planets, can take all planets in the same turn, get planet(s) tapped and must use Construction SC to build Space Dock (or PDS).
  8. The use of the word "simultaneously" is a bit wonky, yes. What they mean is "if several players would be able to reach 10 points within the same step of the status or agenda phase.", I believe.
  9. This should get you sorted: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/customer-service/
  10. This sounds to me like you might be playing combat wrong since a combat round already include casualties. The combat round goes as follows: 1. Both sides roll all dice for their units, tallying any hits produced. 2. Both sides assign as many hits to their own units as the opponent scored hits, removing any units who reaches their limit (usually 1). 3. If both sides still have units, return to step 1. If only one side has units, they are declared winner. If neither side has units, the combat is a draw. I can't really think of any ways to make combat simpler than that.
  11. Fantastic idea with the flame and peg. I'm kinda reminded about my wifes genious idea of how to make a Frodo model wearing The One Ring. She simply made a base and created two glue (the kind that turns transparent when it dries) footprints on it. Simple when you think of it.
  12. I see it as a viable tactic to play, say, both the Imperial and the Leadership(?) Riders on either side of a For/Against vote. That way, no matter the Agenda outcome you'd gain either a VP or three CCs.
  13. In the unlikely event that noone casts any votes at all the vote would technically be a tie and as such the Speaker would break said tie by simply choosing an outcome (=result). Since the Riders are dependant on an outcome and not a vote, the Speaker would be in a position to take bribes to choose in favor of a specific outcome and any attached Riders.
  14. I for one would say three tech since the ability does say " Once per combat" and not "Once per activation" or "Once per type of combat".
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