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  1. Not much activity???

    Most probably because the game clock, in the form of the cycling of the Agenda Deck, will keep ticking and pushing the game closer to the ending condition no matter what. And if you've spent most of that time hunting monsters, you probably won't have enough Agenda Cards to reach the necessary Influence total needed to win and would thus lose. Quite anticlimactically I might add.
  2. Necro Flagship: No limit?

    Well technically the Nekro doesn't have to attack to steal tech. They just need to kill. So one strategy for the Nekro is to get out there and get in the way everywhere all the time so that the other players kinda HAVE to attack them to get anything done. Then the Nekro player only needs to get one lucky shot in. Two to be 98% certain of being able to get a tech. I say 98% due to Non-Euclidean Shielding and such techs.
  3. Necro Flagship: No limit?

    And section 16 on page 10 of the new Living Rules Reference proves me right. It states that Fighters and Ground Forces may exceed capacity during space combat.
  4. Nekrovirus Ground Forces

    And we now have an updated "Living Rules Reference" which adress this. According to the Nekro part of the FAQ (page 35), their Infantry in the same system as the Alastsor DO count as ships (in addition to being Infantry) for the purpose of card effects. However, they do NOT count towards Fleet Supply since they are transportable units. In section 16 (Capacity) on page 10 we can also read that fighters and ground forces CAN exceed capacity during combat. Any excess must be destroyed at end of combat, however. But by then any Nekro Infantry participating in the space combat will already have returned to the planet surface.
  5. Is there any way to buy replacement figures.

    Do keep us in the loop as to if and when the Lost Ghoul returns.
  6. Nekrovirus Ground Forces

    I would say no due to a sheer technicality. The Nekro Infantry are just allowed to act "as if they were" ships. This does not, however, change their keyword TO ship so they'd still actually be Infantry. Rulebreaking Infantry, sure, but still Infantry.
  7. House Rule Ideas.

    How about making the Faction track two or three steps longer? That way You'd even HAVE to do the entire main quest line even if you'd wanna just do one side. to finish the game. Would also work towards not having to have multiple "Alliegance" Agenda Cards to win on points as the "power gap" possibility between the factions would be greater and the "Alliegance" ACs would thus be worth more points per piece making other ACs a more fun and varied option to run with.
  8. Correct procedure for gaining a Level?

    The funny thing is, I don't even own the game. 😃 Yet at least. But what can I say? I'm a rules nerd and inconcistensies like this lvl up business bugs me to no end. I just HAVE to know these things.
  9. Necro Flagship: No limit?

    Be that as it may, I believe there has been an official ruling that the Infantry used as ships doesn't count towards capacity anyway. Also about the Nekro-Arborec: Sure the Arborec can research it anyway but all the Nekro needs to do then is destroy one (1!!) single Arborec unit of any kind and boom! ALL their Infantry units can produce two new infantry units EVERY SINGLE ACTIVATION! Couple that with the Nekro Flagship and whatever planet they park it over is technically impregnable and can triple as many of their Infatry as they can scrounge up resources for.
  10. Messing with Winnu

    Allow them double the amount of Secret Objectives? Or simply remove their SO limit alltogether? Would kinda make them the Yssaril of Secret Objectives.
  11. Correct procedure for gaining a Level?

    Finally got a response from Andrew Fischer today! "The method specified in the Rules Reference is correct. You gain all XP, then apply the effects of any level ups you earned from that XP. This method was used to avoid any memory issues that arose from applying a level-up in the middle of earning XP (and then having to remember how much XP was left to earn)." Can't say I personally agree with the ruling but at least it's an official answer. Wouldn't be suprised if it would end up in the FAQ too.
  12. Is there any way to buy replacement figures.

    I'd try Customer Support. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/customer-service/ They're usually kinda good about this sort of thing.
  13. Necro Flagship: No limit?

    If I recall correctly, Capacity is only ever checked directly after end of combat. And since the Infantry goes back to not acting like ships at the end of combat it would be a valid strategy. Which is why allowing the Nekro to steal the Arborec tech Leitani Warriors II is a HUGE no-no. Then again the only way to disallow that theft is for the Arborec player to not research it...
  14. Ur is Swedish for watch or clock so that makes me think Steampunk Clockwork style. Which would technically be far inferior to anything else out there but also much simpler and cheaper to produce. Plus they would take up less space since you wouldn't need cabins for pilots. Damaged fighters could possibly also be combined to make new ones. So: they only hit on 10 but only cost 1 resource to produce 4 fighters and they only take up half a capacity slot each. Upgraded Fighters could gain: For every 2 fighters destroyed in a space battle you may get one back at the end of battle.