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  1. In the unlikely event that noone casts any votes at all the vote would technically be a tie and as such the Speaker would break said tie by simply choosing an outcome (=result). Since the Riders are dependant on an outcome and not a vote, the Speaker would be in a position to take bribes to choose in favor of a specific outcome and any attached Riders.
  2. Fnoffen

    Ti4 - necro virus questions

    I for one would say three tech since the ability does say " Once per combat" and not "Once per activation" or "Once per type of combat".
  3. Fnoffen

    New and Confused player

    But isn't the Unit Upgrade cards counted AS Technology cards then? Along the lines of "122 Technology cards, 62 of which are Unit Upgrade cards"? (Sorry if this makes no sense, it barely does to me. Late night here.)
  4. Fnoffen

    Unexhausting Drugs

    Well I'd say that the fact that you must refresh any exhausted drugs you might have when taking a "rest" action, spending all your hard earned caps to do so would constitute a penalty. As would not being able to pick up anything *but* drugs if your inventory is full. Having the Addicted trait is, if not paired with the Lab Coat(?) item (which, if I recall correctly, allows any drugs carried to not count towards your inventory limit), a serious threat to your ability to carry any spare weapons.
  5. Fnoffen

    Unexhausting Drugs

    Yeah, what Astech said. The Addicted effect is on your character, not a specific item.
  6. Fnoffen

    Unexhausting Drugs

    Well the drugs DO take up inventory space so let's say you have one free inventory space and loot an awesome weapon and a drug while having the ADDICTED effect. You'd be forced to drop the weapon since being addicted disallows the discarding of any type of drug. I would also surmise that if you are carrying more drugs than you normally could and then lose the ADDICTED status you'd be forced to immediatley discard drugs down to your inventory limit.
  7. Fnoffen

    Unexhausting Drugs

    Meaning that if you become addicted, you WILL lose Caps every time you have exhausted drugs and take a Camp action since the phrasing doesn't use the term "may". As in you cannot choose not to unexhaust an item during a Camp Action?
  8. Fnoffen

    Rookie question re. avoiding fisticuffs

    If the rules explicitly say "must" then you must.
  9. Fnoffen

    PDS shots into adjacent system

    Anyone with PDS:s in range of an activated system may fire into the activated system regardless of wether any ships moved into it or not.
  10. Fnoffen

    action points, house rule(?)

    Shouldn't that be fixable by sleeving the cards and then paint over the results (on the sleeves!) with a permanent marker? That way you can't see the results but you can easily find out by shifting the card halfway out of the sleeve.
  11. Fnoffen

    Newbie questions

    To expand on #3: The key is, as always when it comes to TI, in the wording. When you Produce a unit you need to spend the necessary resources by exhausting planets or relinquishing trade goods. When you Place a unit there is no additional payment necessary. In this case the Muaat pay a Command Counter to gain the ability to Place said unit(s).
  12. Fnoffen

    Question about transactions

    The active player, in this case the Hacan, is able to initiate deals at any point in time from the nanosecond that their turn starts up until their turn is over. However, as stated in the rules, they may only make one deal with each neighbour per turn. IIrc, there are no automatic turn-ending steps to any type of action. At least that's how I play. A player turn stretches from whenever the previous players turn is over until the player states that their turn is over. That way, everyone should have enough time to remember everything they've planned on doing. It cuts both ways, though, since if anyone were to forget to do something before stating that their turn is over: they're outta luck and have to wait until their next turn.
  13. Fnoffen

    Best Group Ever

    I'll clarify: a 1VP PO with Imperial and 3VP (one 2VP PO and one 1VP SO) in the Status Phase. It might have been round 6 too.
  14. Fnoffen

    Best Group Ever

    And last weekend I actually got it. They made a whole event around it, too. Even paid my train tickets. Two hour train ride from where I live to Stockholm on friday with unboxing/sleeving/bagging on friday evening, a full 6 player game on saturday (took 12 hours including setup, teardown and meal breaks), and another two hour train ride home on sunday. I may have not won but it was fun anyway. The most intelligent mathmatician of the group played Jol-Nar and whacked out 4 VP to go from 6 to win in round 5. 1VP with Imperial and 3 (2public + 1secret) in the Status phase.