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  1. I simply meant that since Petersen created Twilight Imperium he's probably the most knowledgable about it how all the bits and pieces of lore are interconnected.
  2. You could always try contacting Chriatian T. Petersen (TI3's creator) through FFG to see if he might be inclined to divulge any tidbits about his universe such as the importance of Ixth or The Crown of Thalnos (if memory serves). As for ideas based on Action Cards, Maybe the players could get employed to do some Signal Jamming or to test a new Experimental Weapon System? Or maybe steal the plans for the Death Sta... erm I mean War Sun?
  3. I strongly suspect you've read them already but the instruction books have stories in them that flesh out the universe a bit. Also, the rulebook for the Shards of the Throne expansion has the "historic" scenario about the breakout of the Twilight Wars. Might be a good source of starmap materials. (Spoiler: the Sol started the war...). And of course the backside of all the race sheets goes without saying.
  4. I'm so glad that I got the expansions as soon as they came out. $200 for an expansion when the base game goes for... $90? Sick!
  5. They very seldom do on these forums, unfortunatley. Best way to get answers from the FFG staff is by sending an e-mail to customer support. Do post here if you do ask and get an answer, though. I think we all want to know.
  6. Without being able to check the exact wording I'd rule that said Promissory Note becomes obsolete as soon as the Lassir effect is activated. A quite devious Letnev tactic come to think of it. Having an important vote swing your way with no risk of having to vote against your best interests in the future. Not sure if never being able to vote again is worth it though...
  7. The base game IS playable. I would even recommend playing a couple of games with base rules only before adding even any optional rules, let alone expansions. Get good at the basics first, THEN introduce new stuff. It is also a good way to see and understand the consensual brokenness of the original Imperial SC first hand.
  8. Apparently the good people at FFG do have plans to reprint the expansions but have not decided on a timeframe yet. But I agree $180 is a horrendously high price. Even higher than the base game retail, right? Some people'll do anything to turn a buck...
  9. Hmmmm... I'm thinking that the Player Characters, or perhaps rather the PC group, would be something akin to one of the heroes that are added as an optional rule in one of the expansions (I forget which one). Maybe it could even be possible to purchase certain tech-advancement-based equipment for the groups ship if you have a high enough standing with the faction(s) that have happened to researched it.
  10. The question, for me, is when in the Twilight Imperium timeline an RPG might be set. Every time would have its own pros and cons i suppose. That being said, the time with the strongest draw would have to be the pre-war era. While the Lazax still held it together. More stable environment for such a small group of characters.
  11. VERY nice! If FFG will ever think about making a table top rpg in the Twilight Imperium universe, I hope they at least ask you to write an adventure or two.
  12. In my experience, the better all players know as many rules as possible the faster it goes. Doing away with constant pageflipping through the rulebooks cuts out a significant amount of downtime. The rulebooks are available on FFGs site in pdf format so all players could read through those at their own leisure before it's time to play. Also: the following link provides a really good way of polishing up on at least the basics: http://www.preeminent.org/steve/games/ti3/ti3demo/
  13. Only 12 more hexes than a normal 3-ringer. It does look to be a very interresting setup.
  14. Do note that there are ways to remove activation tokens from the board allowing you to build (and move out) units several times from the same system. It does take at least 4 turns within the same round though. Activate to build -> Remove token -> Move units to another system (so as to not lock these units down with the next activation and also making sure fleet supply limit is not an issue) -> Activate to build -> Repeat if possible. If memory serves, the Military SC lets you take one activation token back. And I think there is also an Action Card that does the same.