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  1. Only 12 more hexes than a normal 3-ringer. It does look to be a very interresting setup.
  2. Do note that there are ways to remove activation tokens from the board allowing you to build (and move out) units several times from the same system. It does take at least 4 turns within the same round though. Activate to build -> Remove token -> Move units to another system (so as to not lock these units down with the next activation and also making sure fleet supply limit is not an issue) -> Activate to build -> Repeat if possible. If memory serves, the Military SC lets you take one activation token back. And I think there is also an Action Card that does the same.
  3. Unless we can get an insight into the economy of FFG, which I doubt any old plebe can, I guess we'll notice it when, and indeed if, FFG does announce an expansion or sequel. Although one other indication could be high levels of activity in the forum I suppose.
  4. If it sells enough copies I'm certain that there will be expansion(s) and/or sequel(s).
  5. Well that should settle it then.
  6. I beg to differ from thy differ. The most literal interpretation, in my brain at least, would be that the Ghosts of Creuss have an innate ability to travel from A Worm Holes to B Worm Holes and that their innate understanding of the Worm Hole physiology, as it were, has led them to discover a way to create Worm Hole openings at will. Wether it is through technology or psychic manipulation, I could not say. All this would not allow any Worm Hole openings to suddenly be truly adjacent, however. It would probably be simple enough to (re-)state that the adjacency is for movement only but it would also be redundant to do so since it already have been clarified in said FAQ.
  7. I think that the basic rules regarding Worm Holes (adjacency for purposes of movement only) would apply for the Ghosts of Creuss as well. Which would mean that they would not be able to PDS fire through them even with the Deep Space Cannon tech.
  8. Each GF has a build limit of 1 so you need to pay 1 resource but only get 1 new GF (or fighter or anything else). They have a racial tech that boost their GFs build limit to 2 however. The downside is that any GF that builds cannot move during the same... activation or round, not sure which. Sprouting takes time, I suppose.
  9. No this means that the only way for the Arborec to attain GF is to produce them with their existing GFs (since the Arborec GFs each have a build capacity of 1 [and yes they may also build everything else with their GFs]) or from their special ability that gives them... 1 (or 2?) new GFs every... Status phase I believe. Yes they are very special plants...
  10. Wouldn't it simply be possible to nerf the Yssaril by limiting the Skip to a usable-once-per-round power instead of every other turn though? Makes them less OP-broken and makes the Yssaril player think twice and maybe even thrice about when to do it.
  11. P.S. At the time of me writing this post, both expansions are marked as "Awaiting Reprint" so I would urge patience at this point.
  12. And to answer the Original Posters question: Yes, there is a way to see if a game and/or expansion is in reprint or not. On FFGs main page you should look for the "Upcoming" section.
  13. You collect up to one influence for each of your units in all spaces that have influence wether it was placed there on this turn or any previous one.
  14. Another option, possibly, would be to limit the time of each game to, say, 4 hours and the one or two player(s) with the most points advances to the next round. If more than 2 players are tied for most one could go for some form of sudden death. The Accelerated Setup option would probably be useful in such a case. And artifacts would make for more points to compete over. Not sure how feasable it would be but that's from the top of my head.
  15. This is true. You actually WANT to be paying active attention to what the other players do on their turns since every single action could potentially unfurl into a negative scenario for you. And if you miss the start of it you'll most likely never see it coming until it's too late to do anything about it. Plus you don't need to spend time on recapping the other players actions if you follow along. Also, you can use the time of other players turns to plan your own next turn, thus reducing total play time a bit. Many of the Strategy Cards in the game(such as Trade and Assembly for example) does require everyone to be present at the table anyway.