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  1. Option number 1 for me.
  2. True but if you, say, spend 12-15 caps for the first condition, you do most likely not have 16 caps to cover the second. Also: 12-15 does indicate that you should have either 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 caps to be eligible to claim that objective. 16 or more is none of those numbers.
  3. Killing a humanoid in Diamond City? Then again maybe simply moving into DC would trigger that part of the quest...
  4. Aaah. Check.
  5. But couldn't you choose to attack as an action?
  6. A question arises in my head with that answer. Can a spawn point that I'm currently sharing a space with count as the closest? If so, would it be legal to just stand still and farm a spawn point for mass anounts of XP?
  7. Rules query responses usually take some time. Upwards of a week is not unheard of. The good people at FFG don't just sit around twiddling their thumbs when their game ships. They're already hard at work with any number of other board games and or expansions.
  8. Number of turns perhaps?
  9. That sounds like one for the FAQ but spontaneously I'd say that Stonehenge would NOT trigger when moving tokens. Simply due to "move" not being the same word as "place".
  10. "Any other battles" would include being attacked by any monster and if you attack with ranged combat, provided that players follow the same rules as I've understood the monsters to follow. (No I don't own the game, I just like to read rulebooks...)
  11. Looks clear enough to me. While you have the Sniper Rifle equipped, you are not allowed to start combat against an enemy located in the same space as you. Any other battle would be legal though.
  12. I agree with @Robofish and @MikeEvans and would also like to place some emphasis on the fact that one still needs to choose wisely how much influence to spend on votes for the first agenda since the planets are not refreshed between the two agendas.
  13. Ability name suggestion: Custodial Fees. However I can see this ability as being viewed as a bit op if it triggers EVERY time another player takes MR. I think it would work better if restricted to "If another race gains the Custodians Token (by landing on Mecatol Rex and paying 6 influence) you may learn a tech of your choice known by the race taking MR (that you have prerequisites for). If you already know all eligible techs, gain 6 (8?) Trade Goods instead."