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  1. It's currently flagged as "On The Boat" meaning it's on the way to FFGs warehouse from where distribution to FLGSs will then happen. So I believe it would be semi-safe to assume availability somewhere in early December. FFG would not be a good company if they miss the opportunity to sell such a highly anticipated title before Christmas. All. Those. Stockingstuffings!!!
  2. Or simply create 4 E Wormholes, One on ME and one in each 3-ring galaxy center. The Creuss abilities only ever mention A and B anyway if memory serves.
  3. I would definitivley like to see a Fallout-skinned Descent!
  4. Hmmm... Come to think of it, one could probably simply use X-wing minis as unique Flagship sculpts...
  5. Come to think of it one would only really need 6 (possibly more with expansions) connectors as only that number of Flagships would ever be on the board at any given time. Or have the connector be part of the racial bases. The potential problem of this latter option would be breakage of said connector as it is a protruding part. Also: if the sculpts connector hole is made the same size as the X-Wing miniature ones well... Hello modding spree!
  6. In initial theory this sounds very awesome. However the 12 races in the 6th ring would a)Have less room for expansion, since they can only expand inwards while the 6 inner races could expand both ways, and b)Be situated waaaay further from Mecatol Rex, which is integral to way too many objectives for this to be practical. Could all 18 races fit in a 7th or even 8th ring, I wonder?
  7. Another variant could be 17 unique Flagship sculpts (prepainted or unpainted),17 round bases with racial symbol print, and 17 clear or opaque plastic connectors. That way everyone can choose which flagship suits their own interpretation of their race and mount it on their chosen race base. The sculpts are easy to distinguish as Flagships and the base tells everyone which race it belongs to. To further distinguish which player owns it, add 6 (possibly 8 if future expansions add more plastic colours) plastic rings that click into place around the bases. And/or make the connectors in the 6 colours.
  8. If memory serves, The Vault Dweller (the player character in F1) helps the people of the small village of Shady Sands who between F1 and F2 lays the foundation for the NCR. In F2, The Chosen One (PC in F2) can do a number of side quests to help guide the NCR in slightly different directions.
  9. Well the Caps have always been a staple currency in the Fallout universe so I think it's safe to say that they are two different denominations of coin. Red=1 and Blue=5 is my guess.
  10. That FFGs printing partners, probably located somewhere in China, are making the games components and assembling all the contents in boxes. So at least a couple of months to go.
  11. I think that if FFG would decide to go with unique flagships they should be pre-painted like the X-Wing miniatures and could come with one base for each race (with the racial symbol prominently printed on it) and connectors to really lift the models up. Wouldn't need to be permanently fastened to the bases either. That way each player could pick whichever flagship THEY think is coolest or fits their race best and the base would show whos ship it is. Could even have one interchangeable plastic ring in each colour to make it match the chosen plastic.
  12. And here I was thinking: "Why 3 decks? Why not dual or triple cards like in Arkham Horror?". Because then you won't actually KNOW that a certain effect WILL come up for a certain type of planet. As in that Weapons Factory card you're hoping for when invading an industrial planet might be flipped up to eradicate half of another players invasion force when landing on a hazardous planet. Even more randomness in the Distant Suns-ish X-plore aspect.
  13. They did expand the IP, but only relatively little. There is a lot of potential for expansion of the TI IP with other types of games. I could potentially see Twilight Imperium reskins of games such as Carcassonne (Build up the Imperial City of Mecatol), Galaxy Truckers (more or less lucky Hacan Traders) and even X-Wing (Squad based dogfighting with fighters and possibly larger ships based on race and techs and possibly also using the mercenaries from one of the TI3 expansions). And those three are just off the top of my head.
  14. I for one would rather see a Star TREK version of TI3/TI4 than a Star WARS one. SW only really have two sides: Jedi/Sith; Empire/Rebels and so on. ST on the other hand have a good abundance of races that have been shifting alliance-constellations plenty enough to fit better into the Twilight Imperium mechanics. Plus Klingons are badass!
  15. Oh yes! +1 on the flagship sculpt. FFG, make it so!