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    Killbeggar got a reaction from thatsnozaku in Noise marine band   
    This is win.
    'The left flank is crumbling! We need MORE COWBELL!'
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    Killbeggar got a reaction from Lord Master Igneus in Things the Emperor did wrong.   
    Just as planned. . .
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    Killbeggar got a reaction from Drhoz in Noise marine band   
    This is win.
    'The left flank is crumbling! We need MORE COWBELL!'
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    Killbeggar got a reaction from Robin Graves in Who's your favorite Primarch?   
    Favorite Loyalist: Rogal Dorn, followed by Alpharius Omegon ( ) and Vulkan.
    I am a true son of Dorn because he defended the Emperor and his Palace while Rowboat Girlyman was chasing shadows, leading to the formation of the Black Templars.
    Favorite Traitor: Alpharius Omegon
    I just love the Alpha Legion and their ambiguity.
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    Killbeggar got a reaction from Robin Graves in Noise marine band   
    This is win.
    'The left flank is crumbling! We need MORE COWBELL!'
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    Killbeggar got a reaction from Terraneaux in Noise marine band   
    This is win.
    'The left flank is crumbling! We need MORE COWBELL!'
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    Killbeggar got a reaction from Fgdsfg in Noise marine band   
    This is win.
    'The left flank is crumbling! We need MORE COWBELL!'
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    Killbeggar reacted to Terraneaux in Noise marine band   
    Now I wanna see the weaponized cowbell sonic weapon.
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    Killbeggar reacted to htsmithium in Ultimate Weapon   
    The answer is a marine and his bolter.
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    Killbeggar reacted to Kshatriya in Some questions about background, spacemarine, etc...   
    Between hypnodoctrination, Chapter culture (the vast majority view themselves in the "warrior-monk" mindset, and even the Space Wolves aren't too far from this really) and the probably-incredible amount of artificial hormones (generated by new organs) and stimulation of existing hormone-producing glands, I'd say few Space Marines are interested in sex. I tend to think about what anabolic steroid use does to human gonads: testicles atrophy to a degree due to testosterone imbalance, which can result in non-production of sperm until steroid use is discontinued. 
    This is why it's hard to play Astartes: they're human, but they're really, really not. I think it's easier to understand the mental processes of mundane Tech-Priests than it is to understand Astartes. The Cult Mechanicus is just a religion - we have a basis for understanding religion, and zealotry within religion. We can't really understand what it's like to be fundamentally changed in body by surgery and in mind by hypno-doctrination and thousands of years of Chapter culture. Astartes are very uch both more than human and quite a bit less. 
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    Killbeggar got a reaction from Decessor in Identifying an Inquisitor   
    I would think that most acolytes would be able to pick the greatest threat out of a crowd and that would definitely be an Inquisitor. An Inquisitor's sheer force of personality would leak through a lot of disguises. Granted, some could hide it better than others but you don't get to be an Inquisitor without learning how to project an aura of terrifying authority.
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    Killbeggar got a reaction from HarlequinR in Rogue Trader Fashion   
    Really? I frickin' love that hat. Of course I've always liked Solomon Kane so I always associate that style with puritanical badassery.
    I've always wanted a Rogue Trader that dressed like a hive ganger myself.
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    Killbeggar reacted to Bellevue in Issue with non flexible players.   
    Point out to him that Nurgle has priorities.
    As an example (spoilered because it's a bit too specific about filth and people may be eating):
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    Killbeggar got a reaction from Misha in How would you conquer the Jericho reach?   
    Apologize (grovel) to the Black Templars and convince them that another crusade is needed. They would be more than happy to go Godzilla on whomever they are pointed at.
    Send them against the Tau and you get the planets back, albeit with a greatly reduced population.
    Send them against Chaos and their expansion on that front would come to a screeching halt as the traitors found a foe as batpoo crazy as them.
    Send them against the nids and the Black Templars would see if they could digest chainswords.

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    Killbeggar reacted to Cortezz in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    Aaaaaand all of a sudden i became interested in playing Rogue Trader…
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    Killbeggar reacted to MalikCarr in Macharian Handbook: An Acolyte's Guide to the Galaxy of Guns   
    Hello all!
    After my group played through several games of Deathwatch and Rogue Trader, then ditched the WH40KRP scene for several months, I decided I had some interest in revisiting Dark Heresy and running a campaign off of it again.
    I think we'd all be willing to admit that that game is a little rough around the edges compared to the newer games, and my group was no exception to this, so in addition to compiling errata and backporting things from Rogue Trader, I also set out to create a list of weapons and gear that took advantage of some of the newer books and games. This ended up becoming a fairly hefty reference guide, so I opted to produce a PDF supplement for the use of my players and dressed it up to it looks passably like a 40k work, or at least to the best of my ability, anyway.
    Presented for the digestion of any interested parties is what I've titled the "Macharian Handbook", as in a reference of all the tools necessary to carve your own path through heretics and scummers just like that famous hero. For now, it only contains weapons (including ammunition, upgrades, and so forth) as well as armor, but I intend to produce another volume for gear and equipment at some point in the future.
    I wanted to share this as a means of obtaining feedback about the judgment calls made on a number of things. This started out simply as a compilation of existing weapons, but already some effort of house-ruling was necessary - for one thing, all of the delicious weapons in Into The Storm have no prices in Throne Gelt, as Rogue Traders and their lackeys are above such trivialities. After that, I was left with the nagging premise that a number of weapons, especially some in The Inquisitor's Handbook, functionally serve no purpose in comparison to others that have been put out since then. While I enjoy the flavor that a unique gun provides, and encourage players to downgrade their stats a tad in the name of having a more interesting character, some examples were downright atrocious in comparison. At that point I ended up doing a silly thing and decided "I reject BI/FFG's wisdom on these and will use my own instead", leaving us with a lot of tweaks that I would like to think are interesting and provide new angles to things without succumbing (too much) to the old homebrew plague of making them far better than they should be.
    To wit, please feel free to comment on any obvious alterations made by myself that you happen to see - which ones seem nice, which ones are poorly thought out, and so forth. I would also like to pick some brains as to the arbitrated prices and so forth of other weapons, as I was trying to keep within the general spirit of things already in the game, not deviating from the beaten path too much and what have you.
    As a standard disclaimer, I make no claims to ownership of anything that doesn't belong to me, including all unmodified texts and statistical charts and so forth. The page backgrounds were taken from a character sheet PDF, and the in-line illustrations were taken off of DeviantArt completely without their various authors' permissions (although all signatures and watermarks were left intact). I cite these materials under a claim of fair use and noncommercial intent, so please don't sue me for theft of intellectual property (I will flee to Mexico if prosecuted so don't bother, okay? ). 
    Macharian Handbook v2.1
    Hello again! Some considerable feedback has been posted that my original Macharian Handbook was so nice, why don't I waste an epic amount of time doing a similar work for things that aren't guns and armor?
    After much vexing and procrastination, I have done this thing. May I present "Tools of the Trade", sort of a second volume that deals with all the other bits of kit you might encounter.
    Of note, I must offer the following disclaimer at once. Unlike the first volume, this one actually experienced a huge degree of overlap in terms of Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy rulebooks - a lot of different items did the same thing, some of which were fantastically better than others. To wit, this volume is NOT purely official figures and qualities. In the effort to maintain as much gear diversity as possible, yours truly has mucked around with some pieces of gear and equipment to make them more interesting or useful, especially when compared to things from newer books, such as materials published exclusively by FFG (comparing some of that stuff to the Black Industries' material can leave a considerable gulf in certain respects…). I'd like to think that I've done this in a conservative and reasonable fashion, but, if you are looking for a pure compilation of official non-gakked-with gear that's been lifted directly out of the rulebooks, about 30% of this volume is not for you.
    With that being the case, please enjoy this first draft, and as usual let me know if you find any glaring errors or concerns. Much like Churchill, I have benefited greatly from criticism.
    Macharian Handbook: Tools of the Trade v1.2
    Version 2.1 of the Macharian Handbook is now out and up at the above link which offers up some new stuff that's been published since the first edition (as well as fixes some embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors…). A Version 2 of Tools of The Trade will be done at some point or other too, yar.
    And now there's a v1.2 for Tools of the Trade as well. Praise the Emperor.
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    Killbeggar reacted to MadLetter in [Ressource] 14-Page Personnel File   
    Hey Folks.
    A while ago I created a one-page Personnel File "Sheet" for flavor reasons, and used it to spice up some NPCs in my Only War game. The whole thing fell flat, though, until I recently started doing stuff for Rogue Trader and found the Personnel File again. I decided to pump it up and created a now 14-page strong personnel file anyone can fill out for PCs or NPCs alike.
    You can check out the file here: Link (PDF; ~700 kb size).   ---- outdated check at end of this post ----
    So far it contains the following pages:
    Form 3108; Active Duty Soldier Review (Short Overview of Current Status) Form 3109-1; Draft/Enlistment Form Form 3109-2; Personal Details & Dependents Form 3109-3A; Medical Record Page 1 (vaccinations, current status, bionics, last medical check-up) Form 3109-3B; Medical Record Additional Pages (x2), detailing previous wounds and surgeries Form 3109-4; Equipment and Replacement Record, detailing the Soldiers Kit, Special Gear and possible replacements handed out over the course of duty Form 3109-5; Training and Qualifications Record Form 3109-6; Awards and Citations Form 3109-7; Service History (x2) Form 3109-8; Remarks Form 3109-9A; Termination of Service by Death Form 3109-9B; Termination of Service by Discharge  
    If you were so awesome, lend a hand: Tell me where I made errors of any sort, typos and the like. Tell me what is missing or what you'd want to round it out.
    So far, I've gotten a bit of feedback in other places as well. I will create another version including lines to write on for things like the Remarks or Awards and Citations, so it's easier to fill out in handwriting. I will also provide these versions in two variants: One printer-friendly as you can see it, and one including a parchment-like background.
    I am also considering to offer the Source File (*.AI format, Adobe Illustrator) once I figured out the compatibility with prior versions.
    I hope you guys enjoy it!
    The newest version in all variations:
    Files are up on the server, as promised. Including a small fix, bumping version to 1.2, and lowering filesize across the board, especially for Version A and B.
    Version A - No Background, No Writing Lines Version B - No Background, Additional Writing Lines Version A - Background, No Writing Lines Version A - Background, Additional Writing Lines  
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    Killbeggar reacted to Adeptus-B in Xenos Talk   
    "Mesa day startin pretty okee-day with a brisky morning munchy, then BOOM! Gettin very scared and grabbin that Jedi and POW! Mesa here! Mesa gettin' very very scared!"
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