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  1. Worked like a charm, thank you very much.
  2. I am starting my first Deathwatch game and tried to dl the latest version and the link is bad. Any chance on making it available again?
  3. This brings to mind the motion sensors from Aliens. Gives you the range of the target but not what it is.
  4. Favorite Loyalist: Rogal Dorn, followed by Alpharius Omegon ( ) and Vulkan. I am a true son of Dorn because he defended the Emperor and his Palace while Rowboat Girlyman was chasing shadows, leading to the formation of the Black Templars. Favorite Traitor: Alpharius Omegon I just love the Alpha Legion and their ambiguity.
  5. This is win. 'The left flank is crumbling! We need MORE COWBELL!'
  6. If I was a PC and knew another party member was carrying a Chaos artifact his life expectancy would be shortened considerably due to telling the inquisitor and several bullets to the back of the head when he's not looking. Not necessarily in that order. But I have to say selling it could be fairly easy, as has been stated the average schmuck has no idea about Chaos. Although to me a Chaos artifact would by its nature give most people the willies due to its unnatural nature. As a GM I would allow him to sell it and a few sessions later have the party investigate the new cult of leg-humping heretics.
  7. Apologize (grovel) to the Black Templars and convince them that another crusade is needed. They would be more than happy to go Godzilla on whomever they are pointed at. Send them against the Tau and you get the planets back, albeit with a greatly reduced population. Send them against Chaos and their expansion on that front would come to a screeching halt as the traitors found a foe as batpoo crazy as them. Send them against the nids and the Black Templars would see if they could digest chainswords.
  8. I would think that most acolytes would be able to pick the greatest threat out of a crowd and that would definitely be an Inquisitor. An Inquisitor's sheer force of personality would leak through a lot of disguises. Granted, some could hide it better than others but you don't get to be an Inquisitor without learning how to project an aura of terrifying authority.
  9. Really? I frickin' love that hat. Of course I've always liked Solomon Kane so I always associate that style with puritanical badassery. I've always wanted a Rogue Trader that dressed like a hive ganger myself.
  10. Just generated a system that exported out to 15 pages, making a system that size manually would make my head explode. Totally awesome time saver tool.
  11. There is a checkbox called Ignore Reknown on the wargear tab that you can check to take the equipment you're looking for.
  12. It seems a lot of translations to other languages are done by a local (French in your case) game company that has licensed the game in question. It makes it easier to get an accurate translation for the native speakers and saves the original publisher some money. Plus most of us Americans would just run the text through Google Translate and print the resulting gibberish. I would contact FFG directly and ask them about any plans for a translation.
  13. Rogue Trader is my least favorite of the games but I must say this tool makes me want to play it. It's brilliant, thank you.
  14. In the second (?) Sandy Petersen Dark Heresy novel a DW Kill Team drop pods in to say hi to some rogue psykers. The Throne Agents present thought that they hit hard enough to kill the occupants but there was not much devastation beyond the immediate impact site. Also they fire thrusters before impact so there is also the possibility of a fire when landing on flammable objects. And there is also the wacky fun time of a Deathstorm Drop Pod; great for softening up an area and taking out powersuits.
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