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  1. Thank you so much!!! Yes we are playing the Saga - that answers so many questions... I appreciate your quick response.
  2. Hi All ive gone back through the forums as we havent played for some time and im confused (yep easily done). The encounter deck reveals one card per player. This is known in the game as “staging.” These cards are revealed one at a time, with any when revealed abilities being resolved before the next card is revealed. We have always played that we go in player order and the card belongs to that person resolving one at a time - now im not sure. Do the when revealed effects affect each player?
  3. When Revealed: Remove 1 progress token from each location in play. Then, discard the top card of each player's deck for each progress token removed by this effect. Totally confused i thought you could only have one active location at a time therefore wouldnt we only ever be removing one progress token/card?
  4. ok hoping for some clarification here as its an ongoing question in our house lol In basic Descent on the monster card i understand that you play the ability of the monster when either triggered by the event/action for the special ones and during monster turn for ones without a triggering symbol. In RTL these abilities with no symbol - are they still used.? eg: Skeleton archer Card says (in the ability section): pierce 1 reanimation surge = + 1 range. so our understanding pierce and reanimation are effective each role - subject to dice roll of course and the additional range only when a surge is spent. App says (in the top section before the turn info): Each attack gains +3 range. If the total range result exceeds the distance on the target, that target also gains pierce 1. so in RTL does the archer get both the app and the card ability or just the app when similar effect??
  5. Thank you everyone i was confused about that Yes i was referring to "one by one " as being each single pack in the cycle and the expansion i was referring to was Khazad-dum. Hubby has decided to go with authraw's suggestion of one full cycle at a time. Network57 do you have the full link to the post you were referring to as i couldnt find it, found a couple of newbie posts but dont think they were what you were referring to?? I did find a similar at another site /r/arkhamhorrorlcg/wiki/faq is this it? Again thank you so much for taking the timeout to assist with my queries..
  6. Hi new player here just finishing playing the core game set. I have the first expansion and all the related adventure packs. I cannot find if we should be playing the Adventure packs one by one or if i should be adding them all in together. Any thoughts on best gameplay?
  7. oh really didnt realise that was hoping we hadnt been forgotten. feeling less alone now lol
  8. Just wondering if there are any aussies out there that have found Splig or any of the other recently reprinted lieutenant packs. Everywhere i have searched and contact advise that they still have not seen any stock and their distributer doesnt have any. If anyone from Oz has found can you pls let me know where... I know places like coolstuffinc has had in stock for the last month or so but shipping is really high to here if even offered.. Thanks guys
  9. Thank you so much guys for your responses at least i know im not alone in being confused and/or frustrated lol.. Kinda glad its a mistake actually cause i didnt like it with out it that second paragraph. In my search to try to find an answer i did find a post where someone (cant remember who) had contact FFG and they advised that they were discussing what was happening next for the errata I think it was in Jan 16 with little done since then i guess im also not holding my breath. Atom4geVampire - yes we (hubby and I) did have a dicussion about whether it was it was only that one card or in general and kinda figured that whilst they were talking about a card, surely they didnt keep changing the format OK concede now that they do keep changing, Guess will just take each card as it comes and hope my crystal ball is working trying to read their mind.. lol... Would just love amended cards but lets not start that debate again lol.. Zaltyre thank you for sharing the card - great to know an official response.
  10. I know right - i totally agree but based on their comment "The entirety of the card should read as stated in the FAQ, so it should not contain the last sentence." makes me wonder if they have changed it as they did on the break the rune card (or made a mistake) i personally would have expected only the first paragraph of the card to change keeping the bottom paragraph intact (but above confirmation statement seems to reflect thats not correct). On the same token using the above confirmation statement the errata says Monster Cards Elemental, Act I and II: The Air ability should read, “Until the start of your next turn, this monster can only be affected by attacks from adjacent figures.” No indication of the other elements listed - again one would assume that they still remain in place but then then thats says the above statement is incorrect. I would have also assumed that the blast statement in the break the rune card would have remained until the above confirmation statement where they confirmed no longer exists... Soo confused as to what stays and what goes.. why couldnt the whole card just have been listed for each change....
  11. Trying to make a list of changes (arent we all) to play correctly any thoughts on the following card? Raise the Dead - card reads * Place your reanimate familiar token in a space adjacent to you. You may only control 1 reanimate at a time. You may discard your Reanimate token at any time during your turn. FAQ Errata 1.6 reads. Necromancer, “Raise Dead”: The card should read, “Place your Reanimate familiar token in an empty space adjacent to you.” Based on the following confirmations others have received from FFG i take that the second paragrah now no longer exists, therefore allowing multiple reanimates and no discarding of them? Any thoughts?? Break the Rune Card (post) wesg92 Member Members 29 posts Posted 07 March 2016 - 07:25 PM Got a response from FFG today. "The entirety of the card should read as stated in the FAQ, so it should not contain the last sentence." Therefore, it can be affected by blast. Zaltyre in errata 1.6 postGot confirmation from FFG- the entire text of "Break the Rune" is in the errata (they did not just post the changed section). This would mean it now can in fact be affected by blast.
  12. Oh man how lazy do i feel now. We generally don't use the door. Game is on table directly under the tv so havent felt the need with rtl. Do with box game though. I like the end cap idea though
  13. Can someone please clarify. When asked to spawn a monster (ie zombie) which is happening nearly every turn in the map currently playing what do you do when group limits are already on the board. Reading POD rules the monster is pulled off the board, recovered and placed at the specific placement as per the new instruction. However cannot find in original rules or the Road to Legend rules. Do you disregard and not spawn any more or do you remove from the board and replace?
  14. its crazy isnt it definately wouldnt spend that nearly the cost of the whole game
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