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  1. The gamemat is pricey. $40. New California? Also $40. Why? I would submit that the actual box that New California comes in is probably worth more in terms of manufacturing cost than the gamemat is.
  2. That's fair enough. I figured I could mix components where I wanted, but I was curious about those statements in Miskatonic Horror. Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi, all. First, to forestall any potentially unhelpful suggestions, I am fully aware of house rules and how to basically make the game what I want it to be, but this is a question that maybe goes beyond the what and addresses the why. So I was going through Miskatonic Horror, and I noticed that the Injury and Madness cards are to ONLY be used with Dunwich Horror. Why is that? I always thought the Injury and Madness cards were a pretty good idea. Why does the game want me to lug out the Dunwich map and play with that, too? From what I see, it's not integral to that expansion as much as, say the Exhibits are to Dark Pharaoh or Blights are to King in Yellow. I haven't played with Lurker at the Threshold yet, but I like the idea of the Relationship cards. However, the rules say "These cards are only used when playing with" Lurker. Why is that? Again, I may be ignorant of Lurker, but is that all there is in that little box? So if I am playing with Relationships then I am ipso facto playing with that expansion? It appears you can play with Nodens or Hypnos in play, but that doesn't mean you MUST incorporate Kingsport. So, if there's a real reason why I can't incorporate these things, I'd like to hear about it. Thank you!
  4. I admit I had an inward groan when I first saw this. I have purchased everything concerning Arkham Horror, including all the figurines and alternate dice. Also, I am not wealthy. I thought, "What, more money to spend on this?" When, to be honest, my friends and I don't even play with more than a couple of the expansions regularly (Kingsport and King in Yellow). However, when I saw it was something new, I was, as the topic says, excited. I see the release is Fall, which starts on the 22nd of September. If I could buy it today I would.
  5. Hi. I mailed the check for the promo card on 3/17/2012 (checking the check register) and here it is 4/21 and I still haven't received it. This isn't what I would expect, since I sent the check away for the Oliver Grayson promo card last year and received that one. What have been the experiences of others here? Was the card order process quick for you or did it take a long time. And, here's a question, if I mailed the order form away and have to re-order (let's assume the envelope got lost in the mail), how do I do that without having to buy another book? Thank you!
  6. I was wondering what the consensus is on the replacement of this product. Do you think that if I were to purchase from Amazon today or tomorrow, that I would get the correct version?
  7. I was wondering if the iPhone application is going to be compatible with the new Miskatonic Horror expansion. Will it still be useful?
  8. If an investigator has Vessel of the Mythos and is reduced to 0 stamina, what happens? The card says he can't enter stable locations. Does that mean the investigator can't be sent to the hospital and be restored to 1 stamina? Or does being barred from stable locations (and hence the hospital) mean the investigator can't enter as a move action, but can be sent there? So in effect, he's sent to the hospital, but can't walk in during movement?
  9. Where is the most current of the FAQ, anyway? I'd like to see this. Thank you!
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