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  1. The characters look like Disney refugees, and those shoulder pads on the box cover are insane. What happened to Jesper Ejsing? Unless I'm mistaken, he's done every other Terrinoth cover and really gave it some continuity.
  2. allenkwest said: Maybe they will anounce a 5-6 player expansion for Runewars there with the two new races introduced in this box. I hope so. But I so looking forward to this expansion as well! THIS. A thousand times this.
  3. So I noticed the planned reprint dropped off the "upcoming" page. Last time that happened, we got an announcement about Descent 2E. Where are you, Runebound? I run a game store, and I've got a shelf full of expansions and no core games are available anywhere.
  4. High Elf Wizards are pillars of their society. The reason the game doesn't include a High Elf Wizard career is the same reason is doesn't include a human "Emperor" career.
  5. Huh. I got all excited and thought that somehow this was a remake of Avalon Hill's classic "Civilization" but instead it's another videogame license. Oh well.
  6. allenkwest said: Today's announcement was for another box expansion for Runebound (the name escapes me at this moment). John Goodenought introduced with its pieces and gave us information on the mechanics. A lot of them will make the game go faster and make this game the best expansion yet. We were even allowed to gander at the 6 new characters' and adventure cards. The board game overlay is like in the wilds of Africa and lots of magic, deities and roaming monsters. They'll make an announcement on this site shortly. I believe this'll be coming out a few months from now. Now THIS I'm excited about. And was that truly six NEW characters?
  7. Is the "sneak peek" today a repeat of yesterday's announcement, or is it a second product? One can hope...
  8. Weak. Color me disappointed. I played this game when it was a new GW product back in the day, and it wasn't that good then. Shame they just pasted a Terrinoth theme onto it.
  9. Any word on that new terrinoth game announcement? Good luck in the tourney!!!
  10. As much as I'd like to see more races (and options for 5-6 players) I'd really like to see a lot *more* in the expansion. More hex tiles (kinda required if we're adding players #5 and 6), more heroes, more quests, more rewards (though I imagine too many would dilute the frequency of Shards of Timmoran which may be a problem) more season cards (MORE SEASON CARDS!), more tactics cards, more objectives... The hex tiles and seasons cards specifically, will really add to the replay value of the game. With only 8 season cards currently available per season, you basically play through every single one in an epic game, and many of them are repeats anyway.
  11. Tzeentch. Although I've got a soft spot for Slanesh as well.
  12. I'm of the opinion that the game feels "complete." It's not like it's an adventure game that needs some freshness added once in a while. It's a two-player head to head strategy game. I'm just waiting for the Collector's Edition!
  13. @Cyandroid: Not trying to be passive aggressive. Sorry if it came off that way. It's just that when Frozen Wastes was announced, I was a bit disappointed if only because it seemed the next obvious "theme" after Isle of Dread and Sands. OF COURSE they were going to do a frozen world. And, I thought, of course it will be filled with Vikings and Yetis and Norse-like Dwarfs. Though the previous expansions all did wonders with familiar fantasy tropes, the idea of Frozen Viking World, Runebound style, just seemed like a failure of imagination. So I was VERY happy to see them go a completely unexpected route, even if it's a bit sci-fi. I can't imagine there's going to be laser rifles and android allies a la Talisman Timescape, but a crashed craft from a long gone civilization seems about right.
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