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  1. You get your items back at the end of combat, unless they say otherwise (Garlic for example.) During combat, you get your combat cards back except the one you just played. For example, If I played Pistol one round, the next round Pistol stays out and is unavailable to me. After I play a card in the next round, I get Pistol back. To make that simple: You can't play the same combat card twice in a row.
  2. In the rule book it states (talking about Influence): "Maturing a Vampire Encounter advances the track by three, four, or five, depending on the card." The three types of vampires indicate on the card that they score three, four, and four. It would seem like the Aristocratic Vampire should score 5, because it is the only one that does not fight back when found. If it doesn't score more influence it is a weak card. Can anyone clarify?
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