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  1. I would go with answer 3 since there were NO defenders. An undefended attack is an undefended attack regardless. However, had there BEEN a defender with a strength of 0, I would consider that having successfully defended from the -1 attack. At least, that's how I interpret the rule…
  2. Thanks Keggy! That's exactly the info I was looking for!
  3. Just received the game as a Christmas gift in the hopes of using it as a way to get my wife to the game table for a change. So far so good, but I have a couple of questions that the rulebook wasn't entirely clear about. They would probably be obvious to anyone familiar with the LCG, but this is my first card game from FFG, so I'm totally new. The Plot Cards: I had assumed Plot Cards would be house specific, but after unboxing the components, they have the same card backs and nothing to distinguish any card as being associated with any particular house. Should they be diligently kept separated as packed, or - in the case of drafting plots - kept in one universal plot deck that anyone can draft from? High-Claim Military Challenges: The paragraph on this seems to indicate at first glance that having a duplicate of a character won't save it from being killed during a military claim, but it also seems that it could be saying that an attacker with a claim value of 2 or higher would have to kill one of each character in play, perhaps leaving the duplicate card to "fight another day?" Outside of those two confusions on my part, it's a very straightforward and fun game and I totally wouldn't mind seeing some fixed-deck additional house expansions in the future! Thanks in advance for any answers!
  4. Thanks for your reply. It definitely sounds like the kind of game the family and I like! I especially think the role of Conan in the game sounds thematically perfect. Wandering around the lands and all the rulers (players) need to keep a wary eye on him and try not to "piss him off" too badly.
  5. I have been considering purchasing this game for some time but am still not 100% ready to take the plunge. I love Conan and the Hyborian Age. I love large, well-themed, epic board games. I also LOVE FFG games. Having said that, my only real gaming group is my kids (ages 7, 10 year old twins, and a soon to be 17 year old) and occasionally my wife. We enjoy the BSG and LoTR games as well as WoW The Adventure Game and Doom the Board Game. Outside of FFG products, we do some miniature wargaming and assorted adventure board games as well as RISK. Normally, I would have already been all over Age of Conan except that I had a really disappointing experience with my last large-size, FFG game purchase. Being a Tolkien fan, I followed the development and just "had to have" Middle Earth Quest. Well, to make a long story short, after 3 tries diligently trying to MAKE myself like it, I had to finally admit that I didn't. I hate it. It's the most not-fun non-rewarding game purchase I have ever made even though "on paper" it seems like I should absolutely love it. So now, I'm afraid the same thing will happen if I go ahead and purchase AoC. I've read the rulebook and it seems pretty straightforward, but that doesn't always equate to having it on the table. So how "fiddly" is it to play? Does it "feel" like Howard's universe? Is it unnecessarily overcomplicated (as is the case with MEQ)? How does it compare to some of the fancier RISK editions? Thanks in advance for any insights into the game any real players can give!
  6. I just purchased my copy this week and got it to the table tonight. My board was a little warped, not enough to hamper play, but after reading this I'm starting to worry that it will get worse! I really don't want to have to fight with another warped gameboard (happened with Marvel Heroes and again last year with Middle Earth Quest.) I've already had to contact FFG as one of the green plastic bases for the minis was missing when I opened everything up. Aside from that, we still had a lot of fun playing.
  7. crimhead said: A high quality Doctor Who game would be fantastic! roughneck2 said: Given that most episodes were essentially the Doctor and his companion trying to uncover some sinister plot by "baddie" of the week I'm not sure how you could replicate this as a boardgame. The aforementioned game was in the Style of The Five Doctors - everybody plays a different incarnation of The Doctor. It could work well as a team game with all the Doctors against one player as The Master or The Valeyard or some other nemisis (most likely a modern enemy). Yes please FFG! Prior to the "new" series, I had comtemplated a "fan revamp" of the game where the competing players were competing Time Lords in the Doctor Who universe. One idea was team based with the Doctor, Romana on 1 team vs The Master, The Rani on the other. In keeping with the fully competitive version of the original, the idea was The Doctor, Romana, The Master, The Rani, The War Chief, and the Meddling Monk, all vying for the Key parts, the "good guys" to return them to Gallifrey to keep the balance of peace, the "bad guys" to of course assemble the pieces to rule Gallifrey and dominate time...
  8. With FFG working closely with Games Workshop on some titles, it would be a great time for a revamp of the classic GW board game Doctor Who The Game of Time and Space. It was very much a travel, explore, combat/challenge game in the style of WoW The Adventure Game with the winner being determined by which player collected all of their pieces to the Key to Time first and returning them to Gallifrey. It could be updated to be more in keeping with the shows theme and current timeline, but keep the classic adventure game style play.
  9. I've been hoping for a World of Warcraft expansion to be one of the announcements, but for the Adventure Game as opposed to the board game. Some new areas (outland/kalimdor) to quest in would be great. And it should include a playable Night Elf Mohawk...
  10. Vonpenguin said: Bleached Lizard said: First paragraph of the news article: "For nearly half a year following the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, the crew of the Battlestar Galactica defended the last remaining human survivors. Then, all at once, salvation appeared in the form of the Battlestar Pegasus. At nearly twice the size of Galactica, with upgraded weapons batteries and a newer, larger fleet of Vipers and Raptors, the fleet was now safer..." That could just be flavor text though. Exactly. I saw no insinuation that they were actual included components anywhere in the article. They most likely would have made at least as much of a big deal over new Viper sculpts as they did the new additional Basestars if they were including any.
  11. Bleached Lizard said: L81Corvette said: If there were any tiny thing that I could nitpick as far as feeling disappointed, it would be the Pegasus apparently not having a squad of plastic Mark VII Vipers to bolster the fleet's firepower. Where did you get that from? Just a personal wish I had been holding out for if an additional Pegasus board did show up in an expansion. I was greedily hoping it would have a generous amount of plastic Mark VIIs and Raptors just like Galactica has those plastic fantastic Mark IIs and Raptors. Kind of like in the series, when Pegasus joins the fleet, it adds all their fancy new Vipers into the mix. Unless I missed something, we're getting awesome Basestar minis, but that's it as far as new plastic sculpts?
  12. I am loving everything so far revealed about the expansion! If there were any tiny thing that I could nitpick as far as feeling disappointed, it would be the Pegasus apparently not having a squad of plastic Mark VII Vipers to bolster the fleet's firepower. But really, that does not keep this from being pure concentrated awesome!!
  13. Trump said: I have trouble seeing BSG being expanded as far as adding new stuff to the existing game goes, but I can see it being extended. Anyone familiar with the Runebound expansions will understand me. I'm thinking of things like Isle of Dread and Frozen Wastes. Those are essentially totally new games but with the same basic underlying mechanics. They might make one that deals with the time from Kobol to New Caprica and another from New Caprica to Earth, for example. You could still use any of the current characters plus a few more added to that game. You'd probably use the same skill decks, but maybe they'd be beefed up a little to keep them from running out so often. The Crisis Deck would be totally new for each game. And they could have some new tweaks too. Perhaps the next game would find a way to involve Pegasus and to have the eventual goal of settling on New Caprica. The one after that might have Cylon allies and the Final Five. The truly diehard could then play all three games in a row for a complete BSG experience. This is something I would LOVE to see!
  14. Blankshield said: When the location is damaged, you can't use the listed action for that location until it is repaired; that is all. Vipers can still land, and vipers that are placed as part of a crisis card are still placed. Can they still be launched via the Command location when the Hangar deck is damaged as well?
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