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  1. If Palpatine and Soontir are fighting Omega Leader can Palp be used to change a die that is on Soontir if Soontir is being targeted by Omega Leader? Technically it is Palp changing the die and not Soontir. Just needed some clarification.
  2. Just wanted to hear how the Canadian Nationals went at the Toronto FanExpo on the weekend of Sept 5th. Anyone hear any news?
  3. Hey Folks, Here are the results from the GameKnight Store Championships. We had a great turnout with 13 people showing up. Chris Allen came out on top in an epic duel with Michael Haire , it came down to one of Chris' B-Wings versus one of Mike's Z-95s. The maneuverability & fire power of the B were just a bit to much for the Z to handle. Here are the final results: GameKnight Results.xlsx Here are all the lists that were flown: Chris Allen - 100 points B-Wing Dagger Squadron - Fire Control System (26) B-Wing Dagger Squadron - Fire Control System (26) B-Wing Dagger Squadron - Fire Control System (26) B-Wing Blue Squadron (22) Mike Haire - 100 points YT-1300 Han Solo - Lone Wolf, Dash Rendar, Luke Skywalker, Engine Upgrade 46) Z-95 Headhunter Tala Squadron (13) Z-95 Headhunter Tala Squadron (13) Z-95 Headhunter Tala Squadron (13) Jim Buchanan - 100 points YT-2400 Dash Rendar - Marksmanship, HLC, Mercenary CoPilot, Outrider, Experimental Interface (56) E-Wing Etahn A'baht (32) Z-95 Headhunter Bandit Squadron (12) Ken Oberlin - 100 points Firespray Emon Azzameen - Andrasta, Proximity Mines, Proton bomb, Seismic Charges, Navigator (49) Firespray Kath Scarlet - Outmaneuver, HLC, Inertial Dampeners, Tactician (51) Jeff Paul - 100 points VT-49 Decimator Patrol Leader - Gunner, Mara Jade, Ysanne Isard (52) VT-49 Decimator Patrol Leader - Gunner, Darth Vader (48) Daniel Webb - 98 Points Tie Phantom Whisper - Veteran Instincts, Adv. Cloaking Device, Tactician(39) Tie Fighter Howlrunner - Swarm Tactics, Stealth Device (23) Tie Fighter Academy Pilot (12) Tie Fighter Academy Pilot (12) Tie Fighter Academy Pilot (12) Graham Reimer - 100 points YT-1300 Chewy - Millennium Falcon, C-3P0, Push the Limit, Recon Specialist (52) YT-2400 Leebo - Outrider, Jan Ors, Determination, Anti-Pursuit Lasers, "Mangler" Cannon (48) Cameron Mensforth - 100 points Aggressor IG-88B - Predator, Auto Thruster, Advanced Sensors, "Mangler" Cannon, Flechette Cannon (50) Star Viper Black Sun Enforcer (25) Star Viper Black Sun Enforcer (25) Michael Hamilton - 100 points Y-wing Dutch Vander - Autoblaster Turret, Bomb Loadout, Proton Bombs, R7-T1 (33) Z-95 Headhunter Lieutenant Blount - Assault Missile, Deadeye (23) X-Wing Rookie Pilot (21) X-Wing Red Squadron (23) Walter McCulloch 100 points VT-49 Decimator Captain Oicunn - Marksmanship, Proton Torpedos, Protons Bomb, Experimental Interface, Mercenary Copilot x 2, Mara Jade, Dauntless (66) Tie Fighter Howlrunner - Squad Leader (20) Tie Fighter Black Squadron Pilot (14) Mark Burke 100 points Tie Interceptor Soomtir Fel - Push the Limit, Auto Thruster (32) Tie Interceptor Carnor Jax - Push the Limit, Auto Thruster (31) Tie Phantom Whisper - Veteran Instincts, Adv. Cloaking Device (37) Simon Havens 100 points Aggressor IG-88B - IG-2000, HLC, Flechette Cannon, Hot Shot Blaster, Stay on Target (50) Aggressor IG-88C - IG-2000, HLC, Flechette Cannon, Hot Shot Blaster, Lone Wolf (50)
  4. PTL on Turr nerfs him as you generally won't be able to use his skill if you have PTL'd because you will be stressed. There is nothing wrong with having SL on Darth and having VI on Turr as you can choose the order you move them as both will be 9's.
  5. Watching how Farrell will be able to have an obnoxious number of actions (6) assigned to him in one turn if you build around him. Jake Farrell - action (dodge or Target Lock) Garven Dries - gives him a focus and then a boost Kyle Katarn - gives him a focus and then barrel roll Airen Kraken - gives a free action (dodge or TL) Granted it's a weak build but if you're just playing a game for fun this could be ridiculous.
  6. Is the effect of the Cloaks ignored completely or do the Heros still get to roll for the wounds?
  7. Is Fantasy Flight going to possibly put out card sleeves that have the art work from different games on them. ie. have a set of sleeves that have the Descent overlord deck art on the back ,as well as sleeves representing the dungeon cards, skill card , rumours, etc . Just for those of us who want sleeves on their cards but not with completely clear sleeves. Have it be a Descent Card sleeve pack that has enough sleeves for all the cards in the game for each card type art on them
  8. James McMurray said: We assumed it was because they're already in Tomb of Ice and none of the monsters were changed. ToI was the first set to come with stats for the advanced campaign, and it's likely they'll continue the trend so that once you've bought an expansion you can immediately slide it into any advanced campaign without them having to print more monster cards. Monsters from previous expansions are somewhat different in SoB as some have gained new abilities, just thought there might be a difference with some of ToI's monsters as well.
  9. I'm having difficulty unzipping Enduring Evil. It keeps giving me the error "Unexpected end of archive." when I try to unzip it.
  10. Is there anyone out there that can tell me why the monsters from Tomb of Ice were not included in the Sea of Blood monster cards?
  11. If a motion is put forward to be voted on and no person puts forward a vote token, is it then upto the Chairman to "break the tie" or is the motion simply discarded? By the way the rules are written it would seem that all ties are broken by the Chairman. My friends and I were split 50-50 on this, the arguement being that if nobody voted for it, it did not merit being put forward, or that the Yes and No votes were tied at 0/0 so the the Chairman would break that tie. Anyone have any opinions or solutions? My last solution was that as the Chairman breaks all ties if there were a dispute on the rules that was split 50/50 then the person who was Chairman at the time would break the dispute with his vote. LOL.
  12. If you have already collected your votes for attending the Assembly then you must pay the piper. Simple as that.
  13. I find Telekinesis broken in RtoL simply because if you move a figure onto a water space the figure is considered dead, so unless your Lt is bigger than the water spaces on the board he can just be TK'd to a water space to be killed. That alone makes Telekinesis to powerful in RtoL.
  14. She is outright immune to the attacks of 7(8 if she is considered immune to the Leap attack) of the monsters that may be thrown at a party. That is 28% (32%counting Leap) of all the monsters can't hit her. The only Melee monsters than can hit her are the Giant, Troll, and Wendigo, and depending on the enterpretation of Leap, Blood Apes. Of the common (meaning Monsters the OL can summon without the use of the Treachery decks) monsters you find in dungeons she is immune to 7 out of 13 or 54%. In my opinion anyone immune to that many attacks is easily worth 3 points.
  15. Can the Cursed Doll remove the Curse token that a Cursed Item adds to a character’s Conquest Value and still allow the character to use the Item without penalty there after?
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