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  1. That is a ridiculous amount of time and skill ... ridiculously high !!!
  2. Yep, that's the way to smash your way in, and remember you can stack 5 bombers over Colorado Springs as well if you are really feeling paranoid with your dice.
  3. Looking at the game images and going on the 2 hour play time I can't see this being a 'bulky' Civ game - it more looks like a cut down and faster edition for today's more euro-centric gamer, like Twilight Imperium 4 is trying. The hex tiles are great but that probably would not be enough to get me to move to this edition, and now that both the expansions for the original have co-incidentally just appeared at numerous online outlets here (in the UK) I think owners of just the original base game (like me) may spend the cost of the new game on the two expansions instead.
  4. It may be called a pseudo-science now but way back in earlier times I think we can say it was a science relative to the knowledge of civilizations then, naming star patterns and recognizing that they occur in the same place and then using that knowledge for direction finding when travelling. But, yes, astronomy is more accurate.
  5. Can someone explain the monetary contribution to the game option please - is it just to assist the development team (and give you an in-game title) or do you get in-game benefits from it ?
  6. Does anyone know if there is a pdf of the rules and setup (or even better have a copy) for those of us whose eyes are not as good as five years ago, or do I need to start scanning in the cards and blowing them up ?
  7. Give them time, it's only been out for a couple of months. Elder Sign has just had its FAQ released and it came out in September, and that was pretty quick considering they have to collect a decent number of questions to make the FAQ worthwhile - same situation here. If you want to hurry it along then send in all your questions to them (as I have been doing) so they have a good source for the FAQ.
  8. There's a lot of talk in this thread about metagaming and optimal plays - whatever happened to playing boardgames for some rip-roaring fun ? I wasn't happy about executions as soon as I heard about all the optimal-play groups just having players 'volunteer' to be executed to prove loyalty or to replace one character with another character with an in-demand skill or ability - the morale loss seemed trivial, and the 'game loss' factor of running out of characters pretty weak since there are now 14 human characters in the game and at most 6 will start leaving a minimum of 8 characters 'in the bank' for executions before you would lose the game on that rule. My solution has been to have a blind pull for the replacement character, from a reduced pool of unknown characters (we are using 5 initially), and all unused character cards are used to create the pool (this includes cylon leaders) - this will result in an unknown number of unknown human characters for replacements. If a Cylon Leader is chosen then it is discarded and you select another card (or if you want a real challenge you discard it and wait until your next turn to select again ) - this also means that when you get down to the last character card in the pool, unless you have seen all three leader cards then you cannot be sure that human characters will run out at the next execution.
  9. Ha - shows what a bit of lateral thinking does , it had never occured to us to use his 'Alert Viper' ability during a Cylon Fleet Crisis card. And of course then he can take a shot (or four if he plays a 'Max Firepower') if in a sector with cylon ships. A good way to de-power those cards.
  10. This is actually mentioned in the rules, p.30.
  11. Have just recently asked this question as, even though most of us thought it obvious to the theme, it wasn't spelt out explicitly in the rules: If all players are in the brig, and a player leaves the brig, he claims the Admiral title. I hope this answers your question! -Corey Konieczka Fantasy Flight Games Design and Development Pretty obvious I thought, but always good to have it in print.
  12. ColtsFan76 said: TomH said: For your groups 'custom' of fanning cards in front of your eyes to see which is selected - this is fine for the removal of skill cards (by a cylon or a random discard), but if you did it for the loyalty cards in any of the different groups that play BSG in our club you would be in the brig the following turn . Then everyone would be in the brig everytime it happened. To each their own. I believe we beat this dead horse enough..... Only the cylons ..... and the stupid players . Why would I want to see which card was chosen when I know both of them are 'Not a Cylon' .
  13. Venlesh said: In our group everyone looks at his cards when they are checked (even humans), so that the Cylon can do that as well. If you are a human why the heck would you check which of your two 'You are not a cylon' cards was looked at ? In a game where the humans are up against the wall from turn 1, they need all the help they can in weeding out the cylons. All you guys obviously play it far too nice or no one is thinking about it too much - humans in our games watch for any little sign of cylon behaviour, and a player making an effort to check which loyalty card was seen will be brigged next urn. Brian, I understood what you said. All I can say is that you will be removing a helping clue for the humans from the game (see paragraph above) as well as the tension/suspicion this can create - which is what this game is all about. This game is not Settlers or Arkham or Memoir - every game is different and you probably do somethings a little differently in each of them. For your groups 'custom' of fanning cards in front of your eyes to see which is selected - this is fine for the removal of skill cards (by a cylon or a random discard), but if you did it for the loyalty cards in any of the different groups that play BSG in our club you would be in the brig the following turn .
  14. ColtsFan76 said: TomH said: Once again it's all body language and giving other players a clue - if you suddenly get told that one of your loyalty cards is going to be checked and you make a point of arranging them so you can see which is taken, remembering that they are probably sitting on the table at this point rather than in your hand, then you are basically singing 'one of these cards is not like the others' to the other players ... who will then listen a bit more attentively to what the other player says about you (cylon/human) even if they end up lying . I am not sure I agree with that either. We have a general gaming etiquette at our table that you don't grab what's not yours even if you are entitled to look at it (and read whatever other connotations into that statement that you want!). Regardless what game it is, we fan cards before allowing random draws. So the consistent behavior isn't going to tip your hand. If your gaming group is different, so be it. I am not going to argue the merits of table preferences and what each action may or may not imply. The point that is being made here is that you most certainly may look at your own cards if someone else is looking at them too. Nothing in the rules forbids it. Brian - I think you've missed my whole point, the pure fact that a player wants to see which of his loyalty cards the other player has chosen has the neon CYLON sign flashing over his head. I never said that the other player would grab your cards, I said that your loyalty cards would probably be on the table (I've played quite a few games now mainly with 5 or 6 players and have yet to see anyone keep his loyalty cards in his hands all night, they're usually stuck under the player card) and when someone says they are going to look at one then the fact that you want to pick them up and fan them in such a way that you can see which one is being picked (as opposed to holding them fanned out face down in front of you - I don't know what 'fanned' you were talking about) also triggers the cylon detector in everyone else at the table. Once you play a few more games you will see that even though you most certainly may look at your own cards if someone else is looking at them too , if you don't want to be accused and brigged then don't make obvious 'does he know I'm a cylon now' moves .
  15. Nagypapi said: There is an even more strange varient which came up in our game: 4 player game, I was cylon and I was uncovered quite fast so I chose to reveal before the sleeper agent phase. Sleeper agent phase came and I ended up with the sympathiser card as a revealed cylon. It had to be shown immediately, according to the text on the card so it can't be given away by the 'Resurrection Ship' location. And according to the rulebook (it is even in the special reminder section in it) revealed cylons _do_ get a loyalty card in the sleeper agent phase. So I ended up alone, being a cylon and as an useless sympathiser. Were we right on this? Or the sympathiser card can be given away by an already revealed cylon to some other player? Rules say a revealed cylon may immediately pass it on to another player.
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