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  1. Logan's made it pretty clear what he thinks of my input and design ideas in other threads, and it's not positive. Moral of the story, a difference of opinion is a bad thing to a closed mind. Haven't had a chance to sit down and and try to sketch anything out yet. I've got "death by briefings" today so I might get a chance.
  2. Barring issues I will be there. My daughter is really excited to be getting to go.
  3. Awesome, great start. I will dig through cryokensis and see what I come up with. As for Donovan getting involved, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  4. So my six year old saw frozen and thought it would be so cool if Elsa was a Jedi. Honestly I'm stumped as to how to frame such a power. Any ideas?
  5. Law of the univurse states: "When you don't need them or you really need that Triumph."
  6. For me it's the struggle against all odds and doing the impossible. Good and evil are so perspective based that I find them hard to use unless I know my players.
  7. The problem I see is that it takes away value from talents like defensive stance. There is also the problem of the Adversay talent which would a four challenge die roll and stack another challenge on.
  8. Im sold! Last One Standing will be great for my Mandalorian character, talk about the great scenes you can get out of that. "I have an army." "Do I look like I care?" Unmatched Protection will be great for my budding Jedi Guardian who started off as a bodyguard! Why isn't this book out yet?!
  9. I use an NPC in my groups. I have a habit of making them decent and lovable characters so that the group becomes emotionally invested, then I kill them off! Oh man the shell shocked looks and balling players I get. My wife (repeated victim of such a tactic) is sitting across the table from me insulting me as I type this
  10. Except those of us stationed over seas. Order something media mail and it takes almost two months to get here.
  11. Priority post. Media mail is cheaper but it goes slower.
  12. Don't forget Mandalorian clans. obligation works for them too, but shifting to duty changes the feel of the connection.
  13. Germany here too. Let me know if you make that commute to R2buider, my wife, daughter, and I would be glad to join in
  14. No it's not OP. Lots of people seem concerned with F&D coming out and the possibility of Force Rating reaching lofty heights but they are missing two control mechanisms. The first is the Force die. Have you tried rolling six force die? All that power and you still stand a solid chance of getting nothing but dark side pips. The second Is XP costs. With the ammount of XP it would take to reach force rating six, a non force user could stack lethal blows and other nasty stats for more simple weapons. Then you got to buy powers and upgrades. Then you have to buy relevant skill ranks. It gets expensive fast. FFG did an amazing job of making force users seem dangerous and different but not really making them that way so that they can work with a normal group. They have done this so well in fact that some people are convinced that they are going to break the game when F&D comes out.
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