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  1. That's kind of bizarre. Folk are selling off their stuff cheap(er), a lot of it unused judging by photos on Ebay, so who's going to pay new prices? I guess there must be some evidence of demand coming from somewhere. However, I'm guessing this means there's little or no chance of a new edition. Interesting that GW aren't making a fuss about it given how uptight they can be about the IP. Cheers Sparrow
  2. I think their are two reasons why you've not received any replies. Firstly, this forum is for WFRP3. There are probably some people who are familiar with WFRP2, but generally the people who are still hanging around here are WFRP3 fans. WFRP1 and WFRP2 fans are more likely to be over at the Strike to Stun forums. Secondly, the End Times and post End Time rumours are generally going down like a lead balloon among WFRP fans of any edition, so I'm guessing that very few people are interested in discussing that potential setting. The general feeling is that the WFRP setting most of us love is already dead, and that GW is just salting the earth to make sure it stays that way. Cheers Sparrow
  3. Okay, I'll leave you to google the more detailed reviews, but the brief description you ask for is probably this: The system is specifically designed to emulate the themes, characters and atmosphere of the source materials, and it does so very, very well. - it's not just a Another Fantasy Ruleset that happens to be set in Middle Earth. It's also beautifully illustrated and the support material is excellent. Cheers Sparrow
  4. More titles listed on the Upcoming page? Cheers Sparrow
  5. As a general rule, I think you're correct that it's the player's right to play their character as they want - it is, after all, the only part of the game they have total control of. However, even this is subject to whatever social contract the group operates under, which at the every least includes the rule that nobody is allowed to act like a selfish arse. More specifically, if the player had read the adventure, he probably should not have been playing, simple as that. Either that, of the GM should, as you suggest, require relevant rolls. In the group I was with, if a player could not honestly say she wasn't using out-of-character knowledge she'd usually roll a die and go with what it said. Playing characters who are not as smart as you can be frustrating, so unless a character's foolishness/stupidity/ignorance is a defining characteristic that you'll actually get a kick out of playing, then it's probably best not to create characters of less than average so as not to limit your own enjoyment. Cheers Sparrow
  6. I don't remember ever seeing such a thing, but it sounds like a great idea for a fan project. Cheers Sparrow
  7. Issue 29, still available. They are given their W40K background as a Tyranid construct race, and from there linked to the Old Ones and Old Slann in the Warhammer World. However, there's a text box suggesting how the Tyranids can be cheerfully ignored without invalidating the rest of the article. It also contrasts them with the Dragon Ogres. Cheers Sparrow
  8. Interesting - he has indeed cut out a sizable quantity of the Warpstone text. There's still stuff from Warpstone in there, including art, but he's clearly made an effort to correct the situation. Cheers Sparrow
  9. There's no supposedly about it. It's flat-out cut-and-paste, albeit with some bits missed out here and there. The guy behind it agreed to try to create something original of his own to replace it, but he doesn't seem to be getting very far... Cheers Sparrow
  10. It's titled " Athestro's Soliloquy", so it looks like it's a poetic passage from a play. It also looks like Athestro is non-Human ( use of the term 'man-walls'), probably a Beastman (use of the word 'bray'), and probably long-lived or Daemonic ("I remember a time when…"). The whole piece is discussing a city, and commenting on the unhappiness that cities seems to create. The two lines you focus on in particular emphasise this point. "Warbling babies" are simply unhappy, complaining Humans, while "Thick man-walls breed discontent" says this is must be what cities do to Humans; they were a lot more content with their lives "when they [were] free to run and fight, to dance the ancient dance on the ancient stage" (the wilds and countryside of tribal times). This links back into the theme of the section it introduces, Dirty Jim's Protext Brigade, city-based agitators and dissidents. Cheers Sparrow
  11. Herr Arnulfe said: If a new edition was aimed at winning back 1e and 2e fans, I think it would be very easy to convince them to jump ship. Most 1e/2e players realise their system has problems. Not sure whether 3e fans could be persuaded as easily, considering 3e is newer and also involves heavy investment in components. I think you might be right about winning over at least some WFRP1/2 fans, but at the same time fans who are still playing have probably found enough ways around the problems that they don't need a new edition. And there is still the traditional problem that Ragnar points out of Emipre Guide/RoS/C all over again. New editions seem to be the only way to generate fresh interest, but at the same time you need to create original material to mainain the interest of long-established players and GMs. If a new edition has genuine backward compatibility, then you could still sell the old stuff to new players, but create new stuff you can sell to old and new alike. This might be possible, but it's probably a dubious proposition and financially not worth the effort. I still don't know whether the success of the W40K lines is down to its more traditional system or the higher fire-power of the setting. Cheers Sparrow
  12. ragnar63 said: Unfortunately endless new editions is the last thing most people want. Look at what happened with D&D 4th. A large minority didn't want to know and Pathfinder was born. Those people are not going back to D&D 5th when it comes out, guaranteed. Likewise when 3rd came out, the Warhammer community split into two. If FFG produce WFRP 3.5 or 4, then the community will split again, producing progressively smaller and smaller customer bases. This will be particularly so, if the products are as expensive as the 3rd edition was. Most of the 2nd edition people will not touch FFG now, and many of the 3rd will as well because the new edition will not have the elements that they like. One thing FFG will not do will be to produce two versions of a new edition, one with cards and paraphenalia and one like the new Star Wars. The cards edition will never sell enough to justify the cost. The new edition, if so, will be like The Star Wars RPG, which will mean an even lower customer base for FFG, because the 2nd edition and hard core 3rd edition card lovers will not convert. It will also mean that we will not see, Brettonian , Elven , Kislevian, Tilean, Estalien or Marienburg supplements ever again. My only hope is that they do do a Beta version and properly playtest a new edition this time. But I am not convinced that they are going to get people to buy Realms of Sorcery or Tome of Corruption for the third time in ten years. A streamlined version would be a good idea, but there would have to be a very significant degree of backward compatibility. I think even WFRP3 fans recognise there is a very serious component-bloat problem, but they will still want to use all the cards they've spent a small fortune buying over the last few years, even if they are using them in a different way. WFRP3.5/4 is pretty much a rumour we've created right here on this forum. However, FFG has done nothing to squash the speculation, and the company seems to have a policy of giving zero information until it's ready, so it's kind of inevitable people are thinking that way. Personally, while I'm still inclined to take no information as a strong indication of either cancellation or a revised/new edition, neither of those options makes sense when you consider the recent announcement of a new type of PoD product specifically for WFRP3. Whatever's going on (cancellation/new edition/infrequent print releases/total shift to PoD), FFG appears to believe that no information is less commercially damaging than the truth. I find it hard to believe there is genuinely nothing to tell us. Cheers Sparrow
  13. Eradico Pravus said: macd21 said: I think its probably just a simple matter of demand. FFG aren't going to make more dice until their distributors ask them for X number of them (X being a sufficiently profitable number). And the distributors aren't ordering more of them because not that many people want them. Most people who have WFRP 3 already have sufficient dice (and the app serves for many of the rest). Could FFG sell more copies of WFRP 3 if more dice were made available? Sure. But not enough to justify the cost, apparently. FFG is doing POD for small expansions. Might it be easy to do POD with dice? Seems like it would but I dunno. Books and dice have completely different production processes, so I doubt it. However, when 3D printing takes off, perhaps we'll be able to create our own. Cheers Sparrow
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