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  1. We got enough different yet familiar to start us up and I hope FFG goes 100% it's own way moving forawrd. Old stories have already been told and there is no point in rehashing them imho.
  2. Thanks, everything's perfectly clear. I appreciate your detailed explanations. We're after a few games with Core Set only and the game is really fun to play. Time to leave the safe confines of the CS and experiment a bit.
  3. First of all, since it's my first post here i'd like to say 'Hi' to everyone. Few days ago me and some friends of mine have decided to get into AGoT LCG (with it being based on Martin and switch to LCG we fianlly gave in). So, with few games with Core Set behind us and recently bought chapter packs I have some general deck building questions and this topic seems like a good place to ask them. Here it goes: 1. Is there any general rule regarding ratio of the different card types in a deck, as in how many Event/Character/Attachment/Gold and Non-gold Locations should i normally put in my deck ? 2. Concerning Lannister - is the ratio the same if i'd like to build intrigue oriented deck for example ? And two rules questions as i want to be sure: 3. Abilities on characters in play may be played many times per turn if all conditions are met ? For example: Bringers of Law can defend many challanges per turn or i can decrease strength with Drogon as long as i have enough gold in treasury ? 4. Can i stand standing character ? Thanks for the answers. p.s. not really the rules question but maybe i can avoid creating new topic for this: when you enter FFG's AGoT site there is a little flash intro near the top. Can anyone tell me what's the name of the card that the last art (the one when the 'The only game that matters' text appears) in the intro is taken from ?
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