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  1. This is brilliant news. I kinda stopped buying stuff for WFRP after Signs of Faith but this has convinced me to catch up and get everything else I've missed! The Enemy Within is one of the greatest campaigns ever written for any ROG and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done with it.
  2. I managed to get a game of 3rd ed at Conception last month. It was pretty cool. Characters were - Human Coachman (played by me) Human who's career I forget but was the Coachman's brother! Dwarf Pitfighter Elven Envoy We all played members of Empire Express - a new coaching company set up by the brothers, the dwarf is their friend and bodyguard and the Elf has been hired on work experience! The game was a simple set up - we're hired to deliver a package to Nuln, on the way we run into an ambush with highway men and beastmen and things go downhill from there. I really enjoyed the game to be honest - once the GM had given his brief on how the mechanics worked (about 15-20 minutes I think) we got into it. As a player it's really easy, everything you need really is included on the sheet and cards. Everybody seemed to pick up on the dice mechanic quickly. The initial combat dragged a bit but that was probably more due to us learning the system. There was a 4 - way social "combat" using the tracker that went well, although it was resolved more with dice rolls than roleplaying. The GM gave bonus dice for good roleplaying but at the end it was down to the dicerolls. I usually let roleplaying "win" if I'm the GM but then I suppose social characters won't get to use their social action cards. I'll have to try GM'ing and see what I think. The final combat went a lot quicker than the first. Plus points for me - the system is fun to play, we had an excellent GM and players and it all looks nice when it's set out on the table. Bad points - it does take up a lot of room, not enough dice in the basic set (and I think the GM had combined 2 sets as well, we all certainly had basic action cards anyway.) It does look a bit harder for the GM than the players as well, but that's a criticism that can be levelled at most games. And characters do seem to succeed in combat a bit more but are still quite fragile. This is a massive improvement as far as I'm concerned, you can still get taken out by a group of goblins but there's no long drawn out combats where you both just fail to hit each other for 5 turns in a row. Overall I'll definately play it again and will probably have a go at GM'ing in the near future.
  3. If you get as far as Something Rotten in Kislev you might have problems as most of that adventure is incompatable with 2nd Ed's Realm of the Ice Queen.
  4. Personally I think it would be quite easy. A lot of the adventures are easily set in any of the time periods (which lets face it, aren't exactly far apart). The only difficulty will be in stating up religions and wizards from Collages not covered in the core set. Giving workable rules to any creatures are monsters is simple, you don't really even need to come up with extra attacks beyond the basic action cards if you don't want to.
  5. Yep I would agree, I think the reason you can count it as a success if you want is on those occasions where your normal successes and failures have cancelled each other out.
  6. It does seem a bit weird that I player can't take the 4 fixed advances, the 6 on the card and then also increase his stats. If you're happy being in your career, why force a change when you reach 10 advances?
  7. Surely that much concentrated Warhammer goodness will result in strange mutations and heretical mutterings?
  8. I got mine yesterday from my FLGS. And I got an email from Leisure Games saying that my pre-order has shipped as well. Woot!
  9. Gnomes were officially retconned out of the official background ages ago. Good riddance IMO as they are almost as annoying as Kender in Dragonlance and Windlings in Earthdawn!
  10. The Conan soundtrack is awesome for combat scenes!
  11. As far as I recall the Mordheim game was set a couple of hundred years before the timeline in the RPG. Shouldn't be any problems setting your game there though - other than it's probably a lot more likely that PC's are going to run into trouble!
  12. My FLGS (in sunny Plymouth!) had one copy today (which I bought!) but is expecting more by the end of the week. I also pre ordered from Leisure Games, when I rang them at the weekend they were expecting copies in today.
  13. Cheers for your reports Nezzir, they were the final nail in the coffin of my resistance to buying the new ed. I have it now and it's filled my house with "new game smell"! Awesome!
  14. Is it just me or would this be an awesome adventure to transfer across to the new edition? The tracks will be well handy for tracking the time/events and the various NPC's dispositions to the PC's. Once I've finished reading the rulebooks I might get cracking on this.
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