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  1. Say you have a corner piece of the dungeon wall, and a bit of rubble on the pointy edge of this corner. Can a Hero move diagonally between the dungeon wall and the rubble piece? I'll try to draw a diagram: s W W 1 W W R 2 s Where: W - Wall R - Rubble s, 1, 2 - free space square Q1: For instance, in the above 'diagram' (he says using the term loosely), can a hero move from 1 to 2 at the cost of one movement point? Q2: If he can move (awkwardly), can he fight from square 1 with a monster in square 2? I suppose there are at least two ways of looking at this. 1, the rubble is piled up in the middle of the square and the hero can move around the edges happily enough, or 2, the rubble has flowed out of the wall and is thus wholey connected to it. I'm sure there are other interpretations. I wanted to disallow the movement but let it fly in the end. The fighting aspect never came up, but it set me wondering.
  2. Mud is a new feature of the Well of Darkness expansion. This states that "a small figure must spend 2 movement points instead of 1 to move onto a mud space, or from one mud space to another... if a small figure only has 1 movement point, then it cannot move onto a mud space." Further, jumping over a pit costs 3 movement points. How much movement does it cost to jump over a pit into a mud space? I was thinking that as there's an extra cost for moving into mud it'd be an extra movement point (to slide and gather yourself up in the icky mud on the other side of the pit). As I recall it, the hero that did this (he was running out of time to escape Area 2 in the Buried Alive quest so you can probably imagine the scenario here) didn't have quite enough MP for anything extra anyway, so we only charged the 3 points for jumping a pit, ignoring anything extra for moving into a mud space as we weren't sure if that was incorrect anyway. But it did raise the question at the time.
  3. In the first Well of Darkness quest, Buried Alive, there's this great little familiar that the Overlord controls, The Haunt. I had an immense amount of fun with this little guy and it truly annoyed the Heroes invading my turf. But eventually it got caught in the mine collapse after I failed to account for the distance it had to move when I saw some easy hits on a Hero calling my name - I'm not sure if I got suckered into that as a tactic to get rid of this annoyance, but it didn't really help them as they all died shortly thereafter anyway. So, while the Haunt normally ignores all obstacles I decided it was lost in the collapse and wasn't going to pass through all that rock and water. Anybody played this any differently?
  4. The Telekinesis card states that the Hero may "spend 1 fatigue during your turn to move any figure within your line of sight 1 space, following normal movement rules." I only allow movement between squares that are both within line of sight. However, the question came up during our last session of whether the hero could move himself with this ability. I believe there's a character with a special ability that allows himself to be warped anywhere within line of sight so I figure Telekinesis must be used on a figure other than yourself. But the statement says "move any figure" rather than "move any other figure." I don't think I'm being harsh by decreeing that it only affects other figures. What do you think?
  5. We were playing the first quest in Well of Darkness a few weeks ago. One hero drew the Wind Pact skill card which is a WoD card. This states: "When a new area is revealed, you may immediately look at the Overlord's hand and force him to discard 1 card of your choice." Q1: When this card came up as we were setting up the game the Hero in question said he could see my initial draw of cards since I had just revealed the starting area by placing monsters and tiles. I insisted this was not the case since this was a special area, not Area 1, 2, 3 and beyond. I probably didn't even have any cards when I 'revealed' the starting area as I was building the table at the time. Does he get to look at my initial draw of cards for the starting area? Q2: How do you folks handle the Hero looking at the Overlord cards and then rattling off their contents to the other Heroes? As Overlord I was very much against this. I didn't think he should memorise my hand and then, Generation Game style, quickly list them all to the other Heroes. If anything I think it's up to him to use the information at appropriate times. If he tells everybody else in the party then the skill card might as well say "when a new area is revealed pass your entire hand around the table to all heroes one by one." This caused a serious discussion right from the beginning so the hero offered to return the skill to the deck in favour of something else, presumably hoping for something 'better' I guess! Any thoughts?
  6. Royaldoy said: Q1: Yes you can move the monster into the empty space. You can only grapple one monster per space, which allows other figures to move through grappled spaces. Excellent. Thanks for the answers, folks. This is a neat summary I think - one monster per space. I'll be sure to remember this!
  7. As Overlord I had two of my minions adjacent to a Hero with the Grapple ability. This states that "enemies adjacant to a figure with Grapple cannot spend movement points until the figure is dead." Obviously they couldn't move. Interestingly they were side-by-side in a narrow 2 square wide corridor with the Hero in front of them by one square. Q1: Could I have moved a further a further beastie through a grappled, but otherwise friendly figure into the next empty space beside the Hero? For instance, could I move monster 'm' through M to 's'? | H s | | M M | | m s | H = Hero with Grapple ability, s = empty Space, M = Monsters that are grappled, m = the monster I wish to move The Hero in question insisted that I couldn't move through grappled friendlies, thus my monsters were effectively blocking the corridor despite the fact that one can normally move through friendly figures - just not stop on such a square. Q2: Would Grapple affect creatures with the Fly ability? I'm thinking not. Q3: As stated Grapple affects adjacent enemies. Are there any limits to this, such as size? A dude grapplying a multiple square troll and everything around him just seems daft to me, but apparently legal? How does a Hero fight with his sword and lock down umpteen enemies surrounding him? I know, don't apply logic to Descent, but it's kind of annoying. Q4: If a Hero with the Grapple ability is in a pit, while he has LoS to adjacent squares surely Grapple does not apply outside of the pit space(s)? I didn't allow this but the question came up.
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