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  1. I think you don't have to play all scenarios to get mentioned in the final results. In the first league, our team wasn't able to play all scenarios because we started so late and our results were counted.
  2. They are placed in the "Bank of Arkham" location and you can only "access" the banked clue tokens in that location (instead of an encounter there). In a later scenario - I can't remeber which one - the woods serve as the banking location.
  3. Now I see your point, and generally, you are right. The longer I think of it, I was more describing the feeling of the winning human team, than stating a fact. I wrote the post about an hour after the game, when the other gamers had left. In the post game´discussion, everybody - including the two toasters - were happy (finally we had a proof that the humans can actually win, even if the odds are clearly against them) and it had been a good fight. The toasters had done what they could and this time (for the first time!), it hadn't been enough. Everybody agreed, that the the humans had had "luck" with the draw of the sympathiser. The revealed cylon got the card and gave it immediatly to the person to the left of the president. I have to add, it was the least expierienced player - I would have chosen someone, whose turn would have been before the president because of the "speed bump effect". But on the other hand, that could only have been a more suspicious player - that one was seen as the possible other cylon. I think, the luck in it was, that the whole affair only was a small and easily disposed off annoyance compared to the major disasters of past games. In future games with four or six players, we will use the variant without the sympathiser. In my point of view, a 3 against 3 game is just too much for the human side. And to deliberatly let your resources dwindle into the red zone just doesn't feel right.
  4. I forgot to mention, that morale was low (the first red number) at that point and the imprisoned sympathiser was instantly released by the president using a quorum card. The freed human thanked the president at once by giving him an executive order, so the president could use two other quorum cards, bringing up the morale into "save territory". It was a chance, the humans had to take, bringing down morale, so the sympathiser on their side, but it worked out. And the president was not the second cylon, thank the Lords of Kobol for that!
  5. In my point of view, these two games have one striking similarity: they are quite hard to win for the "good guys". Our score with BSG is Cylons 8 and Humans 1; our score with Red November is Subs sunk 5 and Subs saved 1
  6. We got our first human win yesterday. It was a 6 player game and the humans got lucky because the sympathiser went to an already revealed cylon. The other toaster had to reveal himself soon after the sleeper agent phase to avoid being sent to the brig. It became a bit scary then, with the board starting to fill up with cylon ships and the jump preparation not increasing. But in general, the humans lucked out on critical tests and got the jump preparation increases right when they needed it. Our overal score: Toasters: 8 - Humans: 1
  7. I think they are lost. Only unspent clue tokens are recorded, wich implies (in my point of view), that they must be in posession of a player and not on the board.
  8. With my gaming groop, 4 player games tend to need about 6 hours - but we always play with the king variant and 15 influence per player in the pool and end, when one has accumulated 30. It takes time, but I think, longer games are much more fun - change has enough time to happen.
  9. After a game of BSG (another clear victory for the toasters), we had a 4 player game of Android (the other game with "toasters" involved) yesterday. I read the "director's cut" rules just after that, wondering how they change the gameplay. I really want to give them a try - in my point of view, they stress the detective part, but change the "feel" of the game quite a bit.
  10. We had a 5 player game yesterday - another clear one for the toasters. That's 6 games total, all cylon victories. Only one was close. I start to wonder, if the humans have a chance at all...
  11. We had 28 too, but with 5 investigators. We had a hard time fighting monsters, the luck of the dice wasn't really with us this time... But we had to keep all trophys, no time to spend them. We managed to close the last gate on the last turn.
  12. It's the prestige, man, the prestige! It's all about honor, bragging rights and - most importantly - the fun. The scenarios are really great to play. The little changes from your standard AH game force you to do things a little differently and your established "standard rules of procedure" might not work.
  13. Just to be sure: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh and King in Yellow are always played "permanent exhibit / performance", right?
  14. Melonball said: No you can't chain executive orders. Regarding the chiefs power: it's my understanding that you can use Chiefs power after everyone plays their cards when an investigative committee, because the "reveal" phase remains the same, you just happen to play the cards face up instead of face down. My two cents: That's exactly how I would read the rules. In my point of view, if this situation occurs, the Chief is headed for the brig. But if he actually is a toaster, who wants to come out, well...
  15. As I understand the rules, you aren't allowed to enter a room with high water. If the room, your gnome is in, already has a low water mark, a reflow cannot happen, therefore it would be an illegal move to open that hatch.
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