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    Jonz reacted to Niddi in Spiritseer's guidance   
    This question came up on BGG and a fellow BGG user sent it to FFG. The official answer is as follows:
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    Jonz reacted to Rocmistro in Nebulon B; the dope behind the weapon?   
    In the Marine Corps, we used to have a saying for a Marine who was performing poorly with respect to his marksmanship: "It's not the DOPE on the weapon, it's the dope behind the weapon."
    Dope, in this context, was a homonym referring to 2 different things: The "DOPE" on the weapon was referring to windage and elevation settings; it's actually an acronym for Data On Personal Equipment. (For those unfamiliar with rifle ballistics, those are dials that allow you to change your left-right targeting (windage), generally due to wind, and/or your up/down targeting (elevation), generally as a result of bullet-drop due to gravity.  Thus, Marines who were shooting poorly would blame it on their windage and elevation settings, ie, their dope, and the rest of the unit would tease them that the problem was the idiot firing the weapon.
    So, after about 8 games of Armada, the only ship i'm really struggling with is the Nebulon B. I can't figure out what it's supposed to do.  It doesn't have a clear purpose to me.  That big meaty flank is a blessing and a curse.  You want to roll so you can take advantage of your guns (especially if putting on Enhanced Armaments), but then you open yourself up to return fire and just get crushed with that 1 shield.
    It seems like a generalist to me, but it's a generalist with a very obvious and very exploitable achilles heel.  So, it doesn't really rock or papers or scissors but it sure as hell gets rocked.
    Firepower? Average all around.
    Maneuverability? Average.
    Speed? Good-ish, but without good manueverability, you cannot expect to get your flanks tucked-in when you need to.
    Hull/Durability: Weak.  Those 1-shield flanks and no re-direct tokens really hurt.
    Ratings: Meh.  Command is not high enough to really horde tokens, but is too high to play in reactive mode (like the CR-90).  Squadron is never good enough to actually make a "Squadron based ship" out of, and no upgrades for expanded hangar bays.  Engineering is nice, but not nice enough to cover the glaring weakness of flanks. ahtough I'd probably argue this is it's best Asset.
    Cost:  The stats/numbers would seem to be appropriate for its cost, but I'm just finding that the sum of the Neb-b is less than it's parts.
    Has anyone figured out a really good way to outfit this ship and use it?
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    Jonz reacted to FFGbailey in Learn to Play and Rules Reference not there.   
    Here are some direct links for people having trouble.
    Learn to Play: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/cf/97/cf971a24-1828-4671-a794-83f394380da5/fs01_learn_to_play_lowrez.pdf
    Rules Reference: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/5f/19/5f19d872-318e-4fcf-a398-626721f5c55c/fs01_rules_reference_lowrez.pdf
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    Jonz reacted to Julia in Combat Preview - Observations   
    Don't worry about that, Jonz. You can follow basically three evolution trees (technology, upgrading the orders, upgrading the combat deck), and each route has its own reasons to be. The game is huge to explore and it's even bigger because it's totally asymmetric. Enough space to heavily customize everything and forge different armies every time
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    Jonz reacted to Julia in Detailed review on-line   
    Many secrets of the game finally unveiled. Here (bring pop-corn, it's a long review)
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    Jonz reacted to Julia in Release Date?   
    Of the games you're interested in, I'd suggest you getting Chaos in the Old World. The design is brilliant, and the game really really solid under all points of view. I'd not suggest you to get Relic, tho: as you said, it's mostrly a speed race, and it's really heavy on luck.
    If you're interested in a good strategic game, I'd suggest you to get A Game of Thrones 2nd edition: it's an absolute masterpiece of strategy and diplomacy, with no impact of luck at all. You can read a couple of good reviews here and here. It's not too complex: the rules are just a few, but they can actually allow developing quite and in-depth strategy. The minimum to play is 3p, tho, no 2-player version possible.
    Alteratively, if you want a cooperative game (i.e., you play with your buddies together against the game) you could give a look at Eldritch Horror or Arkham Horror, if you don't mind the lovecraftian setting. The good thing about coop gmes is that you can also solo those, by multi-assigning characters to yourself.
    Hope this helps
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    Jonz got a reaction from Papa Midnight in Game Pictures and Video up on BoLS   
    i think they could be out scale with other minis and map also. need to check though.
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    Jonz got a reaction from Papa Midnight in Thoughts on Expansion sets   
    in the description FFG tell us that the game board will be composed of 12 tiles (double-sided).
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    Jonz reacted to Nematode in Game Pictures and Video up on BoLS   
    Another link with more pictures:
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    Jonz reacted to TehFerret in Interesting!   
    yes, the mechanics look like starcraft.  The skulls on the planets look like the capacity of the planet.  here only seems to be two resources - the green cog, which is for unit production, and whatever token the planet gives you when you dominate it.   

    There are dice though, unlike starcraft. It seems like the die correspond to the icon on the left of the combat card, so that you can only play cards that match the die you roll.  
    It says there are victory tokens on the planets and I imagine that to be placed in the little box on the planet.  Looking at the picture of the game, it seems that those little boxes have numerous functions.  There seem to be three race-specific markers:

    Victory tokens (I'm assuming they are the small grey ones that are defended by the chaos/eldar forces in the pic).  They seem to be collected after you retrieve them, as you can see some in the space marine and chaos player aid sheets.  That might mean there is no way for an opponent to steal them from you  (or, maybe there is!! - sneaky eldar card perhaps?)  which would make each one a great battle indeed.  
    Some sort of larger token - this seems to be used to represent what faction the grey "pyramid" and "temple" pieces belong to.  These are visible in the pictures.  I imagine one is a defense building, and one is a resource gathering building of some sort, but hey, what do I know?
    Order tokens - as described.

    Also there are three tokens that seem to represent the resources you can pick up from the planets (by using Dominate order). 

    I also noticed a track that goes up to eight with a skull on it next to the chaos player.  (destroy units/planets for some chaos-y effect, perhaps?)  
    We are sure to hear more about the game as time continues... Personally it is expensive for me atm but I expect that's because there is going to be lots of plastic components and some good licensed imagery
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    Jonz reacted to Solaufein in Interesting!   
    Starcraft was 6, but only sort of. They were 3 copies of the races, with some minor differences between them. The expansion just expanded the races and pieces, not the number of players. 
    Mostly I was speaking to the mechanics, the orders stack is re-used here, and the warp storms are a more interactive version of the routes in StarCraft.
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    Jonz reacted to Westonard in RElease dates for H&H and LoD WH Diskwars exps   
    Yeah, my guess is the third week of June. Will likely see something about the wood elves/lizard men next week, and maybe the dark elves/skaven the week after with the actual launch the following week.
    Maybe the wood elves/lizard men later this week, and dark elves/skaven a week or two later. Going on this assumption because the Undying preview mentions the Wood Elves/Lizard men as the next preview.
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    Jonz reacted to MechaBri.Zilla in Why all the hate for lizardmen and skaven?   
    That didn't take long.
    First: This isn't invasion.  You aren't waiting on a capital board to make your favorite faction playable.
    Second: You just received two very quick expansions that more than doubled the number of races in the game.  FFG chose to focus on two, but also add 4 more, while increasing the stock of disks for all the core factions.  This is an incredible amount of support for a game that, I'm sure, hasn't had time to build a huge fan base.  Two more rounds of expansions like this and you'll likely have everything you're asking for.  Unless you wanted them to release six separate expansions all at once, someone wasn't going to get a full army.  What you have here is a promise that your favorite army will get some attention.
    Third, and finally: At least you aren't a Tomb Kings player.  I'd have taken a single Tomb Kings disk at this point.  Or maybe a piece of Egyptian themed terrain.  
    Seriously man....  There was no way everyone was getting their favorite faction in the core set or first round of expansions.  Just be glad you got some love.  I'm sure they have learned from invasion.  You'll have at least 10 fully playable factions in this game before you know it.
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    Jonz reacted to brassbgeek in Me and My dad made a review video   
    My dad and I made a review video! and it looks as if it is the first one. Take a look!

    by the way, I'm really excited about this game :3
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    Jonz reacted to Devon Greatwolf in Embattled disk, able to take two wounds?   
    Edited due to being wrong!  Disregard my earlier post.  After a careful read of the rules I see that as soon as damage meets or exceeds toughness a wound is given. So in the example, during the first engagement resolution the disk receives a wound and the during the second it also receives a wound and then is immediately removed as a casualty.  Sorry about the earlier misinformation.
    Rule book Page 9 right column:
    "When a disk takes damage, place damage tokens (€) on it equal to the  amount of damage dealt. If a disk ever has damage on it equal to or  exceeding its toughness (∆), it takes a wound (¬) and is immediately  removed from the battlefield and placed in its player’s casualty pile."
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    Jonz reacted to TheImp in Any chance of an expansion pack?   
    An expansion would be nice.
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    Jonz reacted to PzVIE in Any chance of an expansion pack?   
    Oh yes please!!!
    And new player dashboards! Cardboard instead of that flimsy paper! Like the ones in Relic!
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    Jonz reacted to Red Five in Any chance of an expansion pack?   
    Maybe some new pilots, some 20CR tokens or at least some more 10's? 
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