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  1. Green Knight - thanks for posting that; I managed to miss it before and it is most useful to have all that information (and speculation) in one place! DW
  2. Ramellan - curse you, I want to know what happens now!! Great story and nice way to move the universe forward to new era (or a Tyranid digestive pit depending on the outcome....) DW
  3. In the book Xenology the Magos Biologis dissects an Ethereal and discovers an extra diamond shaped organ in his skull containing "ultra dense chemo/hormonal fluids" analogous to some pheromone glands. Interestingly the Magos also finds an identical organ in a Q'orl; and an translated text tells of a battle where the Eldar aided the Q'orl, and then demanded on of their queens in payment, and took no argument (and the queen). The Q'orl have never forgiven them. Are the Ethereals the masters of the Tau, or are they all puppets of the elder? DW
  4. Ah, to be surrounded by so many of the young ..... My 40K goes back to the original RT and my first box of Space Wombles; and looking back: my how things have changed! The first Draco book, Deathwing short story collection (can't remember the name now) Slaves to Darkness / Lost and Dammed and the background to Adeptus Titanicus - all rewrote the universe in big and small ways and I do remember the awe and joy of avidly devouring everything that came out. Sorry, bit of a thread derailment, I'll just go and get my zimmer frame and be off now.... DW
  5. Egyptoid - thanks for the link, those generators will be most useful! DW
  6. Fascinating thread! Looking back in my old Battlefleet Gothic books they (on page 86) state that the Battlefleet is the largest operational naval organisation in a sector, and is then subdivided into a number of battlegroups; each Battlefleet normally consists of between 50 and 75 warships (destroyers, frigates, cruisers and battleships) and this may be less or more depending on the importance of the sector. Just my 2 gelt. DW
  7. Robin Graves - that is Brilliant! But I now cannot get rid of the image of the of Mumra with glowing green eyes and holding a C'tan staff DW
  8. Available now on DriveThru and I'll be getting it later today - my early Christmas present to me DW
  9. Depending on which page of the RT core book you would like to believe the ship either shuts down its main sublight drives and rides the currents of the warp until it reaches its destination, or the ship uses the currents and its sublight engines to power through the warp to its goal. Personally I will have my ships using their engines; but of course you can take your pick DW
  10. Impressive, most impressive! Thanks for doing that DW
  11. I think that you want the "Defence Turret" in the DH Book of Judgement (in the adventure at the back); equipped with two lasguns, although the illustration looks more like twin lascannons, part of the automated defences of a Tech-Priest's lab. DW
  12. I have to admit that I am in two minds about the new codex; there is a lot to like and a lot to dislike. Top of the dislike list is the way that the Necrons have lost their FTL travel abilities. Now it seems that they have to use Doman Gates to access bits of the webway to get anywhere fast, otherwise its thousands of years using "torch-ships". Apparently long before The War in Heaven they managed to build an empire so large that "much of the galaxy answered to their rule", and all without FTL This also rewrites a lot of what appeared in BFG as well. It just amazes me that a race that can construct tesseract labyrinths to contain the Ctan shards cannot find a non-warp way for FTL. DW
  13. In a Willam King novel (Farseer I believe) two eldar took passage on a Rogue Trader's ship to get to planet that could not be reached by the Webway. Both were upset by the experience, although the Farseer was well able to cope with the stresses. There is a good conversation between the ship's Navigator and the Eldar regarding the warp and their experiences of it. DW
  14. Thanks for those reports - sounds like a great game, and please tell us more DW
  15. Got my copy in the post at lunchtime A hefty tome and nice to see the Necrons and Dark Eldar in there (but want more of each please...!). I'm looking forward to reading it properly when I have the time. DW
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