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  1. Transmission went out on the car about an hour into the trip =( Unfortunately that left me down and out for the count. Hope everything goes swimmingly and that everybody has a wonderful time!
  2. You can add me too, my AIM is "bones of a child." I'm usually around evenings, though this past week has been hectic (sorry I missed ya cha0s!), my name is almost always online, though...I generally forget to put up an away message because I'm lame like that.
  3. Ah, ****. That's freakin' sweet. Maybe I should play different houses for the Melee and Joust now heh
  4. Hey Tam, Good to see you and even better to hear that things are stabilizing for you. I for one would love if Raven Evolved were to become endorsed by FFG and would be willing to pay for "unlock codes" or a monthly subscription, even. I've always thought that Raven was an awesome program and used to enjoy fully the tournaments that we played on them. Oh and umm...I think both formats are quite popular right now. I haven't played multi in a while (well, one game over AIM), but I think it's fairly popular, but maybe less so in the more competitive environment that likes to be able to control all aspects and outcomes of their games.
  5. Here's the thing: rotation is necessary to keep the card pool in the competitive environment from growing both unwieldy and stagnant. Every block has had power cards from Westeros to the LCG; if ALL of these cards were legal the game would be entirely too difficult to keep any semblance of balance, not to mention incredibly difficult and unjustifiably and prohibitively expensive to get into. In the casual gameplay environment this is all well and good; nobody cares if a specific meta wants to play classic, in fact, more power to them and I'm impressed that they can do so. Without rotation, decks tend not to evolve very much or change very often and the competitive environment would look eerily similar from one Gencon to the next. Also, there's some downright abusive cards in the older sets if you couple them with newer cards. Now maybe you're thinking "well, the game developers and testers should take that into account when they design the new cards," and that may be so, but with rotation it allows for the game developers to take cards in entirely new directions without having to worry about some dork like me looking to exploit a broken combo with a new card and an older card. Rotation isn't a bad excuse for a poorly tested game, it is a good way to let a game evolve and change over time rather than letting it sit on its laurels and have year after year of Lanni-Targ and OOH-Stormraiders running the show. Seems like a moot point anyhow, since there hasn't been any indication that rotation will occur in the LCG anyhow. There's nothing around that would seem to warrant it other than maybe an overly large cardpool a couple of years down the road. Even if it does occur, it won't be the end of the world. It will change some decks, but rotation hasn't ever really destroyed the metagame (aside from screwing over my Targaryens =P). Also, in my experience, rarely would I get a booster display and only end up with three of ANY common. Generally it was 5-6 in a base set, more in an expansion and if anybody ever asked me for fiefdoms I'm more than happy to oblige them...(or 1 of my seemingly hundred's of Crossroads and Fallow Fields).
  6. I am available either weekend, Friday through Sunday, although on either one, I will get there relatively late Friday afternoon as I plan on driving the 4 1/2-5 hours after my last class gets out on Friday at 1:50 PM.
  7. That's kind of my impression of it. I'm just unsure of whether or not the 5 gold is worth the investment. It would be nice to use it in conjunction with Call Their Bluff, I think, but I couldn't find room for Call Their Bluff.
  8. Probably a good call on the Head of a Dwarf. I had considered dropping the Summer stuff, too; I kind of like the idea of Open Market getting back a Westeros Bleeds, but I don't know if I'll like it in function. I'd probably drop 2 of the black ravens, the open market and the 3 summer reserves, maybe add a Head of a Dwarf. The reason I'd keep one Black Raven is to possibly bone over Winter Agenda decks.
  9. Dormouse and Ingsve's discussion on the main board got my brain ticking. Obviously, a characterless deck is possible, but is it a viable strategy? That is, can it win games at something close to a 50% clip? I dunno, but I'm willing to give a try as much as I was willing to give Treaty of the Isles a try. So here's my first swing and iteration of a Lannister Characterless deck: ----- Plots (7) avg income: 2.7 ----- The Tides of War x1 Refugees of War F100 A Time for Ravens x1 A Change of Seasons F59 Drunken Allegations x1 Core Set L188 Wildfire Assault x1 Core Set L191 Blockade x1 Core Set L193 Building Season x1 Core Set S195 Valar Morghulis x1 Core Set S201 ----- Locations (23) avg cost: 1.2 ----- Aeron's Chambers x1 Kings of the Sea F24 Aegon's Hill x1 The Tower of the Hand F54 Lannisport Rookery x2 The Raven's Song F71 Open Market x1 A Song of Summer F19 Lord Eddard's Chambers x1 Core Set S28 Lannisport Brothel x1 Core Set L56 Golden Tooth Mines x3 Core Set L57 Western Fiefdoms x3 Core Set L58 Queen Cersei's Chambers x1 Core Set L60 The Goldroad x2 Core Set L61 King Robert's Chambers x1 Core Set B94 Xaro's Home x2 Core Set T126 Khal Drogo's Tent x1 Core Set T130 Crossroads x3 Core Set S138 ----- Attachments (17) avg cost: 0.8 ----- Taxed Dry x2 A Change of Seasons F42 Demon's Dance x3 A Change of Seasons F45 White Raven x3 The Winds of Winter F24 Black Raven x3 A Song of Summer F2 Motley x3 Core Set B67 Milk of the Poppy x3 Core Set B145 ----- Events (25) ----- Confession x3 Kings of the Sea F39 Missing Recruit x3 Scattered Armies F115 Spy in Their Midst x3 Scattered Armies F116 Beguiled Bodyguard x3 Scattered Armies F117 Winter Reserves x3 Scattered Armies F118 Summer Reserves x3 Scattered Armies F119 The Lion's Will x2 Core Set L162 You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf! x2 Core Set L167 Westeros Bleeds x3 Core Set T176 Comments and questions are welcome. I haven't actually played with it yet and it is a bit big (65 cards), but I figure I'll figure out some of the chafe and some of the needs as I play with it. Right now, I'm wondering if Aegon's Hill and the out of house chambers will be worth it; I think it should be okay since it is not as if I'm spending a lot of gold on characters, but we will see. The reason for the chambers is a fairly simple one, they can go on my house card and give me some Fleeing to the Wall protection AND they can fuel Xaro's Home.
  10. I'll be available Tuesday (tonight) night for sure. Probably Thursday, too, though I don't know for certain.
  11. Not a problem here. ~I feel bad for everybody else paying $10 to lose to my Dragons. =P
  12. Well, I like The Power of Arms x2, but that being said, maybe Siege of Riverrun or After the Mummer's Ford? Gives you a different Military Battle plot to choose from for To Be A Wolf if you don't wanna burn your Fury early (nice to save it for a good character later if you can, I think). I'm not sure 2 The Long Winter is necessary, really, but I guess the redundancy is okay. I've never had much luck with Kings in the North, either. I kind of think that Winter is Coming would be a better choice, especially on a claim 2 plot.
  13. Well, I think Summoning Season is generally used for Robb, no? Or Jeyne, too. So, with Jeyne he's practically running Robb x3; couple that with search and he should be okay. The income might worry me a bit, as well...what I've found in my winter decks is usually one of the in-house 2 cost reducer can be a big help, but that's also limited (a boon against most location hate, a bane in that you've got 6 already...). Narrow Seas, maybe? I might run a Warhorn or two just to deal with some of the nastier locations you may run into, but that's just preference really. Is running the 2 versions of Eddard beneficial? I'm thinking the Tower of the Hand one is so good that may want to just stick with him. Also, I know Cat o' the Canals is a beast, but...Core Set Arya with Tower Eddard can get you some good draw, especially since both are any phase. Really, though, these are mostly aesthetics, I guess. Looks to be a good deck.
  14. Hmm...very cool. I hadn't realized that they lose their event type. On a somewhat related note, what happens if you blank the textbox a reinforcement? I assume it's the same as when you blank any other character's text box?
  15. I would say it doesn't prevent them from being shuffled. Looks like Robert's lasting effect would shuffle them back into the deck after the reinforcement resolves (is put into play).
  16. Yeah...at first flush you'd think "cost 3 blech," but Martell can have some good trait synergy. Maybe Sand Snakes, plus Kingsguard could be good too.
  17. I thought that would be the Viper they'd choose. Was really between him and 5KE, I think, but I'm happy they chose that one. That army is BURLY (str 6 tricon!?)...that and Norvos make me never want to initiate an Intrigue challenge against a Martell opponent. The resin housecard is also pretty awesome looking.
  18. It does appear to be an oversight; probably should have been cleared up in the FAQ and would be easy enough to fix. I'm unsure how often you'd have to deal with three of them, but even one at 0-cost is a bit absurd. Should just be fixed to target non-house card cards in play, or maybe in order for a card to gain a trait, it must first have one. Along the lines of the To Be A and Kingdom fixes.
  19. There's Rock Band? Sweet. I = suck at drums and probably guitar/bass as well. Everybody around here is too much of a wimp and I'm always relegated to vocals. The Maester challenge looks very cool, too.
  20. It's allowed, I'm sure. It supercedes the regular deckbuilding restrictions and allows you to put "House X only" shadow cards in your deck. I think it's the "golden rule" in the rule books, but I don't have one handy; essentially, what a card says, goes (barring errata =P).
  21. Neat-o. ~Can't wait to see my name all engraved-style. Also, I'd like to throw my name in for a bed/floor space (I'm not at all picky and have a bit of redneck side to boot). It's a long drive from up here in the California tundra down there and I'm bound to be lost in the vastness of the "cities."
  22. Oh, I dunno...my decks have been fairly Sansa-worthy of late...
  23. Indians still got fleeced, I think. Oakland did better for Holliday than Cleveland did for Martinez. What is Cleveland going to do with Marson? I guess they could trade him...but they're pretty much set at catcher coming up with Carlos Santana (Got a black magic womaaan). Masterson should be serviceable and Hagadone does have a high ceiling. I don't know much about the other kid they got from the Red Sox, though. The haul on Cliff Lee was "okay" as well, but it's not like Cliff Lee was terribly expensive (and the Indians ownership said that there was no mandate to cut payroll), and he's quite proven. Just seems as though both Cleveland and Pittsburgh are run by clowns.
  24. And I guess since we're on the subject, Jerry Crasnick just put up a piece on ESPN about those hapless Pirates: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/story?columnist=crasnick_jerry&id=4373943 I think the Pirates GM made a fairly good point about "not like we're breaking up a juggernaut," even if it is regarded as "cocky."
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