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  1. Well i got my money today, and the cards will be shipped this weekend so I guess this is good bye to all of you as there is no reason for me to stay. I admire you all for sticking with this agme even though its only future is to be discontinued in two sets leaving cards you hope will get better as bad as they were to start. But to each his own, plus in a year i will be moving away to a university and i need any money i can get for that. Now some of you i really liked you were nice people. Champ one of the first people i traded with on the new forum sorry again for calling you a girl, Roxas-Lawliet where ever you are yopu were cool it was a pleasure meeting you at gencon last year thanks for getting me started in the game. On the other end some of you prolly dont care that im going and will be happy when im gone. Therefore throthrael I'm sorry but you disappoint me and give a bad name to todays youth, Mr.Dawn you have to stop caring so much this is a card game forum with people you will prolly never see not you house with your friends in and family. Not everything here is your business and im sure youd be happier not giving a ****. And Darkwing Duck you make me laugh, just because you string a bunch of curse words and other degraded words together doesnt make you intimidating it makes you look fairly stupid and like a coward. Thats about it for me guess i will be headin out then, maybe if the game takes off i will be back but right now it aint looking good. Farwell.
  2. my cards are in pristeen condition i assure you everything in my book(my main collection) is in the best condition it can be. putting all the precautions in and making sure nothing will be damaged in transport, so id say ten to twenty dollars extra
  3. amphillips is getting the whole set but i wanna see if he might chip in for the cost to ship it all since he is getting so much....
  4. yeah i'll do it IF amphillips doesnt wanna buy the whole set
  5. amphillips id do the set for two hundred but i only want cash thats just the way it is, now i'm looking to get out of this game theres no reason for me to take the money and keep the cards where would i sell them ebay too complicated. My trade rating is very high too with no complaints and i believe ive done business with you before so you no im reliable. But champ 35 for two of my rarest cards nah but if amphillips wont do the whole set for 200 then i would do sephy for twenty king for twenty five
  6. yeah i could see doin seph for twenty maybe king for twenty or thirty perhaps
  7. good man good man My Sweet Shadow~IN FLAMES in flames we trust!
  8. the old pot spider was also a lvl higher almost making it a new card its like bit sniper who had a totally different effect in LaD are they different cards then?
  9. i think from what i know champ is a girl(sorry if im wrong) but champ said everything you said first so why jump on him it gets annoying when someone comes in here with no business other then to repeat what someone stated why dont you take the short bus out of my trade thread now im done with you
  10. drop it on a world as a last ditch effort to stop a world racer possibly. either Way its just hard to specify when both effects say this card and like i said before you cant show your hand and say this is just for this one dragon mal.
  11. i dont expect you to agree with my musical taste troth but its silly to insult a band some one likes because it wont change their opinion of it, i think digital love is one of daft punks worst songs but you can listen to it all you want i dont care wont change your opinon of it. With that: End of Heartache/Killswitch engage
  12. now this is interesting because you cant exactly show your hand to your opponent and say im doing it for this dragon mal. but think of it this way if you got one drag mal out its a lvl9 again right? well then you can just play the other one cuz you already got a lvl9 out now so even if it didnt work for both there effects you can still get both drag mals out that turn so maybe its kind of an irrelevant question
  13. i appreciate you guys hearing me out, as for that mr incredible guy hes been clutterin up my trade thread with stupid stuff....
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