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  1. Atma01 said: Because 7 8 9. LMAO...seriously, burst out laughing and drawing strange looks from co-workers...made my morning.
  2. Sorry, wasn't trying to sound negative...I would love to see this line supported by Hero Lab. That being said, suspect that the challenges are...significant... AJC
  3. Actually, if you take a look at the way that LW supports Pathfinder, it shouldn't be much of a problem at all. "IF" this were to go ahead, I would suspect that the sales model would be price adders for each of the supplements. However, I suspect the biggest challenge is getting GW to sign off on it. AJC
  4. Really like these! What template are you using to create them (looks very similar to 4e power cards)? I'm thinking of working something similar up for BC. Thanks in advance, AJC
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I am working on a character...just need to find more time... My request for more along the lines of fan sites rather than site where one could join online games - though it is quite probable that they are not mutually exclusive. An example: this link was just posted on RPG.net: www.voidstate.com/rpg/40k_ship_visualizer/ AJC
  6. Was wondering if anyone could suggest some "fan" sites supporting Black Crusade (and/or other 40K rpgs)? I'm aware of Dark Reign and pretty in tune with the TTG (minis) community, but was curious if there were other RPG-related sites popping up. Thanks in advance, AJC
  7. Great! I'm definitely thinking of a Space Marine, so that should fit well w/ the sorcerer. Will start working on ideas tonight. AJC
  8. Quick note to follow up and see if you're still looking for additional players...this is something that I'd be very interested in getting involved with. AJC
  9. If I recall, there was a similar series of comments re the DW CE...unfortunately, the price doesn't include a PDF version. It kinda sucks, but, that simply what way it is. Slightly off topic, hoping we see the PDFs in October.. AJC
  10. Noctus-Cornix said: Ya, but I got the book for almost 50% off so no complaining i guess... I just want it ): Completely understand... AJC
  11. Picked my copy up w/ the core rulebook. Your assessment seems pretty much bang on. AJC
  12. Amazon and RPG pre-orders........always a tough bet in my experience. Given that the book is in distribution now, it will change, but it is simply a waiting game. Ironically, I believe that Amazon.uk started fulfilling orders earlier this week... AJC
  13. Picked mine up this afternoon fro, my FLGS...very pleased!! AJC
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