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  1. Two questions for dungeon level 6, the Gauntlet: 1) The map shows that both portals start open; this seems like a misprint. I'm guessing the southeast portal should start closed, but can I have confirmation on this? 2) The special text on the dungeon card says, "At the start of this level, the overlord may immediately draw three cards." However, we drew this card as the first level of the dungeon, so the overlord already is drawing three cards. Does this special text only apply if the card is drawn as the second or third level, or should the overlord draw six cards?
  2. We do the same thing. Of course ranged characters would have daggers or any small melee weapon of the sort. They need something for up close if the situation comes to it. I'm not gonna tell Ronan to use the Dwarf Bombs if he has a BeastMan scratching at his throat. Unless he can manage to shove one down it's throat that is.
  3. This is one I just did. My camera sucks, so I had to take it w/ my mac. You can't see it, but the eyes are two little beads of red.
  4. Awesome everyone! Thanks! I kinda am a perfectionist, so the idea of fleeing a dungeon kinda bothers me, but if you guys say there is no shame, then I won't worry about it. I REALLY don't like the idea of running from a dungeon when exploring for a Rumor, but if experience says that running is better then giving the OL a bunch of Conquest Tokens, then I can do it. Anything else I should know? Which heroes have good natural abilities that would come in handy? (FOR EXAMPLE: If I use Trenloe (sp?) can I reroll silver and gold when I get them or is it only ever black?) I know the rules say to pull at random, but we aren't (for heroes AND avatar).
  5. 34 VIEWS and only one person has replied! Common guys! Help an unexperienced brother out!
  6. inle_badger said: All the familiars snuggled up for warmth? LOL I wonder if Mata and Cata like the idea of sharing a mat with Boggs. And I know that Furr is a spirit, but what if he decides to join them? Oh the noise!
  7. Colorado Springs CO I own JitD WoD and RtL w/ some painted figurines
  8. I only get to play once a month as well. However this last Thanksgiving I took my Brother-in-law through three dungeons in JitD. It got me really excited to play more. My Brother and I have plans to spend a good amount of Christmas Break playing RtL.
  9. I've played a few dungeons with just two people before and we didn't have any problems. It's definately more fun w/ more, and I think the heroes are better off when there is more then one mind driving them, but overall, I would rather play with just two people then not play at all.
  10. Thanks ColdStone. Anyone else have any advice? How about you Overlords? Which heros/skills are the biggest pain to you?
  11. I am going to embark on my first Road to Legend soon, and I am curious which heroes work well. Also, any general advice on how to start a successful campaign would be great. Should I start with some Rumors right away or hit some general Dungeons/Encounters for XP and gold first. Should I try to kill off Lieutenants or wait for them to come to me? Should I go for treasure, skills, or dice upgrades first? Just curious... My brother is playing the Overlord, and he is a little bit more experienced with this kind of stuff then the rest of us are. Any other advice would be great. Also it is important for me to note that we have the JitD and WoD along with RtL. We have yet to get the other expansions.
  12. Thanks everyone! That is what I needed to know. I only have enough to get one expansion for now, but I think what I have will be good enough to play RtL for the time frame I have to play in.
  13. Hey everyone. I just got the game and love it. I have JitD and WoD already and have a few quick questions about RoL. Do I have to get AoD before I get RoL? If I don't and choose to skip Aod, will RoL not be as fun without AoD? Any help would be Awesome.
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