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  1. I think this was discussed over on BGG, but I couldnt find anything posted here (bad search skills). So... Pawn. You play it. You do not spend a click to put it on a piece of ice. Then you run. After the run, you trash pawn and install another caissa program? The line break in the card text means that the lower effect is seperate, and it says move the pawn to the next piece of ice if able. It you are not able to do this, then you trash it and install another caissa. And because you havent yet hosted it on an ice, you cant do the first bit, therefore you trash it and get the effect. I know this isnt the intention of the card, but I've got 2 local players building a deck with pawn and doing this with it, and I cant find anything official to say otherwise.
  2. Also….. There is a UK Netrunner Players facebook group where a lot of UK tournaments are being organised and publicised on there. If you are on FB, join up and see what is going on there.
  3. Cuchullain said: Ah, never mind. I guess he only needed 6 to win the match due to the previous game. I spotted that too and have been thinking "surely they cant have made that mistake". Thanks for explaining it.
  4. In a tournament game on Sunday, I played down an ABT unprotected. He didnt run it. Next turn I scored it. A few turns later, I put another one down, he didnt run it. I scored that too. It can work…..
  5. Final reminder for those wanting to come to the tournament this Sunday - 7th October in Exeter, Devon, UK. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. Sure. The remote server doesnt exist until you put something in it or on it. By placing a piece of ice there, you have created a remote server. Just that there is nothing 'in' at at that point.
  7. FFTARoxorz05 said: So I've played a few more games, and while running HQ turn one has worked every game I've played in, it's just a fact that the runner will get ahead in points and credits early on. Maybe there's a crazy corporation build to combat that, but for me it's knowing that late game you can score two agendas VERY quickly that keeps me from whining about the runner's insane early game capabilities more. Also I wasn't running HQ for the 2 credits, I was running it because either you keep the agena in hand so I have a chance at hitting it or you play it with an ice that you can't activate since 1 credit doesn't pay for anything too spectacular from what I remember. Like others have said, it sounds like you are playing a different game, as I cannot really understand what it is you are saying. A standard opening move is to protect HQ with a piece of ICE, maybe also protect R&D, and then maybe take a credit. This means the corp with have 5-7 credits when the runner runs, most likely that he can rez the ice in front of HQ to stop the runner getting in. So, I'm really not sure how you are playing games where running HQ turn one wins every time. "A crazy corporation build". You mean with a piece of Ice that costs 6 or less to end the run? Plenty of them Are you sure that both sides are starting the game with 5 credits?
  8. You may also want to check out the Hemel Games Club which meets every tuesday - some Netrunner players there too. For more info: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/719256
  9. The first tournament of the Exeter City Grid will be held on Sunday 7th October at Clifton Road Games in Exeter. Start time: 10:00 Deck Construction Rules: Only 1 core set may be used. All other deck building rules apply. Please let me know in advance if you can make it, or contact me for any further details.
  10. I also just found this from Lukas: "You should be able to rez cards approaching any piece of ice; I'm looking into this one in more detail and I would expect an official ruling whenever we release the first FAQ"
  11. Indeed. There is no official answer. But I am 99% sure that you can. Having a rezzed piece of ice on R&D and a Corporate Troubleshooter installed in the root, then not being able to rez the upgrade and use it when the runner approaches the ice is just not right. But until the FAQ, you may choose to play however you wish.
  12. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/843527/corps-turn-rezzing-cards-after-initial-draw/page/3
  13. I'm pretty sure the rules say that when you expose something, you show it, then flip it back. If you like, what we used to do is to leave these cards face up, but put a marker over the rez cost to show that it isnt rezzed yet, just revealed.
  14. hollis said: Paul Grogan said: Yes. You can. For example - runner approaches a rezzed piece of ice. You can rez corporate troubleshooter. Where are you getting this ruling from? Pretty sure Lukas answered it somewhere, either here on on BGG
  15. Yes. You can. For example - runner approaches a rezzed piece of ice. You can rez corporate troubleshooter.
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