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  1. I'd like to bump this. Are there still people playing AGOT regularly in Seattle? If so, I'm very interested!
  2. If you're coming, I'll be there to play too. Just respond so I know whether to come.
  3. Anyone around Seattle looking to play some AGOT? Doesn't need to be a league or tourney unless folks want to...I'd just like to play some while I have some free time this summer.
  4. So, anyone playing this weekend?
  5. Count me in. I live in Central Seattle, but I'm willing to play anywhere other people are playing. I also play Warhammer Invasion and A Game of Thrones.
  6. This is great! I'd love to make it out. When's the next gathering?
  7. I'm anxiously awaiting my pre-ordered battle packs, and I'm still hoping they come this week. But regardless of when the first battle pack is released, the next battle packs should be steadily coming out monthly from there, because they are all part of the same print run. So we just need to wait for the ball to get rolling, and then we should be able to count on steady releases for the next 6 months!
  8. ritterton said: Hey, where is Blue Highway games located??? May need to add it on my too visit list. R It's in Queen Anne, right there on Queen Anne avenue. It's a beautiful store, with a TON of games in stock.
  9. I really am enjoying it with my wife, and even though I don't care at all about the Warhammer theme, it's fun enough that I think I would make the time to go to a store to play it with folks. Just got my second core set at Blue Highway games. Looking forward to deck-building after playing a few more times with all of the factions.
  10. So, how'd the demoing at Uncles go? Let me know when you're gonna do that again, maybe I could come too. Maybe when the first battle pack releases, Seattle players could schedule a "release" party draft or something.
  11. I've also found Shrine to Nurgle is great to corrupt enemy units on defense. When the opponent attacks, defend and spread your damage across all of the attackers, and they are all corrupted so you can smash through to their zone next turn.
  12. Got my core set, and I'm ready to play with people! Played my first non-solitaire game with my wife last night and she destroyed me with dwarves (I was chaos). I will attempt my revenge tonight.
  13. Anyone else have this problem? My brand new core set is missing two Empire cards, #28 and #29. What should I do about this? Just played my first game of Orcs vs. Dwarves and it was awesome...a lot of cool decisions in this game! Jeremy
  14. Yeah, this game looks great, and the gameplay looks intriguing, especially from the product description page. I wonder how soon after the core set they'll start releasing chapter packs? I also wonder if those big capital boards will have any gameplay use with all of the space they take up, or what?
  15. Nice little report. I'm definitely one of those flaky players...for this game, for A Game of Thrones, and for my other game, Monsterpocalypse. For me, it's just that when real life makes demands on me (which is frequent), my gaming is sacrificed first. And since LCG/CCG gaming is the gaming I do with people who aren't my friends or family (because they are casual board gamers, nothing more) that means I'll tend to be even more flaky because I don't have strong relationships with those I play with (yet). It seems like the most successful metas are those in which friends play together, and people who play together become friends. I wish I had even one other friend who would decide to organize some league nights here with me, but I have no such luck. But I hope you'll keep trying, and eventually you build a group that shares some friendship and fun, and then people don't want to miss a night! Also, the individual nature of these games is part of it, I think. Like, with casual sports leagues the team is counting on you to make it to practice and to games, so there is the sense of responsibility there. But if I miss a LCG league night, there's less of a sense of responsibility. Then again, there are games like Legend of the 5 Rings where it seems like people do want to show up and play in order to not let their clan down or something. Whatever, I'm just thinking out loud, trying to understand my own flakiness. Good luck keeping it going!
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