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  1. Everything is made up and frictional. Why do people get so gunhold on the scale?
  2. How can one play Armada without these? Fighting hard to save my money.
  3. Apparently, FFG still has the licence for Dust Warfare. I don't know whether it is a blessing or a curse. FFG is so slow in developing their own games that you may as well ask your grandchildren to play them for you.
  4. I believe the game designer has put in quite an effort in marketing Dust in Japan. It is natural that Japanese should come first.
  5. Do we get the corresponding miniatures for the new enemies?
  6. For the walkers, buy premium unless you cannot afford it. Even a Pro cannot do that well and you definitely need a spray gun. For the heroes, you may do better if you have the skills.
  7. I wish FFG would fully support your program.
  8. I am debating about the point systems. The simple one is good for a small game. On the other hand, if you play a large game, then the new point system seems to be better in setting the balance. I feel that it is not necessary at this time but no on knows what is coming down the pipe at this time.
  9. Major Malfunction said: I've got one on order. Will post up a review when it arrives. Thank you first. I really like to know how many walkers can it hold? Do you still need to take apart the walker first to fit in? Can it accommodate all the figures, terrain, ammo crates and figures from the starer set and the first expansion?
  10. Someone did make a computer version of Tannhauser. Check out You Tube - Tannhauser Online by hebus 1 Link: I wish FFG will eventually allow it to be released. It will generate more interest and get the game more popular rather than hurting sales.
  11. The problem is the walkers. Battlefoam has a set designed for the starter set but I don't believe that it works well. I don't know whether anyone has tried it because so far no one makes a comment in any of the forums.
  12. Someone needs to make a program on the ipad. Hopefully, FFG will approve it. That is a great idea.
  13. daveman006 said: Yeah I have been trying to promote this game at my FLGS and it seems alot of the 40k players like the models and not so much the game. They say "only 2 factions?" "the rules are too simple" "its over too quick" Not everyone is prepared to jump over to another game. They simply mean that they are not ready to switch and these comments should not be viewed as negative for DT. Indeed, 40K started out with space marines and orks only - two factions and no more. More factions can be fun and then you run into the issue with balance, an ongoing problem with WHFB and 40K. There are only 1 or 2 game systems at present with more than 6 factions and each remains balance to each other. Nowadays, I don't even bother to consider any game if I have to spend more than 20 minutes understanding the rules, nevermind spending the whole evening for only one game. I bet none of these 40K players know the rules of each faction well.
  14. These are lovely models. Anyone cares to make a temporary stats for them before they become official eventually and hopefully.
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