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  1. Unless the clans are in open warfare or close to it, I have rarely had problems with mixed clan groups. The clans often have alliances, marriages, students in each other's dojos, hostages and other such connections between them. Unless your group only does what some superior NPC tells them to, interwoven Giri and Ninjo will make them work together regardless of clan allegiances.
  2. Mirac

    Sensei Title

    For Sensei title ability I would use Venerable Provincial Daimyo's Lord's Command (Core book page 315): Once per scene as Support, sensei may advise single character in action and the target may use sensei's Ring or Skill rating instead on next roll to perform the action.
  3. In addition, Courts of Stone has Castellan title, which is second only to Daimyo in authority in the domain.
  4. Finally got the book, and I was amazed how much Shiro Kitsuki had changed from earlier fluff. Diplomatic center of Dragon clan has changed to hive of inter-dojo rivalry where visitors are rarely admitted. Strange change, since it always made sense to have the courtier-family of isolationist clan host visitors at their castle just outside mountains of main Dragon lands.
  5. Good summary, seems pretty much as I expected (including the Deer being stupid). More options for Opportunities helps new groups into the system, I have always felt they should be situational inspirations like "can I see what courtier A is doing while I duel yojimbo B?" and examples are helpful.
  6. I have noticed modern RPGs rarely make the Important Experienced Super NPCs anything super stat-wise, so it does not surprise me that Toshimoko would be a push-over as written. However, I would also assume the venerable Kakita sensei has at least Martial 5, since the Core Book has separate sidebar discussing that Rank 5 at skill is not the final pinnacle of achievement in it. One more Skill Die is unlikely to completely change the encounter, but it would be more fitting for the character.
  7. If planned thoroughly, the gift giving can be effective way to introduce number of characters, their personalities and relationships. Someone is rich but out of touch, someone else whispers nasty comments about gifts, etc. Like the tournament scene in start of Game of Thrones, it may seem pointless at time, but sets a lot of information for later story.
  8. These seem reasonable, I may steal last 2 to my own table. I have always assumed everyone (except unclaimed ronin) have home, either in their lord's household or as their own. Also the servants are readily available should someone need them, depending on status and giri of the individual. A courtier in another clan's court may have a couple of attendants, while their own household may have dozen or more, while bushi on field may have 10 ashigaru to look after but no personal servants while working as yojimbo to someone.
  9. One would need some sort of local authority for it, but since ronin often lack higher protection even a yoriki could cause problems to them. If a ronin is attacking people or stealing stuff on Clan lands, there is no reason for the Clan to treat them as anything else than invader, even if they are alone. Then again, Clan samurai will need a reason to attack ronin, at least plausible invented one.
  10. Daidoji Spymaster, Ikoma's Shadow, Bayushi bushi... whatever else there is in the book, I am already satisfied. Dreaded Enforcer and Esteemed Negotiator seem weirdly general titles, I thought they were supposed to be specific assignments from some higher authority. Covert Agent sounds close to Spy in Emerald Empire. Also, where is the Court Jester title?
  11. I would prefer some more courtly Crane shinobi to support Doji everywhere. Actual spy instead of wartime saboteur.
  12. Can't remember the source, but I remember reading that since it was built there has not been a single day Crab bushi did not die on the Wall.
  13. From Core Book pages 22-24, the sequence of check is declare intention, determine details (Skill, Approach, TN etc.), Roll, modify Rolled Dice (Advantages and Disadvantages etc.), choose Kept Dice, resolve Kept Dice. I would rule Mirumoto school ability is chosen before the roll, since the ability is triggered by character being targeted. Being targeted is part of attacker declaring their intention to hit the character.
  14. I also would assume some sort of illusion of neutrality, especially if the Deer is brokering a match between clans. Or they avoid the truly big matches, so Great Clans can fight and plot over those and nobody is bothered by the Deer clan. There are plenty of minor clans lacking nakodo, ronin and less important Great Clan samurai who are beneath notice of their own clan's nakodo.
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