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  1. From Core Book pages 22-24, the sequence of check is declare intention, determine details (Skill, Approach, TN etc.), Roll, modify Rolled Dice (Advantages and Disadvantages etc.), choose Kept Dice, resolve Kept Dice. I would rule Mirumoto school ability is chosen before the roll, since the ability is triggered by character being targeted. Being targeted is part of attacker declaring their intention to hit the character.
  2. I also would assume some sort of illusion of neutrality, especially if the Deer is brokering a match between clans. Or they avoid the truly big matches, so Great Clans can fight and plot over those and nobody is bothered by the Deer clan. There are plenty of minor clans lacking nakodo, ronin and less important Great Clan samurai who are beneath notice of their own clan's nakodo.
  3. Mirac


    4 drawbacks for something that is fluffwise one of major threats in the setting, that can be removed with Rank 1 ritual which has TN 3 Theology test to perform. Plenty of Schools (at least Crane, Dragon and Lion shugenja schools, Kaito Shrine Keepers) learn the Ritual at character creation. I personally feel the ritual should be less sure to succeed, especially if GM does not prohibit repeated uses.
  4. There are a few different forms of duel in Core Book. In legal iaijutsu duel with official challenges and permissions from higher lords only weapons allowed are katana and wakizashi, so calling kami to help would be against regulations. The book also makes point about shugenja being rare and valuable, thus their lord is likely to forbid them from fighting in sword duels and may give them a yojimbo for this. As others have pointed out, there is also more informal form of dueling called Warrior's Duel in the book, which has far fever regulations and basically just boils down to shouting a challenge and charging with whatever weapons you have. Calling kami for help in those could be perfectly allowed, if one sees them as extensions of shugenja's skill and will.
  5. Using only the Fire Strife Opportunity to Discredit is highly inefficient way to gain Strife on target. The opportunity is not scaling, so one can only cause 2 Strife on a roll no matter the result, as long as they get a single Opportunity.
  6. Mirumoto School Ability should not be usable with open hand and I would also simply remove Trap for 2 reasons: Ward alone is close to other School abilities in usability (situational but effective) and in previous edition Mirumoto Niten school's strength was in defense allowed by wielding two weapons. Trap makes high rank Attack Techniques trivial to use, which further ruins the game's already wobbly combat balance. Edited for example: Heartpiercing Strike -kata is TN 2 Martial Arts (Fire)-check at Rank 2, when Mirumoto have access to it.
  7. Page 255: "A character can back someone into a corner by causing them to become Compromised. The character can do this by inflicting strife on the target (or getting others to do so), which in turn is something they can accomplish by using various Opportunities (see page 328) and techniques." Momentum is worthless to Discredit, just as Avatar111 wrote.
  8. Shame there are so little tricks to increase other characters' Strife in the game, I would have expected to have multiple Shuji and Kata for that purpose. Only things I found so far are Ikoma school ability, Fire opportunity to give 2 Strife and Pelting Hail Kata (though it's nice to shoot 7 Strife to opponent with Daikyu). Surprising you can't simply annoy other people in Intrigues as Attack action. Edit: Also, Rallying Cry Shuji has opportunity to give Strife to opponents in Skirmish.
  9. It is good to remember that Adversaries can recover from Incapacitated quite quickly, unless they are rendered Unconscious. Why would a proud enemy samurai quit fighting, if they can spend few moments to catch their breath and resume?
  10. I feel FFG really dropped the ball with Taint in this edition. Until you have multiple Shadowlands Taint -disadvantages it does not bother that much and the Cleansing Rite is too easily available considering how rare Afflicted is. The ritual is available for multiple schools at character creation and only Rank 1 to buy after, it has no limitations for the use and only TN 3 check with no effects on failure. At least I would require the ritual only work on Hallowed ground and some consumed materials every use, a finger of Jade for example. I would also make Afflicted character roll to see if Afflicted turns to Shadowlands Taint every time they are Compromised in addition to ordinary effects.
  11. Playing shinobi in mixed-clan group is tricky. If the character gets caught, they are likely "not even allowed seppuku"-level of screwed, and easiest way to avoid getting caught is to choose when to use shinobi tricks. Don't play as an obvious shinobi all the time, choose a cover of either bushi or courtier and play as shinobi when situation allows or demands it. Sneak when you can't gain information or access otherwise, assassinate when there are no witnesses etc. Many clans have different forms of scouts for warfare (Hiruma Scouts and Daidoji Harriers for example), reconnaissance and sabotage are common tools during wartime and samurai in Rokugan are sometimes amazingly practical about bending rules when necessary. I don't think merely having concealed shuriken as a courtier is obvious sign of shinobi, they can be explained as emergency weapons like tessen or kiseru. Having poisoned weapons or weapons when you shouldn't is bad no matter their form, first is dishonorable and second is against someone's orders.
  12. It is our first L5R campaign in new edition: We are 2 sessions in the story, several Bloodspeaker servants (group of zombies and cursed bushi) sneak-attacked players in a castle. Now Asako courtier is paranoidly doubting Kuni shugenja and Shosuro courtier, and Shosuro disappeared right before attack. All 3 are PCs.
  13. Also, if they die you have convenient reason for war with someone. It is pure win-win for the lords.
  14. Nah, you just used my message for your general moaning. There are more fitting threads for that, no need to derail one about Shadowlands and related books.
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