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  1. I did it again. We had another session and again found ourselves going for the books a bunch, this time for weapons qualities and descriptions. Three sessions in and we still can't remember all the different special weapon traits. So in an attempt to fix this and still keep table clutter under control (and production costs), I came up with the Weapons and Armour "expansion". These special small cards are placed directly on the WFRP 3e character sheet itself and they fit perfectly in the Equipment section like so: Each card has the important item statistics on the front of it and detailed information of all the item's qualities and special traits on its back. The following link leads to a folder containing a PDF version and a JPEG version of the 46 new item cards: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kshkx8p834tcbc7/AADdLlfaOF2rg4wcy5rhQzU_a?dl=0 I printed these cards using my home printer on glossy paper, cut them, fold them and glue the two sides together. But I think these cards will ultimately work better as thicker card board tokens, similar in thickness to the fatigue and tracking tokens etc. This way they'll be less prone to slide across the character sheet. I'll check out a local printing shop for prices I know, you're probably thinking I'm crazy for doing this completely futile task, but with two kids and a stressful full time job, doing this is actually what kept me sane for the last few weeks. So if anyone has any other ideas for such expansions let me know Cheers, Roy
  2. Thanks a lot! I've added a link to PDF versions of the cards as well at the original post.
  3. Hi Everybody, God, how I love WFRP 3e. To me it's like the Firefly (TV Show) of RPGs. It burnt bright for a short time and died way prematurely with (the few) fans wanting more. Since my group and I started playing the game again I wanted to fill in some of the missing elements. For example: Race Cards! Since Hero's Call came out we have 18 different starting "Races" including all the different Empire provinces. Each with different traits and background. Since none of this information is available on cards it significantly slowed down our character creation and the single session we had already, having to look up stuff in the books. This proved to be very annoying. This is WFRP 3e goddammit!! So instead of creating dozens of different cards for each race I designed the folllowing "expension". It has 18 different cards, one for each published race. Each card has all game related stats on the front of it and the Race's background on the back (similar to the Career sheet's logic). The race card fits perfectly between the Character sheet and the Career sheet like so: Some races have special abilities that can only be used once or at specific situations - these races' cards have a special area at the bottom to place a tracking token when this ability is used. Here's a dropbox folder with all finished race cards. I hope this helps the 40 people that still play this game or is it more? Anyway, enjoy: JPEG version: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mwb4zpi3rnzg9d3/AACetBXHz7gb9PjJ3GLR9l9ra?dl=0 PDF version: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5u0ntiru0ddoo6a/AAARAA1fpua-JQKZW6ItbGdwa?dl=0 Cheers Roy
  4. Wow! Great list!! Thanks a lot. I missed the previous posts of this.
  5. You can use this link to create your own box: http://www.cpforbes.net/tuckbox/tuckbox.cgi You can then download a pdf and modify it in photoshop or something to add your own design and artwork. Then print it on thick paper.
  6. I think I have them if you are still looking for them. I downloaded them a while ago but never had a chance to use them. This is the file name just to be sure: "WFRP3 Creatures and NPC Tokens.rar" Here's a link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b7wxrdm0sm4jzus/WFRP3%20Creatures%20and%20NPC%20Tokens.rar Roy
  7. Hi all. Finally, I'm back. We're starting to play again after a 2 years hiatus. Anyway, to the point, looking for materials I found the sites below to be an excellent source of info and game aids. What are your favorite fan or unofficial WFRP websites? Hopefully with material relevant to 3e... Maybe this can be a sticky topic? http://www.liberfanatica.net/index.html Home of the fantastic Liber Fanatica fanzine - Last 3 issues have 3e specific resources. http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page The unofficial Warhammer Encyclopedia - first place I go when I need some WH information. http://www.gitzmansgallery.com/index.html You probably know this one already. Loads of resources like A super HUGE map of the Old World, character sheets, game aids and the Reckless Dice Podcast. http://boardgamegeek.com/files/thing/55836 An assortment of fan created resources and game aids for 3e. Hosted on Board Game Geek. I know of some more sites dedicated to 2nd Edition. Do you know any more sites specifically for 3e? Thanks. Roy.
  8. I'm noticing a pattern here... I too almost always upgrade the creatures given wound threshold. Sometimes even twice the given number. We've been playing for over a year (characters are 4th rank) and almost since the beginning I noticed that combat was very easy. Especially since they have a Slayer (currently Dragon Slayer) -- even though the player is a chicken sh*t ;-) he deals huge amounts of damage. I mean, some character might get hurt - we even had two deaths - but the big baddies always go down in 1-2 rounds, no matter the damage they dealt to the group. Some fights were almost ridiculously easy - e.g. the giant in TGS - he was down in less than a round without being able to retaliate. I remember the disappointment of the than Giant Slayer that didn't even have a chance to strike the giant. Regarding action cards - I also always give baddies extra neat action cards according to my liking. I think I'll adopt the second edition wounds for big baddies just to give me a list to fall on so I don't have to wing it all the time. Roy.
  9. Ok, Got it, thanks! Can't wait for the final version. Roy.
  10. Heya, I downloaded the current version of the ruleset and it's absolutely amazing what you did with it. One of our players moved to another country and he desperately wants to continue to play with us (even though he won't admit it) -- this will be perfect. I couldn't figure out how to add action/talent/any cards - can someone help please? I'm using the demo version for now BTW. Thanks for all the good work. Hope I will have time one day to contribute something back to the WFRP community for all the high quality and essential work it's doing. Roy.
  11. I use the iphone 4 version of the dice app and it's nice. My players don't like me using it saying it always turns out in favor for me but I do use it from time to time when the dice are far away. But a character sheet! For iPad! would be amazing - with combat tracker and everything. Make all the game digital! Except for the dice apparently. I would buy an iPad just for that. Roy.
  12. Oh, right right. The lich had a purple die from the card if I'm not mistaken. Thanks for the tip. Roy.
  13. Hiya So a Lich cast Treason of Tzeentch at a party member last session. Now the card says that the Lich has to roll INT vs target's Discipline. The character only had a WP of 3 but also 3 Expertise advancements in Discipline. The Lich had an INT score of 7. According to the opposed check rules the Lich would suffer only 1 purple die. Do the 3 Expertise advancements help the poor character in anyway? Like black dice to the Lich's check... can't remember if I saw it in the rules. How about fortune dice in WP? Does that hinder the Lich in some way? Thanks Roy
  14. Hi Amazon changed their international shipping policy - now they only deliver by priority mail which about doubles the price of each purchase. Anyone knows of a reliable and fair priced online store that delivers internationally? And have Omens of War in stock? ;-) Thanks Roy.
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