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  1. I saw a couple copies at Black Diamond Games, in Concord, CA today during lunch. I opted to take one with me.
  2. I picked up a copy of Suns of Fortune today at one of the local game stores. They got it in during lunch, and I picked it off their new arrival cart before it hit the shelves. Woot!
  3. Picked up a copy at the FLGS yesterday. Just skimming my way though it still.
  4. As the GM running the demos, I'm sorry you didn't have a better time. I think your feedback's pretty straight-on - and I appreciated the rules input your provided during the event. A few clarifications / comments: The store set up four one-hour demo sessions, based - I believe - on FFG guidance regarding the event. The idea was to accomodate as many folks as possible with a relatively short commitment of time. The demo / rules kit arrived at the beginning of the week (Mon or Tues) - I picked it up a few hours after it arrived at the store. I had been hoping we'd have it at least a few days earlier, so I could have at least spent a weekend or so focusing on it. Sadly, I'm not a full-time GM and didn't have much time during the week. I did run the demo adventure with the pregens, or at least what could be fit in the session. The letter for the demo kit put the run time for the adventure at 60 - 90 minutes for the entire thing. In hindsight - having run it three times - it's at least 90 - 120 minutes, covering rules intro and play time I think. The full demo adventure would have introduced some social dynamics and roleplay. I don't believe it would have covered many of the other aspects you outlined - advancement or chargen. In hindsight, I would have opted to run a longer adventure with rules intro and perhaps chargen - ideally two games at once. Two 2-hr sessions might have been viable as well. Doubled up would have been best, but stores were limited to one copy each. One of the other players typed up their thoughts as well in a separate thread. I appreciate the feedback and comments! Thanks, Brian
  5. Thanks for the detailed report out, Sean - very comprehensive. I had a great time demoing the Warhammer 3rd ed game at EndGame yesterday (for all three demo groups) - it was a lot of fun. We ran hourly demos - well, each went about 70 or so minutes - starting at noon. Suffice it to say, I knew the rules better when I finished. Probably the biggest hurdle for me was simply timing and logistics. I received the preview kit Monday night, and with a heavy week of work, hadn't given it as much in-depth reading as I would have liked. Fortunately, the core rules are easily grokked (all three groups really got the hang of building dice pools - including converting stance dice - really quickly). The demo adventure was probably realistically 90 - 120 minutes in length, once you count for even brief rules explanations. However, none of the players had any issues with ending "early", and felt they had gotten a good all-over demo of the new game. For those so interesting, the game took 5 packs of the little sleeves and 4 packs of the regular card sized sleeve to get them all sleeved. Some sleeve were left form each pack, but at 50/pack, you're looking at about 450 cards (slightly less). I repacked the box when I got home (throwing out the useless cardboard insert) - it's more organized, but I still can't get the rules books back in there. Also, my sole gripe - no nicely imaged sleeve was included with our demo kit. Minor gripe at best. Again, had a great time yesterday, and very excited about the new game and model. I expect I'll be discussing this on at least one upcoming episode of my podcast, 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction.
  6. I ran Forsaken Bounty last Saturday night for my girlfriend and a good friend (who's also my neighbor). Angelo played Trask - a new role for him, as he doesn't usually play the leader / captain. Jen played Thornhallow - a new role for her (the heavy). We were partially playing at Jen's request, actually - I had brought the pack from FRPG Day, and flipping through she totally glommed onto Thornhallow when I described RT as in the vein of "Goth Firefly" ... ). I ran the other three pregens as NPCs, running Tsanthos as the main NPC in that regard. The adventure pretty much ran straight as written. It was a bit railroady, though neither player complained - both understood it was an intro / pilot episode. They enjoyed it enough to request that tomorrow's 4th of July bbq be another session. We've got three more players joining us, and Angelo will be playing an Eldar Ranger / Xeno companion this time around. The rules brief worked nicely - I ran the game from the kit, rather than relying on my copy of DH to "fill in" the blank spots. I had pulled DH regardless, thinking I could use it for critical hits and also to add a Fear check when Orden first awakened. In the end, I didn't use criticals and the Fear check, using DH, wasn't a great idea on my part. I also put together a RT / DH photo slide show and sound track, which ran on the TV and stereo during the game. We gamed in a living room, and it was a nice add to have constant visual reinforcement of the setting, along with some moody music.
  7. macd21 said: One of the traits of a 'stereotypical' Rogue Trader has always been a Xenos sidekick, so I'd be surprised if we don't eventually see a sourcebook for them. I ran the Forsaken Bounty last night, and the group liked it so much we're playing another one-shot on July 4th (heh). To point, I'm letting one of the players bring in a Eldar Ranger type, courtesy of Creatures Anathema. He's a big Eldar fan, so he's be playing Trask's xeno sidekick. I do plan on reducing the amount of skills and powers for the Ranger profile - the ability scores look about right though.
  8. I picked up my copy from my flgs, EndGame, on the way home from work on Thursday, 12/4. They still had a copy or two on the shelf afterwards, as I recall.
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