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  1. Yea, looks like they either forgot or decided not to include the blank sheet in the book. The page 104 reference also notes it's available for download - so hopefully is, or will be.
  2. I think a number of cyberpunk frames and adventure seeds would work. Outside of the usual tropes, maybe try something on a more positive note - a team of 3 - 5 could cover an emergency rescue / ambulance team or maybe a courier group. Something where you can show off the setting a bit and give them a little tour.
  3. Just a note, joining some other comments. I pulled out my Worlds of Android book this morning to flip through it a bit before heading off for coffee (and further SotB read), and without a doubt, Worlds of Android is still highly useful in conjunction with the new book.
  4. I grabbed a copy at my local game store, along with a copy of the Undercity novella, which had a few RPG-related items. Definitely enjoying the Shadow of the Beanstalk art and material, and glad I had grabbed the earlier World of Android. . Very happy to see this out.
  5. Great topic and tool for GMs. Ok, here's some of my tried-and-true recommendations for L5R sessions. These do go back a few years; my original article dates to 1998, with charming references to buying CDs: Shakuhachi – The Japanese Flute (Kohachiro Miyata, shakuhachi). Five tracks of the Japanese Flute running approx. 30 minutes. Highly recommended. This CD features solo Japanese flute – the music is deeply contemplative, and sadly haunting. The alternating piercing and quiet notes of the flute evoke thoughts of far off misty Nippon. I used to use this to start my L5R sessions, allowing for five minutes of meditation on character before play begins. Best of Kodo (Kodo). Eight tracks of Japanese drumming running about 60 minutes in length. The drumming is very martial in flavor and makes good backdrop to more exciting events and/or combat scenes. Another favorite for L5R and other Far Eastern-styled games; my players enjoy these tracks especially, finding that it enhances the tension and mood of action scenes. Koto Music of Japan (Zumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group). Five tracks of koto music running approx. 45 minutes length. This album consists soley of the high pitched strings of the koto; the atmosphere it creates, like the selections listed above, is instant. Recommended as another way to bring “traditional” Rokugani atmosphere to the table. Chinese Bamboo Flute Music. Approximately 45 minutes of traditional Chinese bamboo flute pieces in nice tracks. Various tunes (all, like the above Koto music, in public domain), many suitable for “theme song” type music; one track especially reminded many of an Asian “western” theme song. The Chinese flute has a very different sound than the Japanese flute – the tunes come across as more fitting for action or village scenes, or again, session introduction or theme song moments. Buddhist Chants & Peace Music: Music for Reflection and Relaxation for the Far East. Two tracks of Eastern monk chants running for 73.51 minutes (!). Excellent music to play during temple, monestary or monk encounters. The two tracks (Hanshan Temple and Bow to Avalokites Bodhisattva) are uplifting and very easy on the ear; good for putting folks at ease (and general relaxing as well). Note, however, that this track is not suitable for “evil” temple complexes and the like. Mandala (Kitaro). Meditative, mysterious and eastern styled guitar and music of a sort categorized as “new age”. Some tracks suggest the movements of wind or water, kami and wide open spaces, others seem to echo of the Void and a few have the “big” sound of various temple or danger scenes. A variety of enjoyable tracks; generally uplifting music. Good soundtrack for play, but this is not traditional music.
  6. For those so interested, I'll throw my own L5R (mainly) oriented blog into the mix: The House of the Jade Lantern at www.jadelantern.com. It's a series of articles, campaign / session notes, GM advice / experience, and related. The earliest post goes back to 1998 - Gempukku Ceremony; I launched the first iteration of the site shortly after L5R 1st edition launched. I'm hoping to generate new content as I read and hopefully run the new edition. There's a variety of NPCs and some notes on music and handouts that might be of interest to GMs. Thanks!
  7. I hope to run it. I ran Star Wars d6 the prior year at the local game store - little interest, but the few players that played had a blast.
  8. I've got them both, including my original rules copy from pretty much the week, if not the day, it was released. Bought it at old War & Pieces in West Hartford, CT (now long closed). Got my preorder at the FLGS for pickup on Thursday.
  9. Fate Core will do nicely. The Fate version of Interface Zero is coming out shortly, which might give you some Fate-specific chrome to incorporate.
  10. I've got a ton of various cyberpunk rpgs, but just flipping through Interface Zero 2.0 would put it as the closest out-of-the-box match to the Worlds of Android setting. Beautiful book - Worlds of Android, that is. Amazingly well done.
  11. I've been thinking about the options to link the adventure as well. The location from the Beginner Box might do well to follow after the adventure from the Core Book and GM Kit. The Core Book adventure provides a similar resource as that in the Box, but it's less ... stable. I think the Box adventure would need some refit, but it would set up the PCs to do some investigation coming out of the Core Book and GM Kit to search out a location or temple that they could base from ... (the Box set resources).
  12. I think that may be a result of the intended purpose of each. I think the Beginner Box is meant to demo and get newer players going faster, and lightsabers are a big part of "Jedi satisfaction", and a quick payoff. The Core Book and adventures are tailored more to a campaign, where players will tolerate a bit more of a slow burn to get / build their lightsabers. They'll be using custom PCs, vs. the pregens, I'd think.
  13. I picked up the Core Book and GM Kit / Screen at the flgs during lunch today.
  14. I'm on my fourth set, having gotten an extra set with Edge of the Empire, and then each Beginner Box. My solution when I picked up the Force and Destiny box yesterday was to add a Rebellion-branded dice bag for them all.
  15. I saw a few copies on the shelf yesterday during lunch at one of my local game stores, Black Diamond Games in Concord , Ca. I did treat myself to a copy.
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