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  1. Cool. I'll take those suggestions into consideration. I haven't actually run a session of Anima yet (this Saturday, though, is the plan) so I'm not 100% sure of how it would work out. I normally don't drop in houserules before playing at least once, but I wanted to get *these* in place before the campaign started.
  2. Has anyone applied any henchmen/mook/minion rules for their Anima games? Here are the rules I'm considering... 1. Henchmen do not roll their Defense. Whatever their score is, that's what their defense is. 2. Henchmen rolls are never open-ended. 3. Any attack that would deal a critical on a henchman instead instantly kills or knocks him/her unconcious (player's choice). The point of these ideas are threefold. First, it should speed up combat with no-name thugs to get to the more important battles. Secondly, it should make the PCs feel even more like bad mambajambas than they already are. Thirdly, in contrast, it'll make the "real" encounters seem that much *more* dangerous. Thoughts?
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