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  1. Hello, Hey guys, I recently downloaded this on my PS4, but I can't figure out how to get the expansions incorporated into the game. Everything but the base-game is grey and unplayable. Am I missing something here? Also, I have logged in about ten hours worth of play time and have opened up a few runestones...do those become playable at some point as well? I would really appreciate any help you can offer as I have always loved this game and love playing he video game version with my friend. Thanks,
  2. If they do eventually bring out a collectors edition (as I would imagine, all boards, expansions and painted minis), I would hope they would offer the painted minis separate as well.
  3. 95% of the time I play a 2 player game with the wife. I can say that for an engaging game, we stopped bringing out the big-board expansion sets. It became too much like solo play with two people. Our solution, which we are going to try out during winter break, is to play a game with two characters each, like teams. We'll see how that goes.
  4. I spent a whole summer painting the original figs= one expansion, now I have about another dozen or so waiting to be painted. If there was ever a game I would pay a premium price for painted figs, it would be this one. Thoughts?
  5. I play almost exclusively 2 player games with the wife. One thing that i have noticed is that with all the expansions, the game has become too big for a two-player game. Funny thing is, when we play 2nd edition (with Dungeon, Timescape, Expansion) we don't get that feeling. I prefer 2nd Edition. I like the new version, but it is becoming less and less focused with each bell and wistle that gets added.
  6. I would pay extra for pre-painted miniatures.
  7. Mr. Brogger Where exactly did you find 2 mm carton stock? I've called a couple hobby shops and they don't carry it. I wonder if I could get away with just think cardboard.
  8. Well, I've had this feeling about the game in it's entirety. It seems like I never am in real trouble and always end up with more gold and objects than I know what to do with. When I do die, it's death by other characters or because I press into the inner region too quickly. There is never a feeling like I am trying to survive on a harsh game board. I would prefer it that way as opposed to running through the game with ease. The next expansion should be made to be brutal, like really, really brutal.
  9. Just wondering if anybody on here has found/used a card shuffling machine that can be used for Talisman cards. Also, if anybody has a link to any storage ideas/briefcases (?) that work well for all the Talsiman components, would be appreciated. Thanks...
  10. I would, but I live in Wisconsin.
  11. People are supposed to hate the thief.
  12. I'm getting this for Christmas from my girlfriend, but it was still nice to read this review. I have to say that I was left disappointed after reading it though. I'm really curious to see the actual size of the miniatures. Are they really that noticeably smaller? Why would they do that?
  13. BoneSaw2

    Painting Minis

    Yeah, custom work is usually expensive. I never painted minis before and I completed the entire line of Talisman figs over the summer, including the reaper and Dungeon expansions. I started with what I considered the easier figs and worked my way to the more elaborate ones. It's funny the way you could see my skill improving as I went along. In the end, I was happy with the results. I say, take the plunge and try to do them yourself. You will save money, appreciate them more, and will have the skill to use on future expansions and other games, not to mention, it's fun! I think my girlfriend got me Frostmarch for Christmas so, looks like I will be busting out the paints again this winter.
  14. BoneSaw2

    Awesome game.

    I demoed it at Gen Con then ordered it through amazon when I got home. It was really easy to get into with familiar building concepts from real-time strategy video games. One thing that was unclear to me, and even after looking at the resource on this web site- what exactly does the expansion add to the game? The version I played had it incorporated in, but the guy running it didn't say what parts of the game it was.
  15. Component Quality: 8 The artwork and durability on the board and cards are top notch. If there was a slight complaint it would be that they are a little "busy." I took off a point because I don't like the cones for counting strength/craft/etc. I went back to the squares with numbers and painted them for better clarity. Luck Factor: 7 A lot of luck is involved, but you know a lot of luck is involed so you alter your strategy accordingly. Fun: 10 It's the most fun I have ever had playing a board game. Each game is completely different- a blast to see how it unfolds. You can never feel too secure in your position. The precariousness keeps the game exciting, on the edge. Complexity: 3 The is more going on with the FF version than in the past. You do need to plan ahead as you move around the board. Replayability 10: I have been playing Talisman for years and have never grown tired of it. And of course, OVERALL RATING: 9
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