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  1. I agree. Its a very good game,fun, and well done. Its a worthwhile play for sure.
  2. Question answered....I guess I jumped the gun before the announcement, or they did by removing the content before the announcement. Either way the announcement was made. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp
  3. I just noticed the forums and any info on the Warcraft games are gone. I'm going to throw a wild guess out there, that FFG is no longer supporting the games. Did I miss an announcement or is Warcraft just going quietly away?
  4. I just read the description on how this was produced, and was impressed. Although its hard to get a really good feel for the quality from the pictures on the description page, they look a little blurry to me. I would like to see some high quality pictures of the miniatures to get a really good look at the paint, because the models themselves look really really cool!
  5. I'm interested too! Considering that most of my gaming is done 2 player, and this game looks like a lot of fun for a good price fits with what I look for. Pre-paints would have been nice but its not really that much of a selling point for me on this type of game. Another game for my "want" list, unfortunately I have a long want list (partly thanks to FFG) and won't be able to get everything on it.
  6. It looks interesting, I'm glad its listed for playing with two. Anopther game I'll probably have to add to my 'want' list!
  7. I think I'm already sold on it. As a fan of BattleLore and A Game of Thrones I think this has the possiblity to be a great game! My hopes are up!
  8. I'm glad it can play 2 players! Usually thats all I get to my game table. There are some great games that have a minimum of 3, that I just wouldn't really be able to play very often.
  9. A skilled Battlelore player should never have his entire battleplan hinge on the roll of the dice or the draw of a certain card at a certain time. Your overall plan should take into account some degree of failure which is bound to happen. Especially with dice and cards, you go into the game knowing that there is a degree of "luck" or randomness in the game. I think that the dice and cards represent risk in the game, and they do it well. You know going into a battle what the risk is and you can try to mitigate it as much as possible. A well seasoned Battlelore player will more than likely beat a lesser skilled opponent almost every time. Sure, there are going to be those rare times when the dice or cards seem to go your way, or your opponents way. And I can see how someone might want to reduce that chance. I think that those times are the exception and not the rule with Battlelore and I accept that. I would be afraid that that might even affect the flavor of the game overall. The elimination of all the luck in the game would take away the drama and some of the excitement of the battle and who in there right mind wants to play a fantasy battle game without that!
  10. Phase 1 - Moving around the board, sometimes you can play cards during this phase to move. Phase 2 - Building and moving dragons on the board. You play cards to build and move the dragons across the board. Phase 3 - You can discard zero, one or two cards from your hand then draw two cards plus an additional card for each extra card discarded. During your turn you can play as many cards in your hand as you want too or can. During the discard/draw phase, if you choose to you can discard zero, one or two cards. Then you draw two cards plus one additional card for each card you discarded. If you played all your cards during the second phase, when you are building or moving dragons you would have zero cards to discard during the third phase and you would draw two cards into your hand. Playing cards to build or move dragons during the second phase is NOT discarding and does count toward your draw cards or discards. I hope this helps clarify the discard/draw rule. Its one of my favorite games and I'm glad your having a good time with it so far!
  11. This is an excellent two player game. Its easy to learn and has quite a bit of decision making and tension. It takes a few plays to before it really 'clicks' but once it does its really a lot of fun.
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