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  1. Well, in under two hours we'll be playing RT, and this situation will be put to the test. The rules I'm setting down for this one . . . -A Hit and Run action with the Murder Servitors may only be done once per turn -A Hit and Run action with the Teleportarium may only be done once per turn -A Hit and Run action with the bonus from the barracks may only be done once per turn -Each of these will have the listed bonuses -Bonus for Barracks is applied to defending against a Hit and Run, unless it was used on a Hit and Run that turn. -Teleportarium and Murder Servitors do not help on the defense. I'm thinkin the above guidelines should be fair. Even then, the enemy ships will be hitting pretty hard. They're small ships, just frigates, but they're special frigates. They're some sort of ancient sentinel ships, entirely manned by archeotech servitors, which the explorers are going to mistakenly awaken while putting their noses where they shouldn't. They'll likely be using a lot of evasive maneuvers while repeatedly hitting our ship with the H&R. Should be a fun one.
  2. If you can't find a regular ship function for the Astropath to manage, you might want to add something extra to give him a part. Perhaps the other ship has psyker's that are tryin to mess with your crew, or perhaps an enemy psyker boards on a hit and run attack. I think there are a lot of options outside of the regular ship combat actions.
  3. Brother Praetus said: I'd rule you can only use your Murder Servitors to attack or defend, not both at once. -=Brother Praetus=- Good idea. the players may be able to hit pretty hard, but the enemy can certainly return the favor. That's the kinda dynamics I like to see.
  4. What I'm starting to think I might do is simply not suggest the teleportarium, and let them take the +20 on hit and runs with the murder servitors. If they come up with the idea of using the teleportarium, then I owe it to them for usin their noggins (though do I really? It's right there in the book. . . meh, whatever). As far as making it balanced in-game, letting them widdle the enemy ships down with hit and runs whilst they rock the evasive maneuvers really doesn't sound fair, but this is a roleplaying game. Using your head deserves a reward. Besides, what they won't know is that the enemy ships are protected by special murder servitors that get +30 on the command test.
  5. Our Dynasty's ship has both the Murder-Servitor and Teleportarium components. Both allow for a +20 bonus in the Hit and Run actions. I'm debating how I should handle this. What I'm debating between is letting it stack, or simply allowing them to go on two hit and run actions per strategic round, one with each. Or, perhaps if it stacks, have the combined bonus be only +30. Or, should I allow the +40? Any suggestions.
  6. If you have a character that starts of with the Wyrdling mutation, that might do it. It starts you off with Psy Rating 2 and 2 Psychic Techniques. You could make any further techniques as elite advances. If they go with Tainted as their Lure of the Void on the Origin path, they have the option of taking that mutation for 200xp. I think that's what I'll do, because I've been interested in the same thing.
  7. St. Jimmy said: 1. Instead of a set limit for the PCs to reach, give the enemy forces ways of winning back VP or claiming their own. In your example, a crushed ork unit is worth 1VP regardless of how many men it takes. Zapp Brannigan would be proud. If it makes Zapp Brannigan proud, I'm all for it
  8. In my group, our RT is given a significant amount of power, but he still acknowledges that it's a game, and everyone else wants to have fun, so he is almost always getting their input. However, his character's background is a bit unusual for a leader. He only recently inherited the title of Rogue Trader, and his place in the Dynasty was sort of as that odd fifth or sixth cousin to your uncles daughter's in-laws, twice removed. You get what I mean. It just so happened, however, that with the recent death of the former Rogue Trader, he was the closest of kin, and thus became Rogue Trader. (I'm not entirely sure whether or not such a thing could happen in the WH40k universe, but we're saying it can). As such, he doesn't exactly have the best of leadership skills, so he relies heavily on the other players. However, the character understands the idea of making a profit, so that works out nicely. Our Astropath tends to act as something of an advisor. Much of this is probably because he is the most familiar with the setting, and seems to know the rules better than I, the GM, do. He tends to follow him around and give good advice. To offset that good advice, we've got a very strong-willed and, well, let's say stupid Arch-Militant. This character adds loads of fun to the game, and the player's total unfamiliarity to the 40k setting results in some actions that most people in the universe wouldn't even consider. The other characters tend to be a bit quieter, maybe offering sound advice here and there. The result? When it comes time to make a decision, the RT hears everyone out, trying to mediate between the practical yet unexciting suggestions from the Astropath, and the way cool and probably really stupid but maybe if we don't all die profitable suggestions from the Arch-Militant. When none of the suggestions seem that cool, he goes with whatever option will be the most profitable. However, despite the decisions our RT makes, and his role as leader, every other player can determine the course of the game by their own decisions
  9. Now, this is way out of your low price range, but the models from Inquisitor are pretty cool looking, and some of them are absolutely perfect for Rogue Trader characters. But, well, at around 30 bucks a pop, I think I can live without them
  10. So, I've looked around these forums a bit, but couldn't find anything on this, so I hope I'm not bringing up something that has already been discussed. Has anyone made any stats for Eldar starships? In the scenario I'm running with my group right now, they're going to be dealing with some Eldar, specifically Ulthyr Ellarion (from the Creatures Anathema), and this could result in a nasty space battle, for which I'd like some stats for an eldar ship, including whatever weaponry they use. If anyone has any of those, or can point me in the direction of where I can find them, that'd be great. If not, mayhaps any advice on what to do should I write them myself would be helpful.
  11. My roleplaying group has a lot of trouble committing to a regular game night, at least while classes are going. With the semester having ended, and everyone home from college for a few weeks, we are finally going to get a couple of Rogue Trader scenarios in. However, since we are only going to get a couple in before the spring semesters start, we want our characters to start with a little more skills and such than usual. What would be a good amount of extra Starting Experience to allow for a good variety of skills, but not being too powerful?
  12. This weekend I plan on running the Into the Maw introductory scenario with my group. It will be our first time playing RT. What I'm wondering about is the amount of time I should allot for the scenario. It seems like it would be a longer one, best split into two sessions, but I'm not sure. Any advice from anyone who has already run this scenario?
  13. I like this idea. I'll be making a ship with my group next week, so I'll post one up shortly thereafter.
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