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  1. If I wanted to play Mask of the Oni before Winter's Embrace, would I have to change a lot to make the timelines work? I've not yet purchased those ones, so I don't know all the details, but I like the idea of playing a Winter Court intrigue adventure after the players have been to the Shadowlands, and having their attempts at intrigue hindered by the lingering impact of the horrors witnessed in the Shadowlands.
  2. I've got a player who is entirely new to the 40k universe, but she's interested in playing as an Inquisitor (through some house rules we're using). Any suggestions on where to point her to learn more about inquisitors? I know that there are a lot of great novels about inquisitors, but I'm looking for just some simple wiki pages and such that would give her a good overview, without being too much. Thanks!
  3. With FFG dropping support of Rogue Trader, and all other Warhammer IPs, is there another place that the community has migrated to? There's till these archived message boards, but it would be nice to have a place better dedicated to Rogue Trader... Anybody know for sure?
  4. I'm still working on this, and will post more details when I've made more progress. It's definitely turning into a bigger project, but I think it will be worth it. I've also made a slight adjustment to hit locations, modeling them after the rules from The Riddle of Steel. We're keeping the same zones (Arm, Body, Head, Legs), but rather than randomly determining where you hit, you decide which zone you're going for, and how you're attacking. For instance, if you want to attack the Body with a power sword, there are multiple ways to do it — an overhand swing, a horizontal swing, or maybe an upward swing. Each of those locations will most likely hit the chest, but could the defender can cause the attack to "wander" into a different, less fatal zone. I'm also making some major changes to Wounds/Critical Damage, and Psychic Powers.
  5. I'm working on adapting Rogue Trader to be able to use the Star Wars Dice system. It's looking to be quite the undertaking, as I've got to modify a good chunk of the talents, but I think it's going to work out great. I'll share my work in this thread, as I get further along, but at this point I'd like to get your feedback on just one aspect of it — When should I adjust the difficulty of a roll, versus just adding boost or setback dice. When something grants a bonus, I'm adding 1 Boost dice per +10 bonus. When something incurs a penalty, I'm adding 1 Setback dice per -10 penalty. I'm only changing the difficulty of the dice roll when the test is given a specific difficulty, such as "Ordinary (+10)". That's working, for the most part, but I'm left wondering when I should upgrade dice, rather than adding boost, setback, or difficulty. Any suggestions or thoughts on that? Thanks!
  6. I'm running Lure of the Expanse with my group, and I've run into an issue with the Achievement Points. The whole campaign calls for 3000 points to succeed, with a bonus +1 PF per 100 points beyond 3000. Just going off of the possible point values written into the campaign, these numbers are very reasonable. But then we add the bonuses from various Ship Components. My group would be getting a Theme bonus on almost every objective in the campaign, often amounting to much higher than the objective is even worth! In the Heathen Trail portion of the campaign, they're capable of getting bonus Achievement Points in excess of 2000. It's a little unbalanced. Any ideas how to solve this problem? I'm not just going to hand over the bonus points for free — they'll have to come up with a legitimate way to utilize the component that's going to give them the bonus — but I've learned to never underestimate the players' ability to do what it takes to maximize their rewards. Maybe I should alter the values in the campaign? Or reduce the bonus from their components? Has anyone else dealt with this issue? NOTE: This is the first time I'm actually trying to utilize the Achievement Point system in Rogue Trader. In all previous campaigns, I tossed out that part of the system, usually due to lack of planning. I really want this to work, though.
  7. I'm going to be starting a Rogue Trader campaign, soon, with a group that is entirely unfamiliar with the 40k Universe. Can anyone recommend any good 40k lore guides available on youtube? EDIT: The majority of lore guides I've found on youtube go into great detail on the Primarchs and the Space Marines. While that's an important part of the universe, it's less relevant to the Rogue Trader experience. I'm looking for guides that give equal attention to the other factions within the Imperium, as well as Xenos and Chaos.
  8. This is definitely a possibility, as the point of this house rule is to increase the risk involved in combat. If the players' response would be to just send in the troops rather than dealing with combat personally, then such a house rule is not for them. Keep in mind, however, that this will make the enemies more vulnerable, as well. If the average enemy goes down in one or two hits, that means they'll have less time to cause hurt to the players. My first introduction to roleplaying games was The Riddle of Steel, which was designed for realistic combat, and was a whole lot more deadly that the Rogue Trader system. We'd have some players that had to roll a new character after just about every other game. That has strongly influenced my tastes in RPGs, so I'm always looking for a more deadly game.
  9. One of my favorite aspects of Rogue Trader is Critical Damage system.It adds a lot of flavor to combat, and it further immerses you in the brutality of the Warhammer universe. However, I hate the system for Wounds. Wounds are really just a measurement of how much more damage needs to be dealt before interesting things happen. Why not have interesting things happen the whole time? Why can't critical damage come into play from the beginning? In an upcoming campaign, I'm going to try some house rules to change wounds and critical damage. - 1) There are no more Wounds. Players don't have wounds, NPCs don't have wounds. - 2) The Critical Damage tables are expanded, ranging from 1-20 instead of 1-10. Each result that is currently on the table will count for two points of critical damage (for example, the first result would be for 1-2 damage, the next result would be 3-4 damage, and so on). At some future point, however, I would like to write up results for all 20 points of critical damage. - 3) Critical Damage is no longer cumulative — at least not in the way that it was. The first time a character takes damage, you'll apply it to the critical damage table, as normal. The second time they take damage, count it as normal, but then increase the result by one. The third time you increase it by two, then three, then four, and so on. This means that each attack that hits you isn't necessarily going to be worse than the previous attack, but several smaller attacks will still be able to wear down and eventually kill a character. Let's look at an example: Tristan Orthesian, a Rank 1 Rogue Trader, gets shot by a bolt gun. The damage rolled is 12. His Enforcer Light Carapace, after being reduced by the Bolt Gun's Pen 4, stops 2 of the damage, and his Toughness Bonus stops 3 of the damage. In the end, that's still 7 damage. Via the official rules, that wouldn't even get through the 8 Wounds that he has; he'd be unaffected by the shot. With these house rules, though, it would immediately deal critical damage. 7 points of damage would get him the fourth result on the damage table (the result for 7-8). In this case, he was shot in the arm. He suffers fatigue and shock, and the arm is rendered useless until he receives medical attention. Much more impact than the regular rules. Tristan gets attacked a second time, this time from a Chainsword dealing 11 damage. After armor and toughness are applied, he's taking only 4 damage. That would cause him to suffer the second result on the damage table, had this been the first time he was wounded in that battle. As he's already suffered critical damage once, we increase the result by one, so he instead suffers the third result on the damage table. It wasn't as bad as the first damage he took, but the fact that he'd already taken damage made it worse than it would have been, otherwise. --- There will be some features and abilities that need adjusting to fit this, such as the Sound Constitution talent. The removal of wounds from the equation makes that talent pointless. We could change it to something else, though. Perhaps you can use your Sound Constitution talent to lower the damage result by one. You can use it a number of times per encounter equal to how many times you've taken the talent. Something like that. There are also some things that affect starting Wounds. To compensate for that, maybe we just give the Sound Constitution talent, as modified by these house rules, to those characters who would have higher starting Wounds. What do you all think of this set of rules? Any glaring flaws? Any improvements that could be made? I know this isn't everyone's preferred style of play. Some people like the safety net that a pool of hit points provides. Some people like to have "boss fight" enemies that take a prolonged combat to gradually bring them down. I don't like that. I like people to die. Quick and bloody.
  10. Well, would you look at that... I had them all along! I was just looking for a pdf file that only contained those cards, not the cards and errata combined. Thanks!
  11. Back when I first started playing Fireborn, in 2005, I remember having some handy reference cards, with all of the different moves you can use in a physical action. It was very helpful for learning combat, and speeding it up. However, I can't seem to find the ones I printed out, and can't find the digital files for them online. I don't know if they were fan-made, or official FFG cards. Anybody know where to find them?
  12. When the Awakened Psyker alternate rank is taken, you gain Psy Rating 1. However, there does not seem to be any way to raise the Psy Rating beyond that. Any ideas, other than just an elite advance?
  13. Here's my plan on how to handle the Colony Characteristics: Complacency While Complacency is greater than Size, the crew benefits from +10 Morale. When Complacency is reduced to 0, Order and Productivity decrease by 1d5. Order: While Order is greater than size, all Command Tests to the crew benefit from a +10 Bonus. Also, its Productivity increases by 1. When Order is reduced to 0, the crew suffers -30 to Morale. Productivity: While Productivity is greater than size, all Ship Actions benefit from a +10 Bonus. When Productivity is reduced to 0, the Ship counts as being Crippled. Piety: While Piety is greater than Size, Order and Complacency are increased by 1. When Piety is reduced to 0, Order and Complacency are reduced by 1d5. Until the problem is fixed, rolls on the Warp Travel Encounters happen once for every 3 days of warp travel, rather than 5 (due to less protection from the God-Emperor . . . sinners.) Note that none of these affect Profit Factor. I've decided not to have the ship affect profit factor at all. I'll leave that to regular Colonies, and all of the cool stuff the players do. Anyhow, feel free to offer suggestions or other ideas on how to work things.
  14. You all raise some valid points about a the trouble a ship-as-a-colony would have in sustaining itself or generating a profit. I don't really intend to have my players view it as a source of profit. Their endeavors will still be their main source of profit. I'm mostly interested in my players recognizing that the ship has a culture of its own, being crewed by people who view it as a home, rather than a job. I'll follow the rules for Colony stats (Complacency, Order, etc), as well as have them experience Calamitous or Fortunate events, just like a colony.
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