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  1. Gaius Frakkin Baltar said: 4-5 turns? So like one jump cycle? You've never had a jump cycle without cylon ships appear? I'm really not sure why this is being discussed at all; nobody's convincing anyone, but hey, it's a slow morning... That's 4-5 turns of people using EO on the president. So it's only 4-5 turns in a row if everyone has EO. It's also 5 turns where: no one is scouting the crisis deck no one is scouting the destination deck no one draws extra cards to buff their hand size or versatility no one launches in a viper no one looks at loyalty cards etc, etc, etc. If you do this 'drawing the whole deck' thing, you've either gotten really lucky, or you're relying on luck. In my experience, relying on luck is a really good way to lose as the humans. James
  2. If the humans have had so easy a go of it that the President has nothing better to do with their time than draw the entire frakking Quorum deck, then the cylons were going to lose that game anyway. Frankly, we've never had a game where there wasn't something more pressing. Draw some Quorum cards so you've got some options? Sure. Having an easy game and building a big hand? Awesome. But, assuming your Pres is not Laura, and assuming you get EO'd for all of them, that's still 4-5 turns dedicated to drawing the deck out at the absolute best, with those EO's not getting used for anything else. Plus another turn drawing (or a turn using EO) and probably a Strategic Planning card every time you pull this trick... go to town. As a cylon, I encourage the use of this. I recommend supplementing this strategy with throwing suspected cylons in the brig at every opportunity. If you try this when I'm a human and we're not already really, really winning... I'll shoot you in the head and toss you out the nearest airlock. Cylon. James
  3. See, now this is simply your cylons demonstrating a lack of sneakiness. If there's a skill check on the table that doesn't really matter much, and I'm a cylon, I'll throw strong positive behind it, so as to not have them for something more important. Our group hasn't strategically failed a test to get info about a player's skill cards, but ferdamshur we've done it to get data on the Destiny Deck. I don't see how it's that different. It feels to me as pretty identical to any of the other "guaranteed" cylon checks, like counting cards, or tracking colours. Which is to say, it's only guaranteed if the cylon has made a mistake, or gambled, and always has potential to backfire on the accuser. James
  4. That FAQ is refering to Quorum cards played and kept face up on the table, like 'Mission Specialist', not to the hand of unplayed cards. James
  5. Hmm, checking the rules, you're correct. You aren't preventing from revealing what types of cards you have, just the number. Although in our play, we are much more hard-nosed about this, and nobody is allowed to say anything specific about their cards at all. I think it's a better way to play, personally. James
  6. Saying "I don't have any evasive manuevers" is violating the rules of secrecy, in the same way that saying you do is violating it. James
  7. Trump said: To hell with VASSAL. Tried getting it set up today and had no luck. The "simple" manual did not produce a working copy of VASSAL. Sure, tons of people have figured it out and use it all of the time, but I don't have time to experiment. If they can't spell it out correctly, then I have better things to do. Bummer because there were a number of games on VASSAL I'd like to try out. ??? Go to the VASSAL engine website (www.vassalengine.org), click "Quick Launch".
  8. Cylon ships do whatever they do (attack, launch, whatever) when the appropriate icon appears on a crisis card.
  9. This game is about making difficult choices with limited information. Why should a cylon get off scott free from that theme? IMO, if you're a cylon from the start, that's part of the tension: do I reveal, do I stay hidden, do I risk getting tagged with the sympathiser card? Do I push hard and risk getting thrown in the brig, do I play a deeper game? All part of the fun and challenge. James
  10. SirDusk said: Does Helo start the game drawing a crisis card? He starts off the ship and cant take a move or an action. Roslins side effect discarding two cards to activate a ships location does this include Colonial One? If it does its more of a hendrence then any other character, I been playing it she only discards cards to activate a spot on Galatica as she is not a military person. If she dose have to discards on Colonial One and doesnt have the cards to discard can she still activate a space on Colonial One? I am a firm believer in times of peace to use exective orders to give the president actions to draw quarm cards (one exective order is 4 quarm cards) as they are very usefull tools. If someone crisis card that tosses someone in the brig. Can they choose someone all ready in the brig? It came up twice in my last game. I thought it was cheese and said no, but the other half of the group said it should be and instead of slowing down the game I left it and said I'd ask about it. Just a few questions we came up with last game cant remember the rest. Yes, you draw a Crisis card on Helo's first turn. Roslin's disadvantage applies to any location on either ship. If a player is given the choice to throw a character in the brig, they can choose any character that is not a revealed cylon. The max hand size for skill cards is 10, regardless of human or cylon. The only exception is Tyrol, whose disadvantage sets his hand size at 8 (which would immediately stop applying if he revealed as a cylon). James
  11. Yes, it gets discarded. Same as the other Quorum card that can stay in play attached to a character (don't recall the title off the top of my head) - the one that allows that character to choose the next jump location. James
  12. Anything that makes it harder for the humans to win is to be avoided. They have a hard enough time already. James
  13. When the location is damaged, you can't use the listed action for that location until it is repaired; that is all. Vipers can still land, and vipers that are placed as part of a crisis card are still placed.
  14. I'd have to hunt it down (and it may have been on the old boards), but it's been clearly stated that the Command location is 2 activations, which can be two seperate Vipers, or the same Viper twice. Given the similarity in wording, I'd apply the same interpretation to Apollo's ability. He's the CAG: it's his job to order pilots. If he tells the only pilot left in the air to get his bird across Galactica and kill everything it sees, well then, they'd better do that. James
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