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  1. As everyone who's picked up the starter knows, the counters included in the game are pretty flimsy, and there are an awful lot of them to keep track of. I improved mine in two ways. I posted this on BGG, but thought I'd point it out in some of the other Anima Tactics places as well. I posted a pic here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/1053863/anima-tactics For the wound counters, I picked up a pack of thin styrofoam sheets from a local dollar store and glued the counters to them, using a different color for each wound value to make them easy to search through. For the states, I got 10mm wooden cubes from a craft store and glued the state counters to the sides. I did some cubes with the 6 negative states, and some with the 5 positive states (counting berserk as positive), plus a blank face to use for 'Hidden'. Much, much easier to manage and track states with these!
  2. Thanks for the advice. Still not sure I see a good use here Mostly, it seems like anything the fire demon could do, a stray agent could do better. Rather than, for example, having Ophiel send 2 actions summoning the fire demon, he could just have a cheap Samael agent tag along and go be a doorstop or missile. I'm thinking maybe it would be more effective against ranged units, since its hard to hit with ranged attacks. Summon it to block shots from them and go pin them down for a while. Partly in the games I've used them in so far, I've seen bad luck compounded with the low stats - I've had a fire demon miss 3 out of 3 attacks on a paralyzed target
  3. I think the Fire Demon is an absolutely lovely (in a smouldering, evil, destructive way) mini, but I'm finding I have no clue how to use the thing. With a recovery of only 2, and an attack score so low it can't hit the ground, it seems to just flounder around and miss a lot. Now, there may be some summoners that can boost its abilities, but I'm just looking for thoughts on the base model with a standard summoner. The 20 point fire demon shows up with 2 actions. It can't charge right away, and it can't reach anyone with a free move, so it probably doesn't do anything first turn. Next turn, it loses a bind token and has none left. It can then charge. Next turn it likely goes away (barring a lucky stability roll). The 30 point demon lasts a turn longer, but still probably only gets maybe 1 charge and 2 attacks. That probably miss. The best use I can think of is to just tie down some enemies. Ideally, if there are a few together, you can get them all with its flaming aura and make it hard for them to get away. Suggestions? Ideas? Clever tactics?
  4. I think at least part of the problem you're having with this game is that the game want to play is not the game this was designed to be. Perhaps I was foolishly misled by that big blurb on the cover about a game of Conquest, adventure and Fantasy Empires. Silly me The thing is, the majority of the game is about the Conquest and Empire part. That's what most of your actions do, that's what most of the rules are about, that's the focus of most of the actual game play. You can do a little bit to support the quest phase, but mostly its one stray thing that happens once every four turns. I guess you and I have differing definitions of "obfuscated." Obfuscated = Hidden. Not apparent. Needing to roll a 3+ on a D6 is obvious odds. A deck of uncertain composition isn't. I'd start by suggesting you the fate deck and come up with some dice rolling mechanics to simplify and "de-obfuscate" the odds. While that's an annoying design choice, its not really a big deal. Knowing "gold is unlikely, triangles are worst, circles and squares better, and hexagons the best" is probably ok for this scale of game. I think we'll try playing with some open dragon runes near the middle of the board to fight over. That will put more runes into the game. Even with that, the play time may be killer. Really a snail's paced game that could easily have been made faster with better mechanics and design (the dials, for example, could have avoided the need to continually re-count resources, but were implemented in a way so they don't. Dumb, dumb!)
  5. Sorry guys. I'm taking my frustration out on you guys, who are just trying to be helpful, and its really not your fault. I know that FFG games usually (IMHO) stink. I spent months looking at Runewars going "Oh, that looks so awesome...but I need to resist, because I'm just going to hate it". Finally got a chance to try before buying and it was fun...and then spent the money to buy, and our first play was so bad I'm not sure it will get played again. Just very frustrating. True again, although I find that using heroes and influence bids are both much easier means of gaining runes than taking them from the enemy I completely agree with this. However, those are pretty limited opportunities. The other runes, you need to take by force. This is where I see a scaling problem; the number of runes available is about the same with 2 players or with 4. Also, this is another major problem (to me). This is supposed to be a conquest and empire building game, but the core of the point scoring is based on a lousy bidding game and a pretty pathetic quest-adventure minigame. I wouldn't say the stats are obfuscated. To know your odds of success, just go through an entire deck of cards before the game starts, write down all the values. Then, when you need to know, go through the whole discard pile counting all the numbers, compare it to your written down sheet of values, divide... It would be pretty hard to be LESS obfuscated.
  6. I guess this is yet another victim of FFGs complete lack of ever bothering to playtest with varying numbers of players. However, we didn't really get it with the intention of playing it two player, so I guess I'll just have to kick myself being an idiot and wasting yet more money on another stupid FFG game.
  7. This has never been a problem in games I've played, however, I would probably be inclined to just space them out as evenly as possible and forget what the rules technically say about it... This is what we did. It may have just been a freak occurence, but it really stuck out since it was our first play. Glad to know that's not normal. Can't say I've had this experience either. Runewars's rulebook is probably one of the best organized I've seen from FFG, it even has small index of "commonly overlooked rules" on the back reference sheet! This is not to say it's perfect, of course. I'm not trying to belittle your frustration, but I must respectfully disagree with the impression you give. Seriously? This was is just atrocious in terms of organization. All the info is there - there was never a question we couldn't answer (though some we couldn't answer until much later after thoroughly reading the rulebook again), but the index is inexcusably bad. And there are really major rules tucked away in example sidebars and no where else. Both true, but also unnecessary. The goal of the game is to control territory, not to conquer your opponents. Well, the goal is to get dragon runes. Outside of sending out your heroes and waiting for auctions, the only way to do that is take them from your opponents. Which requires fighting. Since the vast majority of the game is about recruiting troops and fighting, I'd expect it to work well. How much combat do you usually have in your games? Other times the neutruals will be thinned out from fighting or retreating with nowhere to go and virtually disappear from the map. Gaining control of neutrals requires a Gold result on the draw, of which there are only 4 in the deck. Thus most diplomacy attempts will result in failure. We never fought neutrals, always attempting diplomacy and forcing them to retreat. Though, had we known how unlikely this was to succeed (good grief this game has obfuscated stats) we might have not bothered, but two players had objectives requiring controlling neutral units. Thanks for the feedback so far. I'm really wondering if we screwed something up, either in terms of rules (double checking, we've found a few minor goofs - usually things we tired to clarify but couldn't find at the time - but nothing major), or in terms of bad tactics that drug the game out, but I have no idea how to figure out what.
  8. It can only be summoned once. Check out the FAQ at the Anima Tactics Oracle here: http://atoracle.wikidot.com/en-summon and check the 'Rulings and Clarifications' tab.
  9. Decided to quickly assemble my new agent (Samael and Azure) minis last night. Quickly...yeah. C'mon FFG (or whichever company actually makes the minis). The minis look cool. Its really neat how you get variant heads and weapons to customize each agent. But not all of us have the advanced metalworking skills and unbreakable polymer super-adhesives needed to assemble these dang things!
  10. Of course, in a friendly game with your opponent's agreement, anything goes
  11. I played a sample game of this a month or so ago, just trying it with 2 players, and we really liked it. We didn't manage much combat as the elf player (my opponent, of course) got runes awfully fast, but it was fun sending out our armies and troops. It took only about an hour to play, and we were both completely new to the game and had to punch it. Fast for to now. We pick up Runewars for Christmas. We play a 4 player game. Ugh. We quit about 4 hours in, with 2 years still left to go and no one making a convincing run for 6 runes. Some things that really stuck out as problems: 1) Set up. We got the board all set up, and spent easily 10 minutes figuring out that we couldn't place the player start location tiles by the rules. Is this often a problem? 2) Rules. Having not played in a while, we needed to look up a lot of rules. This was always an exercise in frustration. Nothing we wanted to know was ever indexed, and many important rules were hidden in odd places. 3) Not enough runes. With 2 players, we got runes fast. With 4, spreading out the runes from heroes and events, we were only up to 4 runes each or so. There really aren't any more runes coming into the 4 player game than the 2 player game, but they spread out among twice as many players! 4) Stagnant conflicts. I send an army to attack, which wipes out your army. You then come back and wipe out mine. Neither of us ever make progress. None of the fighting ever got near actually capturing an opposing rune. 5) Fighting is a bad idea. Player A attacking player B is mostly good for C, who can mop up the weakened survivors. 6) Huge lumps of neutrals. The neutral creatures were being pushed around into huge armies. Luck of the draw of who could recruit them seemed very major. So...much longer play time than expected, frustratingly slow...are there likely to be things we did wrong? Does anyone else see these issues?
  12. StormKnight

    Sum. Cards

    As I mentioned, my cards are not nearly as nice, but the Reich and Union set is up over at BGG, here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/56609/tannhauser-revised-pack-cards-reich-and-union
  13. Because if you can argue that there are female space marines, one of the most definitive parts of the setting, then you can really argue for anything. Tell me, honestly, that in your first exposure to 40K you looked at a table filled with awesomely painted models depicting swarms of aliens overrunning the valiant armored and fearsome marines, and thought "Meh, that's dumb" up until a guy walked up to you and said "Hey, all the people in armor are MEN!" at which point you said "Wow, that's totally cool!" Honestly. Oddly enough, this "definitive" part of the setting seems to have been overlooked in numerous iterations of the rulebook and even in marine codexi. Strange, given that its apparently such a fundamental part of the game. Its not a fundamental part of the game. Space Marines are Space Marines by virtue of being near-unstoppable superhuman holy crusaders, fearless, resolute and merciless, with deadly tactics and ancient and powerful armor. Not by virtue of the body waste disposal systems on their armor being a slightly different build than those on the Adeptas Sororitas. "Its no longer 40K" is a pathetic argument. How much can you change a system before its "no longer ..."? If you add one character to the game is it no longer 40K? If you add a world? If you allow a marine to carry a shuriken catapult (the player has an old 40K model armed with one...)? Everyone is going to change RPGs to their own taste. That's the nature of RPGs. Your characters will change what the RPG is by their very actions within the game world. To you, female Space Marines crosses the line into "no longer 40K". Given that, its honestly hard for me to imagine ANY change that wouldn't cross the line. Bolt pistols carry an extra round? No longer 40K! A new type of daemon? No longer 40K! To travel that distance in that time, the Land Raider would have had to go 20 kph over the top speed of a Land Raider? No longer 40K! The utter determination which people in here say "There are no female Space Marines. Period" is a bit...scary. I've never seen that kind of response in an RPG forum before. If someone said "Hey, I think Fimir would make cool foes in a Deathwatch game", would people be saying "There are no Fimir. Period"? I doubt it, though Fimir don't appear in the 40K universe. There ARE female space marines. Do I need to show you the old magazine scenario? 40K armies that are tournament legal? Transcripts of 40K RPGs played with other systems? Do you really not believe those exist. But that's what you're saying (unless you really mean "there are no REAL female Space Marines", which is true - as there are no REAL male Space Marines). You (I refer to several of you) are absolutely determined to use that language. Its not enough that "officially" there are no female marines - there must not be any, in anyone else's game either. Now, people are throwing up arguments like "we can't have mutants...". Have you ever played a game with a mutant? Did the tentacles present problems for rolling dice? Poverty? Are characters who started poor prevented from becoming Space Marines? Nope - heck, poverty that any of us know probably looks like riches to some of the deathworlds they recruit from. Can they become Inquisitors, Gaurd commanders, Assassins? Sure. Can they become a wealthy Imperial Noble? Yep. Heck, wouldn't be much point to the "profit" values in Rogue Trader if you started rich, would there? Quite a lot of us have never been in a position, in real life, where we are told, in a way that matters, "who you ARE is not good enough". Many of us have. Straight white males are going to fall overwhelmingly into the first half of that equation. If you've never been told that, you probably have no idea what its like. You have no idea how it is to be told "you are not good enough. The very nature of what you are is flawed and wrong, and you are wrong for trying to deny it. You are not allowed to be who you are". If a woman shows up to a Deathwatch game and you say "you're not allowed to be a female marine", that's what your saying. "YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY A MARINE". "I can imagine a world with eight foot humans that spit acid, ships that travel through realms made of fear incarnate and living gods that destroy tanks the size of skyscrapers, but I CANNOT imagine a person like YOU being a cool character in that world". For the sake of a tiny bit of flavor text that in practical play would come down to using a pronoun that half of you would probably get wrong anyway, are you really enough of a jerk to tell someone that? I just wandered into this forum out of minor curiosity. I'd say its been satisfied, and I doubt this will go anywhere but in circles from here, so I'm done with this. I doubt most of you will really bother to actually think about this. If anyone does, that's great. And yeah, my games will continue to have female Space Marines, as they have for the last decade or more, whether you like it or not!
  14. Srewing around too much with the existing background could take the feeling out of the game. This is being used as an excuse over and over, and its a load of spore-fed snotling excrement. If I wanted to run adventure with the PCs as the Deathwatch team accompanying Inquisitor Kryptmann to capture a genestealer brood to divert the hive fleet into ork territory, nobody would be flipping out about it. But if the PCs fail (entirely possible - a 40K RPG is not a happy high adventure heroes always win kind of game by any means!) that will result in the destruction of countless words and billions of people that didn't die in the "real" background. The Imperial fleet will suffer crushing losses that will destabilize their control elsewhere in the galaxy. The orks will continue to rampage unchecked. The hive fleet will evolve in different ways without the influx of ork DNA. The Imperium is going to change radically and vastly - it might not even survive! Female marines is nothing compared to that. Its a minor difference on a few thousand people, which doesn't change any of the existing actual backstory or events. If I decide to describe a marine chapter that uses Scout armor exclusively or has bolters with built in lasguns (a result of hundreds of years of extended long distance campaigns without resupply), that's a much bigger change than a female marine chapter, and nobody would be spazzing out about it. Heck, I didn't see a single person getting upset about a guy's "Hello Kitty" 40K ork army. You're telling me its fine to play a game against a bunch of orks emblazoned with Hello Kitty logos, but when halfway through the battle your opponent goes "Ha! You missed her!" as you target the marine captain, you're suddenly going to throw a hissy fit and stomp out of the game? I don't see many people wanting to play a male "Sisters of Battle" Character. I don't see a "Sisters of Battle" RPG. And if we did, the Sisters of Battle would not be the coolest, most capable, most bad-ass organization in the 40K universe. I do know I've seen guys getting ticked off that their male character couldn't get as good a horse as the Otaku battle maidens in Legend of the Five Rings, that they couldn't play a male Zentradai and get to use the Elite Female Power armor in Macross Robotech, and even players getting upset that they couldn't have a male Slayer in the Buffy RPG. Oh, no, having the same powers as a Slayer isn't good enough; he must be able to BE a Slayer. In the flippin' BUFFY RPG. And you know what? L5R eventually added an "Otaku Steed" advantage to let anyone get the cool horse, and the Buffy RPG mentioned the possibility of male Slayers in alternate game settings. Can't have the poor guys having their egos threatened. That's what this comes down to. We're talking about men who are getting their ego threatened by the mere idea that in someone else's game women to get to play characters as good and cool as they do. One thing that doesn't seem to have been touched on much during this discussion are why the Emperor and his Scientists (or indeed any similar Imperial organisation) would even contemplate the concept of female Astrates. Because after thousands of years of war in the vast future, facing the imminent destruction of your entire species, you're not going to bog yourself down with notions of traditional gender roles, you're going to pick whatever individuals have the best fighting skill, physical prowess, courage, etc - which in a world shaped by thousands of years of war is probably going to include some women. There are no female Marines. What is so hard about that to grasp? You're wrong. I've run homebrew RPGs with female marines. I've seen them in 40K games, in Space Hulk games, and in Epic 40K games. I've even had a RPG with a female primarch. People have been making female marine armies back to Rogue Trader days. I've even got a magazine with a published scenario that has a female marine chapter in it. There ARE female Space Marines, whether you want to stick your head in the sand try to protect your ego by pretending they don't exist or not. There's a basic, simple answer to the original question. "The current official canon does not have female Space Marines. But you can do whatever you want with your game, and no rules changes are needed to include them". That should have been the simple, end of the subject answer. But apparently its too threatening to some people. Or they get too much of a thrill out of regressing to being 5 and saying "You can play with us, but only if you pretend to be a boy".
  15. Good grief. I now want to get at least the Free RPG day module for Deathwatch and run a game just so I can post a session reports and send a bunch of overly fragile insecure men into hysteric fits when most of the marines are female. (As most of the players I have are female and prefer female characters). Are there female Space Marines? No. Absolutely not. There are no MALE Space Marines either. They're all made up. Thus, they are whatever the hell you want them to be. Saying "its not worth the effort" or "it violates fluff" is the height of ridiculousness. It takes no more effort than remembering the correct honorific and pronoun i play. Which, honestly, based on everything I've seen, people will constantly screw up when a player is playing a character of the wrong gender. You're changing the fluff more every time you create a new world to explore, or new alien race, or new species of demon, or have your PCs kill a foe who's going strong in the main fluff. If there's a single one of you that's posted about how there are no female Space Marines and you ever, ever wonder "why aren't there more female gamers?", guess what. Its YOUR fault.
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