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  1. Opposed by Intuition sounds right, as it is the person you are trying to read and not the actual numbers on the cards.
  2. Hi Memetix, I really like the modern sheets look, and to be honest I hadn't looked much at the Gothic sheet. But now that I have, I do like that it shows the percentiles of the skills so you don't need to add all the numbers together time and again. And it looks very nice and easy too for quick reviews. Other than that I find it useful to have descriptions for some talents or special abilities. Maybe you could let the player choose wether or not a description should show on the sheet. Like with the possibility to add a bonus to the skills, you could have a box with an option for a description, and if the user adds a text here it will show up under or next to the talent/special ability. I would also like a small text showing what xp is needed for the next rank. And that about it Other than that it looks great!
  3. 6 is the maximum you can buy a primary characteristic up to. And 5 is the max for other characteristics.
  4. Sounds like you should try out the "Immobilizing shot", this will stop one creature from charging for a couple of rounds.
  5. To complete the career the player has to take 10 advancement within the career. This also means 10 xp. On the character sheet some of these advancements are listed as open advancements. There are 6 slots for these. These are used to take stat increases within the career. So if a character wants to go from 5 to 6 in a stat these 6 slots will all be filled up by this one advancement and the character then only needs to take the 4 specific advancements to complete the career. This being one Action Card, Talent, Skill or specialization and one Wound.
  6. Very nice drawings. I have a character for you, he is a hunter/soldier/scout: He is primary a hunter/scout and living outdoors Very large man, strong, agile and tough. He is described as the largest man many has seen Has brown hair and a full beard Wears Leather armor and rabbit furs and a hat made of rabbit skin Carries a Longbow and a quiver with arrows on his back and an Axe and a Dagger in his belt A travel sack with all the necessities for outdoor survival, a rolled up rug, a pot and a few traps to catch game (snares) (I imagine the sack is quite full, and some of these items I have listed could be attached to the sack) He is also fond of his wineskin and prefers to keep it handy and looks friendly and somewhat happy when drinking! Would be cool to see a portrait of this character. And of course you don't need to include all the details. Black and white would be perfect so I could print it. Anyways great effort!
  7. How many are effected by this action card? Does the player choose, himself or any one of his allies or do all in the same engagement benefit from it?
  8. Thanks for the answers Cipher and Sirion. I wasn't aware that there were a difference between the two. So you can spend your reaction and get an extra attack, but you will have to decide to do this in your own turn?
  9. I am a bit confused about how many extra attacks are allowed and from what sources? For example an Explorer with the Weapon MIU gives the user a free attack with that weapon. Does this count against the same action type, so that the explorer can't make a normal standard attack? The Ballistic Mechadendrite gives the option of using the characters reaction as and attack instead. In my opinion both of these options should be usable at the same time as making a normal standard attack action, or the multiple attack action. But what do you think and how do you handle these situations?
  10. They only subtract hits, if one or more hits still hits the ship the crit will take effect. This threat is kind of funny because we have experienced the same problem around our table. Counting degrees of success to land a critical and therefore, in some situations, counting degrees of successes for total hits landed with a battery. It becomes a bit confusing to have to only count degrees, in some situation, and also the first success in other situation. I think we are going to change it, so the first success always take effect. And I think this is what is intended in most cases. It would be strange to have a skill test fail, with a mere success.
  11. Would be nice to get clarified if the Machine Trait armor stacks with normal armor. And if Machine trait stacks with Armor Plating as well: On page 375 the Battle Servitor and Grapplehawk Servitor is both stated as having armor plating and machine (4). The Battle Servitor has Armor (Machine): All 6. The Grapplehawk has Armor (Machine): All 4. The talent would be rather useless to buy up if the armor doesn't stack with worn armor.
  12. Sorry to alarm you. This was actually caused by the Tainted: Deviant Philosophy. It didn't give the bonus in previous edition and therefore I became confused. And unfortunately I can't save the character, but I guess this is because I am running excel on my mac. Other than that, great work. You could add a few more spaces for the elite advances, as I am planing / hoping to get further implants Thanks!
  13. Seems the forge world origin adds 3 to Will Power.
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