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  1. Mauganra

    Corellian Conflict Fleet Roster Excel Sheets

    Thanks, this looks very helpful
  2. Mauganra

    [Blog] Armada Dice part II: Squadron to Ship

    Very nice article. Thank you for sharing and helping kill some time while we wait for the new squadron articles
  3. If you are in the Northern Colorado area come and check out our Armada tournament on Sunday at Gryphon Games and Comics, 1119 W Drake Rd, Fort Collins, CO. 400pt standard tournament $10 entry fee 3 rounds, 2.5 hours each 9a - 9:30a: Registration 9:30a - 12p: Round 1 12p - 12:45p: Lunch 12:45p - 3:15p: Round 2 3:15p - 3:30p: Break 3:30p - 6p: Round 3 http://www.meetup.com/NCWarhammer/events/229267210/
  4. I'd be interested on your take on the new squadrons. Its the one part of Wave 2 that you havn't spent a lot of time on yet but which I think has some interesting possibilities. Thanks!
  5. Excellent! Thank you for the time and effort you have spent putting this together.
  6. Frist of all, I applaud your effort and like the direction you are going with things so far. I think this will make an excellent addition to the community. Since you are looking for feedback I thought I'd make a few suggestions for your consideration. 1) For the squadrons I would suggest making the Anti-squadron and Anti-ship attack bars have the same value range. i.e. 4 or even 5. I think that would create a better visual comparison on their relative strengths since each type of attack would be on the same scale. 2) I'm not sure if this would be possible with the tools that you are using, but it might be interesting to have a single bar showing a ship/squadron's attacks that has a black, blue and red segment (just like the range ruler) with a number next to it for each die type. It could save space and leverage a design aesthetic from the game. Thanks for all your hard work on this. I look forward to seeing it’s evolution.
  7. Actually a number of Black Library novels describe las weapons as imparting kinetic energy to their target as well as having recoil. Apparently 'las' is not short for laser. At least as we know them today.