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  1. I've enjoyed reading your campaign setting book; a lot of interesting ideas and the art... wow. I have one question: It doesn't specify one way or the other,but are all the species Silhouette 1? (I'm specifically thinking about the Nidenos [evolved dinosuars?])
  2. Just listened to your 'Teaser'. I'm really looking forward to Thursday. Welcome back.
  3. Is it reasonable to assume the 17 shards listed in the book are not the only existing types? And if not, has anyone specced out any additional ones?
  4. Using Acrobat Reader, I was able to redo the Skill list into a Terrinoth-specific format. 😊
  5. If you try to use it directly from the Drive link, I don't think i will work. I had to download it and open it in a PDF reader (Adobe or Foxit) to gain the functionality.
  6. Initiative: As I understand it, at the beginning of the encounter, each PC and NPC (I assume minions can be taken as groups) rolls to determine to the order of the Initiative slots (PC or NPC). Then during each round, you move down the order and assign a specific character to the slot as they take their turn. My questions are: Slots are reassigned each round, correct? If a PC or NPC is defeated, is a corresponding slot removed from the order? Story Points The Story Point pool consists of 1 SP per player and 1 for the GM. That is all it can ever be, right? It seems kind of limiting, especially with a small group. I was wondering if anyone has considered a way to increase the pool (perhaps as a 2 Triumph/Despair result)? Or would that throw things out of whack?
  7. But one paragraph down (under Costs), it says: If a hero is given a choice between two costs, they cannot choose a cost they cannot pay. So it would seem to apply here also.
  8. I would say no. Per page 11 under 'Choices': When an ability gives a hero the choice between two different outcomes, the hero may not choose an option that would have no effect unless the other option would also have no effect.
  9. This could be very useful. I could use a little help on how the Initiative tracker works, tho. Thanks.
  10. Please let me know when this happens. I'm new to Strange Eons and am unfamiliar with the internal workings.
  11. I've been trying to put together Monster Sheets using the WFRP plug-in, and I've run into a problem. When I open the (new component) Monster and the default Beastmen sheet comes up: four creatures, two main abilities, six actions; all perfect. Then all the actions disappear! They're still defined in the tabs, but they're not visible ion the sheet. It's almost like the action card section got overlayed by... something Has anyone else encountered this or otherwise have suggestions as to how to resolve it? Thank you for your help.
  12. Something I not completely clear on (may have missed it somewhere): Are spells (Runes) considered weapons? In other words, is Arcane Bolt considered a Magic and/or Rune weapon for the purposes of say, Runic Knowledge?
  13. Columbob said: Bleached Lizard said: Columbob said: Unclechawie said: The preview states that we will be able to use "certain" lieutenants from the 1st Edition, meaning that only some of them will be available. The next question is which one. Also, I'm loving the Dragon Hybrid and based on the preview, it looks like Zachareth may be an Lieutenant Ally?!!!!! Can't wait to see how this plays out. I doubt we'll see the Kraken for instance. You never know. "Water" is a monster trait in 2E, after all! Probably under-used too. Besides the Merriod, what critters from D1 will have that trait do you think? Hadley: I'm never gonna get to see a merman. Sitterson: Dude, be thankful. Those things are terrifying. And the cleanup on them's a nightmare.
  14. Klaen said: I was going to ask how compatible the FFG expansion was for the game? Does anyone know? If you are referring to the Twilight of the Third Age expansion, it is my understanding that it is not compatible with WotR 2E. The second edition was 'tweaked' to reduce the advantage that the Shadow had over the Free Peoples. The elements introduced in the original expansion did much of the same. Including those elements into a 2E game would swing the balance too far over to the Free Peoples side. www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/744446/combining-wotr-2nd-edition-with-select-items-from
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