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  1. I registered for the campaign tracker years ago, and have since forgotten my logon ID. Is there any way to retrieve it or re-register? Thanks.
  2. Skyjedi's genesys dice roller and google hangout was all I needed to use. https://genesys.skyjedi.com/
  3. klempad

    Solar Sails

    It's not Genesys, but this could be a good resource: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/150022/Sails-Full-of-Stars-o-A-World-of-Adventure-for-Fate-Core?term=sail+full+of+stars\
  4. I (now) have your complete collection. So what's next? (Zanagan Zoology: Part 2?)
  5. Good episode. Certainly clarified many of the questions I had about Vehicles. Worked my way through your first 2 seasons and found them all very informative and helpful. I was sad when I got to "the end", so I'm so glad that you're back.
  6. With Peace Talks (Dresden #16) due out in July, Butcher has reported turned his attention to the next Cinder Spires book (The Olympian Affair). Can't wait!
  7. Congratulations on your marriage! And many thanks for your efforts thus far!
  8. THIS! I would really like to see Cinder Spires converted to Genesys.
  9. This. Just wondering if there's any news of this front since this has been my favorite fantasy series.
  10. I just have a quick question about where the three additional magic actions (Mask, Predict, and Transform) fit into the two additional magic skills in Realms of Terrinoth (Runes and Verse). In other words, could we have an official update to Table 2-18 (RoT Page 115)?
  11. Wonderful! Looking forward to the Skill Guide.
  12. I guess I wasn't considering it an errata as much as a rule that was missing (which is what the topic asked for).
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