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  1. I'm just going to join the chorus of "Soar sucks!" I understand what the rule is trying to accomplish, but the RAW is confusing and illogical. A very bad combination!
  2. I agree with Big Remy, who agrees with Corbon. If you are looking for an OFFICIAL answers, you will need to e-mail the question directly to FFG. They do not respond to posts (typically).
  3. Veinman said: It's certainly debatable, but I think saying 'ignore armor' would count for the elven cloak, since its item class is indeed Armor. Indeed, "ignore armor" ignores the numerical Armor value, not any other effects of the armor. This was answered by KWilson several years ago about two forums ago. Hope you can take my word on it.
  4. !?!?! Wow, yeah, that's a lot! Considering the heroes get around 20-25 Xp per dungeon, that means the OL got around 450 Xp (or so) in 6 dungeons. Meaning the OL was averaging about 70 Xp in the last 5 dungeons. Which comes out to 18-23 hero kills per dungeon, or about 6-8 kills per level?!?!? I think something is wrong. With out more details, it's hard to tell what exactly. Note: All calculations are approximate.
  5. StarBurn said: If your heroes are loosing with the expansions, I can say hands down, they were never good to begin with... Or possibly your OL was no good to begin with and couldn't win unless they had the advantages offered by the expansions. No offense, but it's dangerous to cast aspersions about other players' skill unless you have first hand knowledge. I agree with the OP to a large degree. We found the base game well balanced with 3 heroes. But that was our group, our style. Our heroes have had more problems with the quests from WoD and AoD. We came up with various solutions for various quests, such omitting some areas, or reducing the amount of Treachery, or not allowing corrupted glyphs. About all any group can do is find the tweaks that give them the game experience they want. To answer Dauklen's question: FFG has not had much presence on their forums for a while. You might get a response...
  6. No you may not. The range appear on the Melee dice for other purposes.
  7. To answer your original question, I don't think your suggestion is too powerful.
  8. The reason this rule got implemented was to solve the problem of fatigue potion chains. Heroes would run, spend Fatigue for MP, use the last MP to drink a potion, repeat, repeat, pull three more out of their back back, and so on. A 5 Move 5 Fatigue hero could get over 30 MP in a single turn this way. KevinW had posted several proposed solutions before the change. I think they went with the "one potion per turn" rule because it was simple, solved the problem of multiple fatigue potions, and made it more difficult for the heroes to heal.
  9. In RtL Doom grants a Power die upgrade. So you could add 1 black die (assuming you have 4 or less) or upgrade a black to a silver, or silver to gold.
  10. I echo the notion of starting with Quest 1 from JitD. Consider this a learning experience for everyone. I'm not sure I would start with Treachery. Try getting the hang of what comes standard in the OL deck before changing it (although definitely put in the new cards that are added to the deck). Some general advice: 1. Keep all the pieces organized, it really helps things go faster. 2. The heroes need to keep moving in Descent. Many RPG's I've played want to go slow and be cautious. This doesn't work in Descent. 3. Remind the heroes to cover lines of sight to keep the OL from spawning. 4. When you are the OL, wait to play your cards (like traps) when it will be most disruptive to the heroes. Patience, planning, and foreknowledge of the dungeon are the OL's biggest assets. For the first few games I recommend that everyone (heroes and OL) work together to learn the game. No one will want to play if they don't have fun the first few times.
  11. Yes, assuming the hero has Fatigue or an MP from another source to allow them to drink the potion.
  12. Yep! While the heroes are away, the monsters will play. The OL can spawn (still only one per turn) and move monsters at will in areas that have been revealed. The OL may not place monsters on active glyphs to prevent heroes from returning.
  13. Richard Borg said: ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ) and ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ) I'd like to buy a vowel, Pat. I'd just like to add that Battlelore is perhaps the best game I've played in 30 years of gaming. My only disappointment is that I don't get to play nearly as often as I'd like.
  14. Bane Spiders? That's weird. I just checked all of my Bane Spider cards (vanilla and RtL) and they all have the white fireball symbol and a white base die. Are some of the cards printed different?
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