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  1. But he knew where he was with an high grade of accuracy, just passed by him. He had a precise knowledge of Krenic aura in the force and was able to manipulate his trachea. I don't think force choke is meant to choke everybody in the universe just because a Sith thinks somebody could be in a specific room. And in our example, Darth Vader never met the rebel before nor knew anything specific about him. Even when they sense another force user, they cannot tell exactly where she or he is (Darth Vader and Obi Wan on the Death Star). although it is not a proper attack, I think it's best to target the closest rebel when unable to choke the target indicated.
  2. Well the holoscreen gives you a line of sight... Literally they can see each other. Vader doesn't need to shoot just manipulating the force field around Ozzel. I don't think force choke is meant to choke everybody in the universe just because a Sith thinks somebody could be in a specific room. Even when a Jedi/Sith senses the presence of another force user, they cannot tell exactly where she/he is. Even though Brutality is not a proper attack, I think it's best to target the closest rebel.
  3. Darth Vader's force choke instruction is missing the LoS requirement (it is on his deployment card). I guess it's a mistake, because I've never seen using the force choke without looking at the target. Am I wrong?
  4. We did apply LoS last night. we couldn't find any one evidence in any SW literatures that Force Choke could be used without seeing the target.
  5. I think that is up to the first player. "If two or more conflicting effects would occur simultaneously, the first player decides the order in which the effects resolve." (Source: LOTR FAQ VERSION 1.6 -- 1/22/2014, (1.02) Simultaneous Effect Timing, page 4) The conditional sentence "would be dealt" and "dealt" doesn't specifically include a meaning of before and after. They could have written "Reduce any damage that would be dealt ..." without changing meaning and effect. IMHO is better if the First Player can determine what is the best course of effects to follow for each situation he is in.
  6. I cannot understand why buildings are burned down in scenario A and come back up in scenatrio B and C. not to mention the Catapults missing after scenario A. Is there any printing error in my version (italian)? and what about the postern gate? Why lannister should throw it away before the end? they can use it anyway and avoid Baratheon use it. Again, maybe my translation is not clear enough? thank you
  7. what happens if Caprice hasn't got enough Time? - gets there for free and her turn ends? - stops the nearest as possible? thank you
  8. we have an house rule that put all the same locations together. You also drop threat level quicker when you travel, but it raises quicker as you take longer to explore (you add all the progeress tokens requisites of all cards, but apply once all their tratis and abilities). I hope I was clear enough - I'm Italian and my English is not perfect at all.
  9. thank you all! Yes we typically play in 3-4. And yes, I think you are right: our changes generates more changes whenever you fit them in a specific quest.
  10. that's not a problem. thank you! We knew people would have seen things we didn't meant to get. But we like to get different point of views. BTW, we still lose and still wins without much difference till now (the encounter deck just reshuffle more), but we feel the encounter cards fits better in the play
  11. Hi, I and my friends felt the need to apply some changes to the rules. We would like to share our testing results with the community. We feel these customizations help improving the player's experience. Our goal was both to avoid the feeling that the bad luck was the only reason of our defeats and not to change the difficulty and the balance of the game. During the quest phase, if you draw a Treachery card already drawn before (and not cancelled) in the same quest phase, that card ability will not be applied but it takes Surge (i.e. just discard it and draw another). This applies to Treachery cards with the same title name. If you draw a Location card already in play you'll put it under the former. No traits or ability are doubled. Just Threat and Progress tokens needed. - if the Location is the Active Location, it will automatically add its progress token requisites to the former card. - if the Location is in the Stage area, it will add its Threat and Progress tokens needed. When the party travels to such a location, all Location cards move together, and the progress tokens needed are added. In this way, we have achieved that: - when you travel to a location, all the same locations are travelled (we think it thematically makes more sense) - when you travel to multiple cards you decrease the threat very quick, but it takes longer to explore the active location - when you redraw a Treachery already played in the same quest, you get the chance to increase the threat instead, but you don't feel frustrated if you have just handled a treachery and see you need to face the same again. I hope we can get your feedback. Thank you!
  12. Saramund


    I hope they will use this title to revamp Android main one also. Too much cards are stil there waiting to be re-balanced
  13. Yes, please I need an official supported version for Kindle Fire. I'm using it now but I think there is something wnet wrong... every midnight (every 4 turns) the doom track advanced of 3. So it is impossibile to get more than 16 turns.
  14. Beast Rabban said: Forced: If Wargs is dealt a shadow card with no effect, return Wargs to the staging area after it attacks. Shadow: Attacking enemy gets +1 ATK. (+2 ATK instead if this attack is undefended.) The Forced effect does not occur as no shadow card was dealt. In the next quest phase the encounter deck will be reshuffled. Skipping the staging component of questing does not mean you do not reset the Encounter deck if it has no cards in it. The rules state: "If the encounter deck is ever out of cards during the quest phase, the encounter discard pile is shuffled and reset back into the encounter deck. " So if at anytime during the quest phase not just the staging component of the quest phase. thank you! I only missed the latter quote from the rules, then. In fact I thought that, as the phrase was under the Staging paragraph, it was not to be applied - as the phase was skipped (no need to draw, no need to reshuffle).
  15. What happens when wargs cannot get the shadow card? Do they stay engaged or go back to the staging area? I think the first as the condition is not met (no shadow cards without shadow effect). What do you think? Moreover if I was playing the last quest card of "Journey Along the Anduin", I would skip the staging step of the quest phase - so no need to reshuffle the deck. And if the wargs were meant to go back to the staging area, I would definitely get a loop until my threat raises to 50 due to the passing of rounds. Does it make sense?
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